Good Morning Friday

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    G'day, folks.

    After working on it all week to the exclusion of all else, difficult child 3 finished his Assessment Task which involved two short writing tasks, total of about 1500 words. But it's done and in the mail. Two more Assessment Tasks to go, over the next fortnight. I'm getting more grey hairs!

    The incentive was the chance to have a long driving lesson on the highway tomorrow, with husband. Because if he hadn't finished the work, difficult child 3 was going to have to stay home tomorrow and keep working.

    It's been difficult for difficult child 3 to work without me to support him. I'm not allowed to help, but if I'm home at least I could have kept his nose to the grindstone. But this week I've had tests, doctor appointments etc on top of my daily radiation treatment.

    But it's done. A relief. Failure to complete these tasks can lead to failure for the year in that subject. So another hurdle overcome.

    Tomorrow I'll have the males out of the place while I can either stay home and rest, or go to my writers meeting. If I go to the meeting I'll have to leave early, husband & I are going to a dinner tomorrow night for his train club. So I may choose to stay home and have a quiet day.

    husband had his second rabies shot today. He seems to be weathering them fairly well so far. A few aches & pains, plus his thumb still throbs, I believe, where they injected 5 ml of rabies immunoglobulin into it. He told the local doctor (who did today's injection) about the wildlife rescue lady being so tactless and indiscreet and worrying mother in law - the doctor fully agreed. She knows mother in law and knows exactly why we shielded her from this sort of information until we need to give her the full story.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

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    Good morning Marg & all who follow,

    Marg, I hope you take the day to rest before your evening out. I missed something ~ why is husband receiving rabies treatments? Hope all goes well on that front. AND kudos to difficult child for finishing all his work.

    It's been a busy busy week - the weekend approaches quickly (thank goodness). kt heads off to respite this afternoon & I have the weekend to myself. As this is the first respite since husband died I'm not sure what I will do - he & I used to go out to dinner & play mah-jong for hours on end. I'm feeling a tad lonely of late.

    I've just filled out an application entering a one of my watercolors in the state fair juried fine arts section. Of almost 5000 entries only 385 or so will be accepted. So ~ "it will be an honor just to be nominated" :hairy::painter: Or not. :winks: Just dipping my toe into the world of juried art & art shows.

    Have a good day friends.....
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    :D Good Free Choice Friday :D

    Marg, good to hear difficult child finished up his assessments.

    Linda, I know you will find something to fill your weekend! It's great that you are expanding your art world! Enjoy the quiet.

    difficult child's grad thing was nice yesterday - it only lasted an hour! difficult child got an honor roll recognition and one of the academic standout awards (knock me over with a feather). I will tell you that one of the loveliest things about the morning was seeing how well liked difficult child was by the staff. Two people actually ran us down in the parking lot rather than miss saying goodbye to difficult child. There were many congrats on how well he has matured and positive thoughts for his future. His 6th grade science teacher actually had tears in her eyes and his 6th grade English teacher (who was one of the collab teachers in his English class this year) offered to show him how to use the weights at the gym this summer. It was a nice morning and I was very proud. Today is the amusement park trip with bonehead......

    I've a little housework and some cooking/prep to do. An old friend is coming for dinner tonight (grillin of course)- I haven't seen him in 18 years and I'm looking forward to it.

    I hope your Friday is great one :peaceful:
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-I'm in agreement with taking tomorrow to rest rather than go to the writer's meeting! Glad difficult child got his work done!

    Linda-Part of your weekend can be filled by one of our favorite activities-napping!!:) How cool that you entered your art work!!

    Sharon-You have every reason to be one proud mama!!!! Enjoy dinner with your friend!!

    I survived the first week of boot camp!!! It's funny how I thought I was in o.k. shape (after all, I do work out often) until boot camp started. I definitely have a long way to go!

    husband is in Michigan-he left last night and is probably enjoying a well deserved morning of sleeping in!

    It's going to be a hot one here today-88 degrees and very humid. I would like to take difficult child to the pool this afternoon but they are calling for storms so we'll have to see. Later one of the in home workers is coming to work with difficult child and then he is headed off to respite. easy child/difficult child and I will be home for the weekend together so it will probably be a quiet one. We are going to look for a shrimp recipe to make for tomorrow night since we are the only two who like shrimp.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend:peaceful:
  5. Marg's Man

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    Gday Linda,

    I'm getting rabies shots because I was bitten by an Australian Fruit Bat. See the thread at

    We don't have actual rabies in Australia but we do have Lyssa virus which is similar enough to be treated with the same regime. The disease is a new one that appeared in a Queensland population of bats about 15 years ago. Since then there has been only two deaths and both of those because they were not treated. It's not pleasant but I'm doing all the right things.

    Marg's Man
  6. Marguerite

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    Just a late night update - according to how I feel now, I don't think I'll be going to the writers meeting tomorrow. I have to go out tomorrow night, and tonight I'm so tired (I've got the "sleepies", from the treatment I reckon) that I know it will be a mistake to try to do both.

    Ironically, if I stay home I can get more writing done.

    husband's rabies shots - he got bitten by a bat on Monday night (a young flying fox, a large Aussie fruit bat, they're really quite pretty things about the size of a cat). The bat bit husband through heavy leather gloves when he tried to rescue it after it was zapped by our power lines. The trouble is, about 15 years ago it was discovered that Aussie bats carry a number of rare but very nasty viruses. In the same way cowpox and smallpox are similar as far as the immune system is concerned, rabies and lyssavirus are also similar. But lyssavirus is just as lethal as rabies, only with a longer incubation period (up to several years). It's so serious, it's a notifiable situation when someone is bitten by a bat, any bat, even if the bat seems healthy. husband is getting all the shots which ironically now means he will be able to handle bats safely from here on. mother in law was very upset about it, we had downplayed things and not told her of husband's bite and the problems because her anxiety these days is out of control. But the rescue lady told mother in law, and it's taken us days to calm her down.

    We just got back from mother in law's place for dinner and we stayed to watch a Miss Marple drama. I slept through most of it, I am so tired I had trouble walking home. So it's off to bed! Hopefully with plenty of sleep I'll be more creative tomorrow. I've just got to send an email giving my apologies for tomorrow.