Good Monday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning All!

    It's been a long time since I've noticed a morning thread so I thought I'd start one today.

    How is everyone surviving the winter that never wants to end (at least here in the Midwest)?

    We are suppose to actually have a fairly nice day, except, of course, for about the 7th day in a row it is suppose to rain at times-sigh!

    I'm looking forward to a quiet, relaxing day as I am taking one of my comp days today so I will not be going to work but difficult child & easy child/difficult child both have school and husband is going to work.

    I'm home from boot camp already so let the relaxing begin:)

    Wishing all a day filled with beautiful moments even if the weather is not!
  2. SuZir

    SuZir Well-Known Member

    Good Afternoon!

    Our winter decided to leave us late last week. We still have almost quite a lot of snow, but night frosts (around 15-20 F until last Wednesday) are now over and it is raining and snow is melting quickly. I kind of like it this way. Long, nice winter, awesome outdoors weather for late winter and when the spring comes, it comes quickly. No back and worth, just quickly out of those two or three miserable weeks with wet snow, rain or dust and to the nice later spring with lime green trees and new grass etc.

    Our kitchen reno is bit hectic and very annoying right now. It has to get done before seedtime or it will be wip whole summer and fall. Things look hopeful but there is not much room for set-backs. Or very early spring, but that bullet we already dodged, I think.

    I hope you have a relaxing free day!
  3. ksm

    ksm Well-Known Member

    On Wednesday, we woke up to an ice storm with trees (blossoming ones) covered in ice and lots of broken limbs in the neighborhood. By Friday it was beautiful! About 70 degrees and it has been pretty nice ever since. Still cool in the mornings, (50ish) but nice the rest of the day. Yesterday afternoon I worked in my front flower beds, and the back flower bed by the shed, and today I hope to tackle the flower bed by the west side fence. THese all have perennials that are coming up. I hope most things survived. easy child woke up sick this morning. Threw up. But no fever. She is resting and I hope I can take her to school before noon.

    Took difficult child a little early to school - hoping and hoping that she will go to her computer application class and TRY to get a passing grade. She is so far behind now I don't know if that is a possibility. She has two completed assignments for her algebra teacher, so I am hoping she turns those in. It is just so hard to get her to follow thru. She usually walks around all week with assignments (completed!) in her book bag and never remembers to hand them in. KSM
  4. InsaneCdn

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    I refuse to come out of hibernation... which is why I'm a day and a half late on this thread.

    Walked out of the house in the afternoon for some task, and commented when I came back in that it was absolutely beautiful weather.... for March. Guess the weatherman forgot to turn the calendar page, because we're still at least a month behind.
  5. TerryJ2

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    I am so glad I don't live in the Midwest any more. But only because of the weather.
    All I can say in regard to good Monday morning is that it's already Wednesday and all I have to say is "Ugh."
    I wrote a separate thread.
    Two steps forward and 500 steps back. :(