Good Morning Friday/Christmas Eve

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day people.

    Well, I haven't made any muffins yet. I might make some this evening at mother in law's while we wait for easy child & SIL1 to arrive. I'm all set to work on the ham glaze, I'll start that tonight. We found a couple of gifts e hadn't wrapped, including difficult child 1's gift which we'd ordered from the UK and which miraculously arrived today, despite all the weather problems they've been having.

    I dropped in on my BFF and exchanged gifts this morning, then got a few more errands done. I noticed in the village that we have a lot of tourists in town, here for an early holiday. There's a holiday feel to the place, even when it's at times a bit overcast. But the sun is never far away at the moment. And at last the sea is warming up! It's most unusual for the water to still be so cool, so close to Christmas.

    difficult child 3 did a lovely thing - we'd asked him to go sweep grandma's paths, but he was away for a very long time. When he came back he told us he'd stayed to play a board game on the computer, and grandma joined in. And beat him! It would have made her very happy, she was feeling a bit lonely earlier today, she dropped in on us "for just a few minutes" and stayed for a light lunch.

    There's a tropical cyclone forecast to hit the northern tip of Australia tonight. The floods are still a problem and the highways right up north are closed, which is upsetting a lot of tourists. The expected rainfall - 600 mm! That's 24 inches of rain overnight, folks!

    It's late afternoon here Christmas Eve and I can hear the fire engine siren. It is carrying Santa on the village rounds. Got to go!

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    :elf:Happy Christmas Eve to all who celebrate!

    Good Friday Morning!

    I got a special Christmas Eve gift this morning. I was up at my usual early time and, after about 20 minutes, difficult child "graced me" with his precense. We actually sat by the fire and talked for 1/2 an hour. It was a lovely morning - I usually don't see him till noon!!!!

    Lots of cook-prep this morning. Formal brunch prep for my mother in law and sister in law and nephew tomorrow - have to set the dining table. Then prep for friends gathering tonight - just pickup foods and wine :mistletoe:.

    easy child should be here this afternoon and will be spending the next two nights here for Christmas. Bonehead is taking difficult child out for lunch this afternoon and then to the jobsite to check the progress.

    It's the start of a relaxing Christmas Eve....Hope your day is warm and bright :santa:

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    Morning, I have no idea how this day will go but thanks to all of you I have a bit more courage. We've had a quiet week without difficult child and seeing easy child relax and have fun has taught me a lot. Hopefully he'll be home for Christmas but we have done all that we can I think. Merry Christmas and have a great day. I'm going to try and get some baking done before our Christmas Eve celebration tonight. And I WILL celebrate, I'm determined. -Lynn
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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee::beautifulthing:,

    Marg, How sweet of difficult child 3 to spend some time with grandma!!! I'm sure it is one of the best Christmas gifts she'll receive...

    Sharon (LDM), What a wonderful Christmas Eve gift from difficult child!!! It's moments like these that are remembered long after the holiday is over...

    I'm on my third cup of coffee and will be heading to the kitchen soon for one more refill. Then I need to finish my baking. I was supposed to make some more cookies yesterday but didn't get around to it. Later on I'm going to make another cake. I'm hoping I can get easy child/difficult child 3 to help decorate it. There is NO way I'm going to see her before noon - She's sound asleep...

    An EARLY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE WHO CELEBRATES:gingerbread::snowman::santa::rudolph:!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!! SFR
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    I'm really slow typing, especially in the mornings - Didn't mean to miss you!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! SFR
  6. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-How nice that difficult child 3 stayed and had a good time with Grandma! Twenty-four inches of rain is way toooo much!

    Sharon-Very cool that you were able to spend time just talking with difficult child. Your plans for tonight sound very relaxing-enjoy!

    Lynn-Enjoy your day! I'm glad easy child is relaxing!

    husband and I ended up skipping boot camp this morning but we did go to the health club and workout. The health club is only 5 minutes away and boot camp is about 25 minutes away so we were a bit lazy this morning.

    husband is now running some errands and in a bit difficult child and I are going to play some Wii. After that I need to make my lasagna for tonight. Most of the day I plan on relaxing. We'll go to church early this evening and then eat the lasagna!

    Wishing everyone a most peaceful Christmas Eve:christmasgift:
  7. Wiped Out

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    SFR-You snuck in on me! Enjoy your day and I hope easy child/difficult child 3 helps with decorating the cake:) I figure we won't see easy child/difficult child before noon either-too bad difficult child was up at 5:00 this morning!
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    Morning ladies. :coffee2:

    Marg, great to hear that about difficult child 3, I hope it was also rewarding enough to him to repeat. Hope you stay safe and dry.

    LDM, hope this morning's niceness carries over as long as possible.

    Lynn, I hope the holiday works out well for you whichever way it goes.

    SFR, hope easy child/difficult child 3 helps you properly.

    with-O hope y'all have a great holiday!

    Have some last minute gifts to finish making here. Kiddo had wished for a family holiday, and looks like she's getting it, even if it's not our family. Got invited to a Christmas dinner (lunch to me, I've never referred to the midday meal as "dinner") by one of our managers, who was also kiddo's scout leader before kiddo quit (and whose niece is kiddo's main babysitter), so kiddo is really looking forward to it since she already knows most of the kids that will be there. We spent yesterday afternoon with some of them, and it's been a while since I heard kiddo's infectious giggle, I've missed it! They do the "elephant game" so I have some woodburnings to finish up so we have gifts to bring in.