Good Morning Friday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Apr 30, 2010.

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    G'day, people.

    It's getting colder now in the mornings. Today was grey and cool. Tomorrow will be warmer but summer is definitely gone.

    I had to give difficult child 3 an exam today, and he finished just as I had to leave for my hair appointment. I was labelling it and stuffing it into the envelope as I rushed out the door. After my hair appointment I posted the exam papers back in to the school.

    On my way home I dropped in on my best friend, finally home last night from Europe. We've only talked for a few minutes, I'd love to take more time to catch up.

    Later on I drove difficult child 3 to his tennis lesson and then I saw another friend at the local school hall with her daughter. I've got them involved in the stage production I've been caught up in; there were auditions scheduled for tomorrow that have been postponed so I needed to let them know. Then I went to mother in law's to organise cooking dinner. We came home early, we'd left difficult child 3 to cook his own meal at home since he doesn't like it when I cook stir-fried meals. And tonight I made chicken and vegetable satay.

    I have a meeting tomorrow, only found out about it tonight. I could opt out, I will decide in the morning. My eyeballs feel like roadmaps and I don't know why; they've been bad all day.

    So I'm off to bed early tonight, we'll see if more sleep makes a difference.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Free Choice Friday Morning!!

    Marg, we love satay! Hope the eyes feel better after rest tonight.

    Well, the painter who said he could do all the work by Wed but then said Thur, is still here! I can't complain too much because he's doing a wonderful job. house is full of dust EVERYWHERE and thing are pulled apart and disorganized. To top off the dust and mess, I get a call last night and both my MOM and her SISTER are coming tomorrow early morning!!!!!!!! So today is running around like a chicken with it's head cut off day getting the house ready while working around the painter who better be done by noon!

    Hope your day is a little less stressful and busy than mine!

  3. hearts and roses

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    Good morning all~

    Marg, I hope your eyes feel better after a good night's sleep. I could use a day long nap myself, lol.

    Sharon, I can so relate to your tales of renovations and contractors. Being as my H is our main contractor doing the already 3-year long addition...ahem, I totally get it. Let's hope today is your guys' last day. As for me and mine, well, I anticipate a few more years of upheavel.

    TGIF. My knee feels like it's full of hot summer bees, buzzing to get out and I can't get an appointment with the ortho guy for another two weeks. I have a big paper to write this weekend and I just received my study sheet for the final in my other class, ew; this on top of two lengthy writing assignments! Ick, so much work to do and I am so sick of discussing social welfare! On the upside, at least I can do some homework at my office...:tongue:

    Have a good one everyone!