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    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening all of you fine folks!

    Two weeks to Christmas, how are your preparations getting along? I'm very much up to date with baking and food preparations but, once again, my operation 'clean the house from top to toe' is lacking behind. Also Christmas cards are not yet totally done, but otherwise craft department is going well. I guess that, once again, Christmas does come even though all my closets have not been cleaned. I kind of half hoped that easy child would had done something typical teen and I could had made him do half of the cleaning for punishment. But he has minded Christmas elves peeking through the windows and been extremely good boy lately. During the weekend I visited few Christmas markets and other happenings and picked some presents. I'm taking a day off from work this Thursday to do rest of Christmas shopping.

    Yesterday we (me, husband, father in law and easy child) went to look for our christmas trees (local tradition prefers real, forest grown, not cut or planted (Norway) spruce) from our and in-laws forests. Found nice ones and now they are waiting in cold garage a day before Christmas Eve when they are brought in and decorated. We had a really good time, we played in the snow like kids, made a bonfire and made real bonfire coffee and burned some sausages (always, burned from surface, cold from middle, just like they are meant to be eaten I guess ;)) Really good weekend all together!

    We are having nice christmasy weather already. About one feet snow, not too cold and some more snow will come before Christmas. I'm anxiously waiting them to make cross country skiing routes already, should happen soon.

    I hope you all have a great Monday and new week!
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