Good morning Friday - welcome shellsbells and Momster

pigless in VA

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This is our morning thread where we talk about happy, funny, or even mundane things in our lives. It's our way of connecting in a more positive manner. I'm trying to draw in some people who are visiting the site but reluctant to post.

It is still chilly and rainy here in Central Virginia; the sort of weather that makes you want to sleep the morning away.

Candy had her end of the year orchestra concert last night. She's in 8th grade, so this is her last year of middle school. The orchestra teacher must feel really sad, because she has an excellent core group of players who are dedicated. Last night's concert was amazing! I would have invited some family members to attend, but the parking is abysmal. The seating is also uncomfortable as her school has a gymnatorium. Basically, the only stage they have is in the gym. They set up metal folding chairs on the gym floor and pull out the bleachers. It isn't comfortable for elderly people like my parents. It's too bad that everyone missed such a great concert, because the people who were there really enjoyed it.

SO's sister is in town today, and we will all go out to dinner tonight. Pasa, she lives in Austin, Texas. We all flew down for a visit last July. The four of us took a day trip to San Antonio. I thought the river walk was beautiful.

Have a great Friday!


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I hope you video taped the concert. If you did, you could have a viewing party for family in comfort.

My kitchen is done! Now I get to put it back together!!!!! I am sure I will find things that will need to be fine tuned.

Tonight I will be taking my mother out to dinner for an early Mother's Day. I am also hoping to get my hair cut.

Pigless, I love Austin. The river walk is one of the nicest features of San Antonio.

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Good Morning, Everybody!

All is very well in my world this morning, too. We are going to be nice and warm today, it is sunny this morning with the just gentlest breeze, and the lake is like glass. Plants are popping up all over the garden but only the yellow ones seem to have survived Winter. I was looking outside this morning and remembered that every year I promise myself I will get the garden in order before the plants get too big. And I never do. We have sandy, acidic soil, and only the toughest things seem to survive for more than a few years, so the garden is never really in order.

That is what I will be doing today.

Puttering in the garden and checking into blue and pink perennials (At the greenhouse ~ I love going to the greenhouse!) and adding lime and Miracle Gro and battling woodticks. The drops have taken care of the problem for Paco. We used Frontline this year. They seem to be working well and did not make him sick like the drops from the vet.

Wishing everyone a very nice day.




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Kids fun events were one of my best mommy experiences. The orchestra! Yes, yes, video tape it.

Princess didn't do many activitues but she did play in the band a few years. Once, when we were recording it, the girl beside her threw up. We have that and the kids scattering on tape. The child who threw up was ok, just said she was nervous and she has watched that replay with us as both girls laughed hysterically.

Nice day in Wisconsin...sunny and 80. No work today so I'm going to jog to a nearby coffee shop then maybe the library, come home to do laundry and clean. Later...doggy walks.

Everyone have a stupendous, slightly crazy, fun and totally awesome day!!!


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Yesterday. +31C. This morning. +5C.
I don't mind either temp, but... that's a pretty drastic switch. I don't like having to get out of bed at 2 in the morning to get extra blankets out!


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Good Morning!

We had a glorious evening yesterday!

Daughter's end-of-the-year school program was last night, and she also performed in the talent portion. She is a dancer, and she performed a tap dance last night for the program.

Pasa, have you been to the old Pearl Brewery there in SA? We stayed in a friend's condo near there last Christmas. The revitalization of that area is stunning, courtesy of the Pace Picante foutune. I can't remember the name of the barbeque place next to the condo, but it was wonderful!

Today is another busy day, as we are going on a field trip. Grilling out tonight. Not sure what to grill yet, but have tons of stuff in the freezer. And fresh corn on the cob.

Anybody watch the Cubs (it may be our year!) or any baseball team?



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Happy Friday everyone!

I'm going to a patio party with some high school friends tonight and really looking forward to it. Supposed to be high 70's today.

The hostess is a dear friend and I call her "Martha" (for Martha Stewart). She has a greenhouse and is making things from her garden for us tonight. She is really something. She works full time and still takes a lot of time to make everything from scratch and utilizes her garden also.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day! I am going to dinner with my husband and middle son. My youngest, who is in sober living 1500 miles, away asked his dad to get me flowers :love: He does love me. Really touched me.


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Apple Cori, Yes I have been to the Pearl. We used to go there on field trips when I was in elementary school. They had a Texas wildlife exhibit and we got to drink root beer out of frosted mugs at the bar. San Antonio's downtown is a unique experience. I love the way they have turned downtown into a cultural/artistic center.


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Apple Cori, Yes I have been to the Pearl. We used to go there on field trips when I was in elementary school. They had a Texas wildlife exhibit and we got to drink root beer out of frosted mugs at the bar. San Antonio's downtown is a unique experience. I love the way they have turned downtown into a cultural/artistic center.

Oh, Pasa, sometimes I forget that other people live in the same place for many years. I have never lived anywhere more than six years, usually much less!


