Good Monday Morning


Good Monday morning, everyone!

Everyone must be sleeping in on this last Monday before school starts here next week. It's cloudy and dreary here in the Nation's Capital this morning. Definitely not a pool day.

We have a busy day ahead. J is having an MRI under anesthesia at Children's Hospital this morning. While he's in la-la land, we've arranged to have blood drawn because he's so needle-phobic. Then M has a psychiatrist appointment this afternoon. We need to get a new treatment plan together to deal with her eating disorder (she's doing somewhat better on the increased Zyprexa).

Hope you have a great day.



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Smallworld, sounds like a good plan to draw blood while in la-la land. Hope the psychiatrist and ya'll can figure out a new treatment to get the eating disorder under control.

We just got in from 30 minutes on the eliptical machines at the local rec center. Last Monday before school starts here too, so this morning we're waking everyone up as a practice run. Oldest easy child starts football so he has to be ready to leave at 645 am each morning. Today is going to be a shocker since I'm pretty sure I heard him on a potty break at 2 am. difficult children are probably already awake and didn't go to bed until 2-3. I don't know how they make it on such little hours. Then again, I haven't been to bed yet.

Hoping my lack of sleep doesn't show up in my charming personality today.

Good morning to anyone who snuck in! Enjoy your day!


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Good Morning Smallworld and all too follow... :smile:

Haven't been on the Morning Thread in quite awhile but it feels good to be back. :smile:

Smallworld, sounds like a good plan having the blood drawn while he is "resting".. :smile: and I hope you come up with a solid treatment plan for M today. Keeping fingers crossed. You have a busy day. :smile:

I had to take today off because a Pipe burst in our Basement last night and I have to clean out the area. A lot of things were destroyed. I had some boxes of difficult children's school papers right underneath the pipe... :frown: Irreplaceable stuff so I'm a little sad but I will put on my grubbies and just dig in... soon. :smile:

We really need to sell this house and get something smaller. I have so many dust bunnies I should start charging them rent.. :rofl:

Well, off to read some of the threads, drink my HMJ and eat my Oreo's. Did you know they have a new cake Oreo now??????? They are sooooooooo good. :smile: You should try them.

Praying for a peaceful day for all and hi to any who snuck in.



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G'day, everybody.

smallworld, I hope it all goes smoothly today. It's good to get a lot of hassles out of the way as painlessly as possible. I suspect we'd be having to do the same for difficult child 3, even though he is cooperative - it's just tat his anxiety is so high, his body lets him down because his blood vessels shut down from his panic.

ASO, what are elliptical machines? Sorry, they never had anything like that back in the days when I worked out in a gym. Hope the kids aren't too difficult for you today.

Hi Robby, long time no chat to. While you were gone, I've been having some lovely chats on Watercooler about Tim Tams and how to get them in the US. I quite like Oreos, but after Tim Tams they're an anticlimax.

I probably should post separately about the visits to the doctor etc, all I WILL say is I got yet another shot in the derriere, with the promise of another one on Wednesday. 12 ml, i.m. And the nurse reckons I'm weird when I ask for a 21g needle, because it's larger. I think I'll have to start handing out pamphlets on the Bernoulli Effect.
The extra doctors' appointments also gave me the perfect alibi to NOT go to the funeral of a friend's 19 year old daughter, who suicided a bit over a week ago. It's looking like it was a reaction to Zoloft. It makes my pincushioned rear end seem like nothing. I'll recover. That poor mother never will.

We've had a month's rain in Sydney, in 24 hours. Our rain gauge was close to overflowing. Unfortunately, only 12 mm landed in the catchment for Warragamba Dam. But more rain is on the way. It also meant our main road to the 'mainland' is flooded, I had to take the much longer south road - thankful for the bridge which means I COULD get out, and not have to drive another hour just to reach the highway.
I've got to go out tomorrow, too, to take difficult child 3 to his drama class. I really don't feel up to it but maybe I'll feel better in the morning.

Have a good Monday, all of you.



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Marg-its a mix between a treadmill, bike and stair stepper. You get on it and the feet parts go up and down and around like a bike/stair stepper and you're basically walking/running and your arms are moving while you hold poles.


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Good morning Smallworld, ASO, Robbie & Marg. :coffee: This is my last "rough week" before things calm down before school starts. I just did 3 days of a rummage sale at church & a trip to a theme park yesterday. Today is a play date, tomorrow is a mini event I've planned at the local park. And my family party is Saturday. I'm exhausted! Duckie did a lemonade stand at the rummage sale, we were raising money for CampCoastCare. Some of our congregants are going to Mississippi in the fall to help rebuild senior housing two years after Katrina. She thinks it's terrible that there are people who have gone so long without permanent housing. She really is a good kid.
Have a great day. :smile:


Good Morning to everyone

Everyone is so busy. Wish I could put my difficult child in "la-la land" He needs a shot, and that may take husband to hold him down.

My computer has been repaired. My backyard is flooded. My garage is back there so I know that is underwater inside too.

My puppie is in heat. YUK!! Wasn't expecting it yet. Vet wants over $300 to fix her and they do not accept payments. I have been putting it off because I just do not have an extra $300 laying around.

Suppose to rain for the next 4 days. So humid. I broke down and put on the air this morning. Not to hot..just so very humid.
Well, I was up at 4, spent an hour at the gym, walked the dogs all before 7.

Have a good day everyone.


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Good morning everyone. I am exhausted. Although it wasn't a busy weekend, we were up earlier for difficult child's prep camp. I was very proud of him as he tried the whole time. It is instructional camp and without the medications we were concerned with how he would do. He had moments but we could see he was trying and we were thrilled with that. Today is a sad day as we started difficult child back on his medications :frown: He has been doing well but lets face it, he hasn't had to focus on anything. So he took his first pill of Clonidine this morning, I will start his second pill on Wed. and then start the Concerta either Friday or Saturday :frown: He was good about it, I think he understands even though he hates it.

difficult child has prep camp tonight but that's all that's planned. I think I need an early night.