Good Morning Friday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Sep 19, 2008.

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    It's definitely spring here. Tomorrow is forecast to possibly be the hottest Sydney day this year. Considering that "this year" includes the last two months of last summer, that is a worry. But last summer was a cool one. Tomorrow is forecast to be 30 C (86 F), could be hotter.

    Tomorrow is the day of the village fundraiser, for Sudan. Our church has organised a restaurant-style dinner (and lunch) with added information on the politics and other issues in Sudan. The food is Sudanese also.

    husband, mother in law & I are going to the evening sitting. I've offered difficult child 3 to help wait on tables, since he isn't good with trying new food. I talked to the chef last night, the food sounds delicious but it WILL be a bit too different for difficult child 3.

    And now the weather will also be very appropriate, too!

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

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    Good morning friends.....

    marg, spring is one of my favorite seasons.....all the reawakening & newborns.

    Enjoying my first cuppa hmj & planning my day & weekend. As kt heads out to respite & husband is in a horrendous mood I believe I'll hide away at my easel & paint. I also have been teaching myself to play piano slowly once again. I've started sketching a new drawing over the last couple of days trying to decide if I will go ahead & do it in water color. I've had a painting that I've started for wm a few weeks back - for the life of me after our last visit I can't bring myself to finish it. I'll get over the resentment sometime soon.

    Have a good day friends - I hope your home is in a better frame of mind than mine has been of late.

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Wow-your spring day sounds more like summer! Enjoy the day! The fundraiser sounds like fun!

    Linda-I hope you find some peace today with your paintings and that husband's mood improves soonest!

    After another extremely loooooooooong week at work I can't tell you how happy I am it's Friday. Lots of stuff going on trying to get the support we need.

    After work tonight husband and I are going out and a friend is watching difficult child (easy child will be cheering). I'm not quite sure what to expect tonight as husband and I will be receiving an award :916blusher: at a large event.

    I don't want to be out too late because I do have to work very early tomorrow morning.

    Wishing everyone some fun in their Friday!:peaceful:
  4. Happy Friday Everyone!!!

    Marg, I'm so sorry to hear about the early hot weather. We're on the tail end of our hottest days and the combination of my hot flashes and 90+ temps has been a killer. I do agree with Linda that spring is a wonderful season - the stirrings of new life are so renewing. Enjoy your fundraiser. I think it is such a clever idea and a great way to bring a community together to raise money for those in need.

    Linda I love the way you are putting your energy into such creative outlets! I can almost hear your piano playing and see your new drawing. I do hope that the atmosphere at your home improves soon...

    Sharon, your night out sounds wonderful! What type of award are you and husband receiving? I know that it is well deserved. Enjoy your kudos!

    husband and I went to see difficult child's Senior Investiture Ceremony yesterday. This is a formal ritual that difficult child's school holds at the beginning of the school year to "invest" the Seniors with the responsibilities of the "standard bearers" of the schools values. Every student received the graduation mortar board cap to remind them that graduation is approaching and that they need to stay the course. I think this is the school's attempt to fight "Senioritis" , LOL... It was a very nice event. difficult child was one of three students who choose not to wear "Sunday best" for the event. He wore khakis and a tee shirt. husband and I discussed it with him and decided he needed to be his own man... It looks to be a lovely day here - cool with lots of sun. easy child plans to come home this weekend to go to a David Byrne concert with one of his old friends. As always, we look forward to the energy he brings us!

    Have a great day !