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Hey Good Afternoon Good People! Temps here are Sweet in the high 70's and even the breeze is WARM! Yay! husband took the Harley to work today ~ first time this season :)

We had a visit from The Bear last night. Sadly I didn't hear him until after he had emptied all the feeders. He was working on opening the metal garbage can where I keep the seed when I overheard him. Lights on, lock thrown off, door open - and he's gone crashing through the woods. I brought the empty feeders and still-ful can into the house for the night. And left them inside all day today, too. Dratted bear. Such a nuisance!! Generally we will leave a radio playing outside all day during the summer. Apparently bears don't care for Classic Rock....

Going up to Minocqua to have dinner with old friends of husband's tonite. Will be my first time to meet them. Meeting together at the Chinese Restaurant. I'm looking forward to it!

Sunday we are gathering in Wausau to have Sunday Brunch with husband's family. Sigh. They are all wonderful people and great company!! But I miss my own mother so much. Lost her 12 years ago to the big C. I will bring rose petals to our cabin to honor her memory on Sunday afternoon.

Wishing you all a relaxing and enjoyable Mom's Day :love_heart:



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TGIF best part of the week...both DCs made it to school on time and didn't miss any classes. Oldest goes directly to work, youngest has a ride home with a guy friend. Tonight she has a choir concert, with songs from the 1950s and 1980s. I helped make poodle skirts for her choir.

I finally called my doctor and asked for an X-ray for my right ring finger...three weeks ago today I hurt it when younger Difficult Child started to run from my car, and I reached back and grabbed the hem of her skirt. She managed to get out the car and run... I thought it would get better. That didn't happen. While waiting for my dr, I ran in to my son, and found out he is scheduled for hernia surgery Monday morning.

I see an orthopedic Monday afternoon for a fractured finger and ruptured tendon.

Oh, and I take youngest Difficult Child to her orthodontist on Monday for a recheck. Has had braces off for a while. But things are shifting... Grrrr... She doesn't wear retainer as much as she should.

husband had a birthday this week...turned 72. Wow...we are getting old!



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Pony, you live in my neck of the woods. We are an hour from Wausau. Sonic and jumper went to school in port Edwards (jumper) and nervosa (sonic). We have since moved to an apartment in the nearest town.

Yay for this beautiful weather!!!


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Rainy day here in sunny California. I taught two exercise classes in a row (one with free weights and resistance bands, and the other one was Zumba) so I'm wrecked and going to be sore tomorrow. I teach a Zumba class in the morning tomorrow too, so I hope I can get through that one with anything hurting too much. Squats. Oy.

I just made some homemade spicy turkey lasagna sauce, so that's doing it's thing on the stove until my grandlittles can help me build the final product. Yummy.

I heard a rumor that it's Mother's Day. I hadn't really given it much though, to tell you the truth. One of my daughters (the pregnant one with the three year old wild child) is up in Seattle (moved up there about a month ago), and my other daughter (mom of Difficult Grandson and his Perfect Sister) will be working, I'm sure, so I'll be babysitting. That's all good. However you spend your Sunday, I hope it's restful.


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Well this am went to pot when Thomas went from being somewhat constipated to being very ill. Hauled him to er to discover that he has megacolon, a condition where the nerves in the colon quit. Working stool backs up, and the colon e
Nlarges until it can rupture. Thomas got several enemas, manual disnpaction, and a lot of squeezing while they tried break up stool higher in the colon frm the outside. He was sent home on a very strong laxatives and a smooth muscle go to en t doses down him but he has sinc e been under the bed. Where.

Can t reach him . he is still a very sick boy. If things don't settle down by tomorrow, he'll have to go back for more TX.

We'll also discuss surgery which is grueling, especially for a cat of Thomas age and the odds of his survival and good recovery

I got a few hours sleep after we got home
. woke up and made a cup of tea, which I promptly spilled all over my laptop,
Despite the fact that sparks flew, I had to open it up to check out the damage.

Other than tea sloshing around I'm there there is a very nice scorch mark leading to the CPU across the main board

Basically the laphone.2 o
Is fried
I am. Typing this on my phone first time posting anywhere from my phone sorry for all the typos

I c


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Thomas went from being somewhat constipated to being very ill.
Oh NO!! Going North, I am so sorry for Thomas and for you.

The poor guy and you too. Of all the times to have a computer-disaster.

Has he emerged from under the bed? He must be so upset. I am SO upset. Please keep us posted.


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It is still chilly and rainy here in Central Virginia
I am across the country and we to have the same weather.

I tried to entice the dogs out to eat (yard, not restaurant) but no. Dolly would not under any condition come near the door and Romeo (he is slower witted) got trapped outside but balked so vociferously I took pity.

Neither dog has eaten yet today and it is dinner time.


Crazy Cat Lady
He is still under the bed and very letha ghic. The thi ng that bothers me the most is the hiding as usual ly Thomas is attached to me like a spare bodypart.