Good Monday morning

pigless in VA

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Today is the federal income tax deadline day and my accountant STILL has not completed my taxes. I am attempting not to think of this.

Yesterday, Candy and I went to her chamber music practice which just happened to be held in the church my grandmother attended. I hadn't stepped foot in the building for 40 years. The sanctuary was exactly the same as when I was a child. All the kids did a great job with their selections. One of the groups was composed of two little girls who couldn't have been older than 8. One played the piano and the other the violin. They did great!

Have good Monday, everyone!


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Good Morning!

We are having that magical day, when everything seems to have started to turn green over night. We have very little snow left, only on piles and very shadowy places or slopes giving to north. Coltsfoot have been flowering over a week already and at Saturday I saw the first hepaticas and yesterday we had that warm April rain, that always seems to make a grass turn green over one night. We did have some fresh snow last week, but it quickly melted and we had a turn to warmer weather and yesterday it was over 40 F though it was rainy. No ice left in sea or rivers and I think also lakes will be free in a week.

Swans are making so much noise on the fields and bay next to our house that it is almost annoying and all the other birds are coming back home from their winter migrations too. I even saw wagtail this morning and one popular old saying we have claims that it will be less than month to summer when wagtails come back. Well, we will see, but it indeed seems that spring is two weeks early this year. It is very possible that spring work can be started in two weeks on fields and I guess it is a summer when you can start sowing. And at least I was able to rake over half of my lawn during the weekend, though the rest is still too wet, frozen or have snow, but I'm sure I will be able to finish next weekend.

To quote Robert Orben:
Spring is God's way of saying, 'One more time!'


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New member here. Recovering from Saturday's two feet of snow. Like a dweeb, I actually put down pea and lettuce seeds just before the storm. Hoping the sun will come out later and melt most of this stuff away.

On the inside part of life it's papers, papers, papers to write before finals. The coffee will be flowing.

Have a Mahvelous Monday:)


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Typical Monday...oldest Difficult Child wants to see doctor for her cough this morning instead of going directly to school. Last night she informed me that today was official senior skip day. I informed her there was no such day. That if she didn't go, I would postpone her oral surgery on Thursday. Having wisdom teeth removed. She needs to pass all 5 classes to wiggle room. Failing culinary arts...has a big paper due about importance of food labels. But, had been obsessed with prom and hasn't worked on it.

Sigh... I am so tired of this.

Wait...this post is suppose to be off topic of Difficult Child and I can't even do that!!



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Good morning, ladies.

I'm working today; spending the day with my favorite fourth graders. It's supposed to get up to 92 this afternoon, right about the time we go out for PE. I packed extra water in my lunchbox.

Almost caught up on one of the online classes I'm taking, but am now two weeks behind on the other one. DWTS is on tonight, so no studying!

Have a wonderful day!


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Good morning! It's beautiful here too and should hit 75 today; a little warm actually, for this time of year. I refuse to let Jabber turn on the A.C...we'll see how that goes. lol

Our weekend wasn't bad. There were no mushrooms to be had - we found 2, but they were all dried up. :( We spent way too much $$$ grocery shopping and really other than that didn't accomplish a thing. Jabber was feeling icky yesterday and I didn't take over the chore, so the lawn didn't get mowed. Looking at it while walking the dogs this morning, I think that might have been a mistake.

I discovered last night that deer have, once again, been at my landscaping. Darnit! This time they bypassed most of my hosta and ate my coral bells! Coral bells are supposed to be a deer-resistant plant! I can't believe I have to deal with that issue in the middle of town. Stupid animals. Why don't they eat the tall grass???

But today is a new day and I have work to do. Truthfully, they really should take my internet away. :throwpc: I would work so much more.


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We had a great time this weekend. We camped out Friday and Saturday nights. Ate fresh-caught fish and cooked hot dogs and S,mores over the campfire. Broke the boat trailer and had to fix it there at the campsite. (But we did it!) Too cold to swim, but Daughter played in the sand.

I saw people hunting for mushrooms, but don't know how it went.

Had the windows open overnight and still have them open. Going to be in the 70's so may be closing them later.

Today, I am drowning in laundry! Got to get it done.

Yard work--lawn needs mowing and need to scoop the dog poop before we do it. It's daughter's job, but I will help.

Today is a rare, don't have to leave the house day, but have plenty to do here.



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Gorgeous weekend. Jumper was home...her boyfriends family took the family down to Nashville for brothers 21st birthday. Jumper is only just 20 so she came here, which is always a treat.

Yesterday we were out at the dog park and met many other dog lovers. So fun.

Today, I have job related stuff. Yep, its monday. Have a great one to all.


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Are you working back at the Goodwill, SWOT?

Are you able to modify your workload so that you don't have to do too much lifting?

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I am stuck in the house with a very grumpy hubs. |:-)|.
Hoku is coming home and taking a shift so I can go with Son to paddling, first day of summer practice, oh that's right, I am coaching so for a change....I get to tell people what to
Getting cabin fever, so it will be good to get outside and socialize a bit.