Good Monday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SuZir, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Good morning everyone!

    We are, again, having your typical January weather. 15 F, light snowfall. By the way, my weather reports are getting boring, we are having so typical winter this year, that it is almost sickening. 10 to 20 F, some new snow every now and then from early December on. Some short colder periods, one short warmer period (another coming later this week.) Snow somewhere between one and two feet (that warmer few days really packed it tight, we had over two feet before that, now we have nice hard snow you can even walk on.) This is so typical it is almost atypical. Our tabloids are unhappy. When they hit a slow news day, they tend to make their front pages about weather. And it really is difficult to make a big headlines about 'we are having typical winter weather and it seems to continue the same.' They do try tough. If nothing else, they decide that we have somehow forgot how to dress ourselves for winter weather. Make the huge deal out of those few colder days and use two or three pages to tell us to wear our longjohns and hats. Perils of the small and peaceful country, we are seriously lacking scandals. :bigsmile:

    But I digress. I too am having your typical Monday. Just trying to come up with something to keep myself out of home for the evening. easy child's exam week for third period starts tomorrow and it has dawned to him that he is so screwed. He hasn't done the work, he will not be able to turn in everything he need by midnight like he should and what he can will be mostly poor quality. And he is not at all prepared to exams. So he will have a nose dive. He hasn't yet confessed this to us and is instead just being moody and crabby. So I really don't want to be home tonight and deal with him. Though I'm curious to see when he will fess up to us that he screwed up. And if he will take responsibility or blame this or that.

    Maybe I should go shopping. Last sales are still on and something nice for myself could make it easier to suffer the moody teen. And maybe I could find some ski pants in difficult child's size. Last time I saw him it came evident he could use new ones. And he isn't likely willing to put his money/can't afford to ones that don't end mid calf.

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    Good morning all! Yes, it's a Monday... I have a little over 2 hours left of my second 12.25-hour overnight shift. Tonight has been incredibly boring, a huge waste of time (though I'm getting paid time-and-a-half for it). In fact BFF W has been here too and we watched a couple of movies on her iPad (no I don't know what they were, one had Costner and the other had a lot of very improbable Scots accents)... After I watched Labyrinth and part of Prince Caspian on my tablet... And both of us took naps. I mean seriously, must love getting paid to sleep!

    Unfortunately, this schedule means I won't see my Meggie till this afternoon when I awaken. Jett will be in school, husband is taking BFF E to a cardio-specialist appointment and Meggie will be at day care. So I'll be able to get some sleep. I dearly hope!
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    Good Morning!

    SuZir, I love your way of thinking, lol... I think doing a bit of shopping tonight is a great idea. Have fun!

    StepTo2, I hope you get lots of zzz's this afternoon and are feeling refreshed when you finally have Meggie back in your arms. Give her a hug from me.

    The weather is all over the place. We had snow, freezing temperatures last week and for part of the weekend too.:frozen: This morning the snow has turned to rain, freezing rain in some areas. By mid week we should reach almost 60 degrees:surprise: but it's supposed to pour. By the weekend we should have more usual weather, in the 20's or colder, snow again... I'm so ready for spring...:bbq::picnic:

    husband said he would send me an email when he got to work letting me know if the roads are in decent shape. If they're not too bad, I'm going to go to the health club, otherwise I'll probably spend part of the morning catching up with friends from "home," curled up on the sofa with my favorite sanity saver, and after procrastinating for awhile, doing some housework.

    As always hope everyone has a good day or at least one reason to smile... SFR
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    So far it's been good for a Monday. Storm knocked on my bedroom door at 5:26 and said "Do you know what time it is? You better get up!" LOL. Usually I'm still trying to tear her out of bed at 5:45-6. She had a delay this morning and was getting bored so sent her over to the neighbor she'll be getting on the bus with to get her out of my hair while I finish getting ready for work. Hope this means the medication increase is starting to work, but not holding out too much hope, it might just be an anomaly.