Good Morning Friday

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    G'day, folks.

    I was so busy last week with my problems that I didn't get a chance to get out and do any shopping. So I went out today. mother in law came too - she had planned to go out by bus but it IS a long way and it's a rough road. I managed to buy a new down pillow (expensive, but worth it when I get pressure pain) and my old one is now in the washing machine. Hopefully a wash will rejuvenate it, but it will probably take days to dry, even in the almost-summer heat we have at the moment. And hopefully on the new pillow I'll manage to get some sleep at last.

    We got all our grocery shopping done too. In the store where easy child 2/difficult child 2 used to work, a lot of the girls came up to ask how she's going and to see any wedding photos. It was fairly clear that she is well-liked by her former co-workers. The problem was the new (male) supervisor who was breaking a lot of rules; when she questioned his behaviour and asked head office for a ruling, that's when problems really started which led to her losing her job, we believe. We're still fighting that one.

    She finished her prac placement today (studying to be a pre-school teacher) and has until Monday night to finish writing up her notes. Then she has to register for unemployment and has a lot of other administrative running around to do.

    Tomorrow I have a writers meeting at the library, plus I need to meet up with easy child 2/difficult child 2 to give her a bag of fabric scraps so she can finish off her Melbourne Cup Day hat. If I'm not busy I might even spend Cup Day (next Tuesday) with her at the pub. If I can, I'll get some photos of her in her Melbourne Cup Day outfit. It's a big day in Australia - it's the horse race that stops the nation.

    difficult child 3 has been studying more, he's going to have to get a lot done for his exams. We want him to pass well so he can continue to take these subjects at a high level for senior high school. Just over a week to go, for his first big exam.

    The weather here is sunny with clear blue skies. We had to park in the sun today, on the roof of the mall. The car heats up fast in summer. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to park in the underground car park at the library. If I can get some free time to relax, I'm heading for the beach. It's time to see if my swimsuit still fits...

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  2. It's Friday!

    Good Morning everyone. Marg, nothing beats a new pillow! I try to replace all of ours every couple of years. I'm hoping the new one improves the quality of your sleep. I can't wait to see the photo of the Melbourne Cup Day Hat. The entire process sounds like lots of fun. I previously lived in the state of Kentucky and horse racing is the name of the game there. Apart from the Kentucky Derby (and other big name races) lots of small, private steeplechases are held. That's when the party dresses, beautiful hats, and times of libation are enjoyed by all. Actually the horses are just the reason for the social event! It sounds like difficult child 3 is working hard at his studies. I know that you are all very encouraged by that. I'm so sorry about easy child 2/difficult child 2's job. We have little to no recourse here when jobs are lost - our state is an "employment at will" state. This means that employers don't even have to have a reason for letting a worker go. I'm glad you have the option to make the complaint. Good luck with that process!

    After days and days of heavy, heavy rain the sun finally showed itself here yesterday. It's a great mood lifter to finally get rid of the clouds! easy child scheduled the date of November 20th to defend his thesis. We all have our fingers crossed! difficult child has scheduled his classes for his next semester, and they are all in the afternoon. This was my suggestion as he tends to do poorly in his morning classes. He seems to be struggling somewhat with his Physics class. He is fiercely independent, and wants to do this all himself - so we really don't know what is going on. At this point, we're hoping he can at least pull off a "C". College is very different than high school! Somehow he has managed to lose one of his textbooks. We work daily on organizational skills, but this is one of his weakest areas. Purchasing a new textbook is not inexpensive, but we were able to locate one on Amazon.

    I'm working at home today (my favorite)! My plan is to go work out at the YMCA during my lunch break.... And then, chilling after I finish work :) I hope that everyone has a peaceful Friday - with some quiet moments alone to refresh the spirit....

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-A new pillow-how nice! I love that you may get to the beach:beach: Enjoy!:)

    Valerie-Sounds like easy child is doing very well-I'll keep good thoughts as he defends his thesis. As for difficult child, I'm not at all sure I would pass a physics college course these days! Sounds like you have a nice day planned; enjoy your workout:exercisebike:

    I've been up awhile this morning. I went to weigh in and was pleasantly surprised I had no gain after being in Florida last week and eating horribly!

    Then I went to the new Hyvee grocery store-we've never had one here; it's very nice. Later I'll head into the teacher convention and then after that fit in a workout! husband and I are going out for dinner tonight for his birthday that was two days ago. We also went to see a movie last night and had a good time.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:pumpkin:
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    Morning all.
    It started out in a misty, dreary day but now it's just overcast. Looks a lot like autumn.:witchcrafting::frenkenstein::jack::pumpkin::vampire::witch::witchy: I put in all the Halloween icons on since I didn't realize we had them. Cute aren't they?

    difficult child is having a Halloween Party Sat. night. He has 3 young men and a girl traveling in from out of state. 2 have arrived. His difficult child and her friends will come tomorrow night. difficult child has been planning and cajoling for months. I had to forbide him from putting up decorations around Labor Day.
    They seem to be having fun and I think difficult child is just over the moon. Not sure how I will survive a house full of unique young adults. So far so good.
    husband and I are going to escape tonight and go out to dinner. Wish us luck on surviving.