Good Morning Friday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Rabbit, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Rabbit

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    Good Morning Friday! Hope everyone has a Great day and good weekend!
    Hoping there is no snow here! I hate winter! Community college will start for
    difficult children 1and 3 Feb 1.
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Rabbit-I'm with you-I hate winter too!! Enjoy your day!

    Am really glad the weekend is near-I need some major sleep and difficult child is headed to respite! easy child cheers both nights though so the nights will be late ones. Lots of good napping during the day though:D

    They are actually predicting rain here for tomorrow (very unusual for Wisconsin in January). Who knows maybe it will get rid of most of our snow!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day for Friday.

    Definitely no snow here either, Rabbit. Even though it's 32 degrees. Celsius, of course. It felt a lot hotter, but the humidity was about 80%. Then we got an afternoon storm which dampened the ground briefly, before adding to the humidity.

    Sharon/WO, I hope you get those naps your body is craving. Keeping a good pillow in the car helps a lot.

    We did get to the beach late this afternoon just as the storm began to roll in. I got a bit of sunbaking in during the middle of the day but it was just too hot to stay out on the deck for long. I was a lather of sweat when I came in.

    We've been on the phone a bit today plus email, trying to keep people informed about mother in law as well as informing ourselves. She's still in hospital but keeps believing that she's coming out of hospital imminently. She tells this to sis-in-law over the phone, who then nags us for not following through and making it easier for her to come home - when really, she's nowhere near ready. The nurses tell her this, she is quite compus, she just doesn't want to hear it.

    We'll take her out tomorrow for the day, then take her back to the hospital in the evening. On Monday the hospital are bringing her out to her house with the Occupational Therapist (OT) to do an assessment on the place, to make sure it is safe for her. easy child will be there (she and SIL1 arrived tonight, about half an hour ago) so the two OTs will be able to get their heads together. Tuesday is Australia Day and a public holiday, easy child & SIL1 will be heading home before then, probably after the Occupational Therapist (OT) visit. mother in law is hoping, and therefore believing, that she won't be going back to hospital on Monday after the home visit, but of course she will have to, it's the rules. And they are unlikely to discharge her on a public holiday. However, we do expect her to be able to come home probably Wednesday. Meanwhile she is in hospital in air-conditioned comfort during the worst of this heatwave.

    We're looking forward to tomorrow - the entire family, all our kids and partners plus mother in law, all going to see "Wicked" together. mother in law in wheelchair, me on my usual crutch of course, daughter in law using my old crutches with her broken foot. We'll be a right mob of crocks. We're planning on getting to the theatre early. Won't have time to go to a restaurant for lunch but we'll be very close to Chinatown as well as Harry's Cafe de Wheels, so we'll be able to get our choice of good Aussie fast food (I include Chinese as 'good Aussie fast food') while we wait at the theatre. Afterwards easy child & SIL2 will have to leave to spend time with his family, but I'm hoping to organise the kids to visit us on Sunday for dinner. A sort of joint birthday dinner for husband & difficult child 3. And maybe for difficult child 1, whose birthday is just over a week away.

    husband has another week off work; difficult child 3 goes back to school next week; easy child 2/difficult child 2 is back to evening college. It all happens the day after Australia Day.

    So today was maybe our last quiet day for some time!

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  4. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Rabbit, we're in the death grip of winter here as well ~ this year the cold is getting to me. Stay warm.

    Sharon, enjoy your respite weekend. I'd be sleeping the entire first day if I were you.

    Marg, I'm glad Occupational Therapist (OT) is assessing MILs living space. My OTs came up with a lot of very helpful ideas for me here at home. Things I would never consider.

    I've a busy day ahead ~ a very much needed therapist appointment for myself, home to piano lessons & then in home therapist for kt. She needs an objective outsider to reassure her right now.

    Saying all that, all I'd like to do is have a pj day. Next week I'm scheduling "me" stuff mid week so I won't be quite so trashed by the time it comes around.

    Enjoy your Friday.
  5. Happy Friday!

    Rabbit, that's great news about difficult child 1 and difficult child 3! I hope all goes well for them. Our difficult child is very happy in college. He was miserable in high school, so this is quite a change for him. I hope the same holds true for your difficult children as well. May I join you in the "hates winter club" ? This winter has been brutal so far....

    Sharon, it sounds like you may have some time for some good rest. Rain is unusual for you guys this time of year. Warmer temps could be a good thing, even with some rain. I hope it's a great weekend for you.

    Marg, your trip to the theatre sounds marvelous , even with the need for all of the assistive devices! Wow, three birthdays in a row - that will be quite a celebration. Your family sounds like my Dad's family - he, his Dad, and three of his siblings were all born on the same day : January 9th. It's not unusual to have two folks in a family with the same birthday - but when you get to 5, Wow! I hope that things can go smoothly with your mother in law's return home. It sounds like the hospital is where she needs to be right now.

    Linda, hang in there with your busy day. I completely understand about the need for a pj day! Thursdays are long days for me due to difficult child's new schedule at school. I'm in to work at 7:00AM, and I don't pick him up until 7:00PM. I'm finding I can't do the long hours that I could when I was younger... I do hope that you can get some rest this weekend.

    We are expecting easy child home from Portland, Oregon this weekend. He travelled there to participate in some friends' wedding there (it's home for them both). He has absolutely fallen in love with the city - so I wouldn't be too surprised to hear that he is job hunting there. difficult child is getting in the swing of his second semester at the University and all seems well so far. (fingers crossed) His hours are a little brutal though - as he doesn't finish classes until 10:00PM on Tuesdays or 7:00PM on Thursdays. He's at his best in the afternoon and evening ,though - so it's no problem for him! husband is quite excited, as he finished a "friend of the court" brief for a Supreme Court case that he has been working on for many months. He's going to attend the oral argument there next month. I wish we could go, but there are limits on "visitors" in the audience. It's good to see him so passionate about his work - he really has come to love it after a love/hate relation to it for so many years.

    I wish I could have a "pj" day as well - working at home, but I'm off to participate in a staffing for one of my clients with his social workers and neuropsychologist. He is going to need a court appointed guardian but he does not want one, so it's going to be quite a difficult meeting. Wish us luck!

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone, and do find some quiet, peaceful moments for yourselves.

  6. Fran

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    Good morning everyone. TGIF.

    Hi Rabbitt, how wonderful that the two will be in school. It's always wonderful when a difficult child is doing something productive.

    Wiped out, Yay! for respite. Sounds like a relaxing weekend.

    Marguerite, Happy Australia Day a little early. Sounds like you are having fun with the family and the new additions. I'm sorry to hear M I L is struggling to grasp her situation. As you know my mom is staying with me. She plans to return home when the worst of winter is gone. Meanwhile she gets pretty intense cardiac symptoms just walking from the car and up one step. Total of about 20 ft. I don't want to tell her she isn't going to be able to stay home alone. It will crush her spirit. So we let her do things that she can do sitting like folding laundry and chopping ingredients for dinner. I got her knitting baby blankets for the day her grandchildren have children. It's the first thing I suggested that got her excited. We will see where she is in a couple of months. It's hard to see her failing.

    Timer, hang tough with winter. It makes you guys hearty. LOL.

    ODAT, how wonderful that your children are going on about their lives in a productive way.

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend.