Good Monday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning All,

    It's Monday once again. I'm finding myself wishing it was Friday again so I had the weekend to rest. Thankfully when the weekend finally does get here we are not going anywhere so we should actually get some rest. The football game was good, difficult child and easy child were good for the most part on the ride but two weekends in a row-well I could do that in my 20s, in my 40s it's much more difficult!

    It's going to be a hot one here today! I'm ready for some fall temps!After work it's the health club. husband has to go to a meeting with-easy child. Other than that not much going on tonight.

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Monday! :teacher:
  2. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, good to see you this morning. Looks like you survived another football weekend.

    It's a warm sticky morning this morning - supposed to hit the mid 80's today though we are to have thunderstorms by this afternoon.

    kt is heading out to school this morning; husband working in home until 3 this afternoon. Not much in my world - lots of Becky homecky stuff & trying to find the bottom of my desk.

    Enjoy your Monday - find a reason to smile today.
  3. TerryJ2

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    Oh, how funny, Sharon. It's just the opposite for me. I dread the weekends because I'll have to deal with-difficult child all day.

    Hi Linda.

    The kids left about 1/2 hr ago and it's so nice to have a quiet house. We had a very stressful weekend.

    I'm going for a walk, and then out to lunch with-a couple of friends. I am going to have wine, and whine. :smile:
    Actually, I finished 4 calligraphy commissions over the weekend while difficult child was at Sylvan tutoring, so I, in that sense, switched a work day with-a play day. :smile:
  4. Good morning, all! Not much to report here. Our weather actually turned cool over the weekend, but it's probably just a brief respite. I hate heat and really shouldn't be living in southern California. We had a little rain, which we really needed. Cubs are still sleeping -- it is hard to roust them on Monday mornings. Sigh. Hope everyone has a good day!
  5. hearts and roses

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    Wow, quiet morning all around it seems. Terry, the calligraphy commissions sound so interesting. I've always loved calligraphy.

    difficult child begged for one more day at home and since my sister and her 14dd were staying with us, I said okay. I will take her back down to the ferry this afternoon. She had a good long cry last night about not wanting to leave and go live with her dad. I told her she had to have an open honest discussion about it with him so he knows and doesn't think it's me meddling. After all, we had an agreement and I still think she has a lot to learn by living away from us for a bit. It was so hard on me, but I did it. I held strong. Today she is visiting a friend, maybe going to lunch.

    My mom was supposed to go back to PA with my sister today, but my sister's brother in law fell into a coma and now the plans got messed up - she has to go be with her H, so mom is staying for another week - Lord, give me the strength!

    easy child called me at midnight last night for some motherly advice on whether or not to break up with her boyfriend or not. He's kind of penning her in and she wants to travel and change schools next year and he's smothering and telling her that its wrong for her to make plans without talking with him first! Uh, they are not married, engaged or in any other way beholden to one another. on the other hand, I like him a lot and he's a super nice young man and loves easy child deeply. But ultimately, easy child needs to make her own choices and do what she wants to do in life. I told her to sleep on it and if she still felt this way in the AM, call him. It stinks because he's in FL and she is in VA till October 28th.

    Working today - wish I wasn't.

    Have a splendid day everyone.