Good Monday Morning

pigless in VA

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We have begun to moulder in Virginia. Our moss has mold and our molds have moss. It is still raining, raining, raining. Happily, it is still cool out.

Candy had a lovely recital last night. She was a bit nervous, but she played well. She's a shy child and playing viola has meant the world to her in terms of confidence.

Have a dry socks kind of day.

Scent of Cedar *

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Good Morning, Everybody

The garden beds are raked. The plants seem no worse the wear for the experience, though time will tell. They say the dry Weed and Feed will kick in when it rains. So when it does rain, that is when I will know. I did water one of the beds when it first happened and before I thought better of it, but those plants seem fine, too.

I hope they are alright, and have done what I can. I am awaiting a call from the greenhouse today regarding an antidote from their poison control center. If there is one, I will post it here for us in a separate thread.

Book Club for me, tonight.


Have a good day, everyone.



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Good morning, ladies.

Chiropractor appointment for me this morning. Hoping it will help. Then grocery shopping, because we never got to it over the weekend.

We have a feline visitor, a beautiful calico that's been hanging around. Hubby caught her last night, thinking it was a neighbor's cat who had been missing. It wasn't her cat, so we put up a found notice on nextdoor and put the kitty in the laundry room. She's too clean to be a stray, so we figure she's a pet that got out.

I'm really enjoying my new book! Still have the review to write for the other one. That needs to be a priority today.

Wishing everyone a marvelous Monday!

Tanya M

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This is the last day of my 4 day weekend. Oh it has been so refreshing to have these days off. The weather has finally warmed up.

Oh how I love mornings like this where I don't have to rush off to work. Sitting outside on our patio watching the wild turkeys at our feeder. Listening to the birds chatting. My sweet little cat rubbing up against me wanting some loving. Life's simple pleasures.

I have some Kohl's cash I'm going to spend today then off to Hobby Lobby :smile::smile::smile::smile: I found a really cute wooden tool box at a garage sale for $1.00 and I'm going to make floral arrangement it it.

Wishing you all the happiest of Monday's.


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Went to the Giants game last night (they won) and had a nice time, but got home kind of late and didn't sleep well, so I'm quite pooped. I'm already at work and trying to figure out what to do with my students today.

Sounds like have some readers on the board. I'm always involved in at least one book, if not more. Right now I'm reading First Women: The Grace and Power of America's Modern First Ladies. It's really interesting and I'm learning so much not only about the women, but the role they played in their husbands' presidencies.

My husband tore into the shrubbery (ceanothus and bottle brush) and now my bushes look like they were subjected to the Mad Hacker. He gets started and just doesn't quite know when and where to stop. Things do look a lot brighter in our back yard, though. We had tons of birds flitting in and out of these four bushes all the time: hooded orioles, lots of little brown jobs of one description or another, towhees, hummingbirds, and sparrows. I'm afraid that they will not feel so welcome now, and I feel bad about that. I do love my backyard birds. I know the bushes will grow back, but it will take awhile and the birds all have their fledged young still around them and they used the bushes for food and shelter.

Happy Monday, all you lovely people.


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Speaking of reading I LOVE true crime! I am fascinated by the human brain and why it works the way it does. Anyone else??

We had a beautiful weekend in Chicago and another beauty today! Our new landscaping make me so happy. Love sitting outside with a glass of wine watching the birds and squirrels in our yard.

We took our two oldest sons and their girlfriends out for brunch in the city yesterday. It was wonderful to enjoy their company.

A good Monday to all!


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RN, I'm a true crime fan as well. I've been writing reviews for about eight years now. Who can turn down free books?


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
KT what authors do you like? I started with Ann Rule and now Kathryn Casey. She can't write fast enough so keep on finding new authors on Amazon.


I Am The Walrus
An exhausting but accomplished weekend. House is power washed and the yard is mowed. We had a nice weekend and so far today has been beautiful, but the rain is supposed to move back in.

*I am a HUGE Laura Lippman fan. I do not like her Tess Monahan series but I love all of her stand alone novels. She used to be a reporter in Baltimore and many of her books are based loosely around crimes she reported on.


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I love Ann Rule! I've read Vincent Bugliosi, and a strange collection of other writers just because the case they were covering sounded interesting. I just finished reading the third book in a series by Robert Dugoni, not true crime but still murder mystery. Need to write the review for Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner, another murder mystery that has an unexpected ending.

I also like both Lois Duncan's books about her daughter Kaitlyn's murder. If you're going for old-school mysteries and ghost stuff, Barbara Michaels is really good. If you're into time travel, Marlys Millheiser - again, old-school. And of course, Stephen King! And Shirley Jackson. And Michael Crichton.

Right now, I'm reading June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore. The setting alternates between 1955 and 2015 in a small town in Ohio. I have The Girls by Emma Cline, If You Left by Ashley Prentice Norton, and The Last Road Home by Danny Johnson on tap for review. I also have a wish list on that has maybe 75 books on it, and a few Harry Potter-related things that Miss KT put there, hoping.