Good Morning Friday

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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day people.

    A busy day today, it got going really fast.
    First - the usual early morning phone call from SpEd. While on the phone to her, therapist rang my mobile. difficult child 3 asked her to call back in a few minutes. Then when I handed the phone over to difficult child 3 to talk to SpEd, the doorbell went. Avon lady. I was still in PJs. Fast change, throwing something on.

    Then therapist rang back. Talked until 10.30, which is when I should have been leaving. But still not dressed properly. So a VERY fast change, then I left to collect mother in law (leaving difficult child 3 at home).

    Eye doctor - we got there on time, parked right at the door. Love days like that! Yes, I need new glasses but I also might be able to get some new contact lenses (because I'm so short-sighted, the government pays) which I could wear while I wait for my specs to be made up with my old frames.

    From there we went to the shoe/clothing store, found some boots and shirts for husband and a cheap t-shirt for me. From there it was the pie shop for lunch supplies for husband (his favourite winter lunch right now is a good Aussie meat pie warmed slowly in the oven). Then looking for shoe repairs - not much luck there. Then the supermarket for mother in law's groceries, then home.

    I was tired, but whenever we go "to the mainland" we need to make good use of the effort and do as much as we can.

    husband just let me know - there are problems with trains, he is going to be late home. He will have to meet us down t mother in law's for dinner.

    Tomorrow I have to go out again, I have a meeting. But a friend is driving me.

    I'm hoping to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight, but with husband being so late, it could be a difficult goal.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone. May it be as productive as mine was!

  2. hearts and roses

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    Good morning everyone!

    Marg, you really know how to pack your days. I love when I'm able to make good use of my time and accomplish everything on my list. Hope you were able to get to sleep early.

    Today is my free Friday. I'm off from work and already have a nice list of errands and chores to complete! I am hitting up a couple of tag sales while I run around as I told easy child I'd keep an eye out for a cheap dresser since I won't allow her to take the one in her room here. I also have a hairdresser appointment and thought I'd do my usual Saturday errands since tomorrow H and I have to go LI for a grad party.

    Week enjoy the day everyone!
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  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Happy Free Choice Friday Everyone!

    Marg, it was a busy day for you today! "Ding, dong, Avon calling" That used to be their slogan years and years ago and your post reminded me of that!

    Jo, this really is free choice Friday for you! Hope you get all those errands done early and can relax with a good book or such.

    Well, got back from the beach late Wed night and reality hits fast! I worked all day yesterday and then hit the grocery store and the farmers market - got home with minutes to spare befoe we were hit with a major thunder boomer! But it did cool things off. Our beach trip was wonderful - the "kids" were happy, difficult child met a girl in the surf and spent four days with her in the sand and surf! Times are a-changing! The weather was wonderful and it was soooooooo relaxing.

    Today I'm doing a little cooking this morning - making spagetti sauce from scratch with tons of veggies for dinner tonight and to freeze while I'm also doing the laundry. I then will be going to the docs with my cousin. I'm going to drive her and just be company. Think she is gong to have to go on medications for her triglycerides numbers that haven't improved with diet and exercise and something is going on with the circulation in her legs - I'm just moral support. We will then go see a movie, think the name is "The Kids are Alright".

    Hope your Friday is a great one!

  4. Fran

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    Happy Friday everyone.
    Marge, your house is busy today. Hopefully, you got everything done and got to bed at a reasonable time. Since I stay on an island every once in a while, I completely understand about making use of your time. Once back where the shopping is and every sort of service, you have to do it all at once. I couldn't really appreciate that until I stayed on an island for a month.

    H&R, sounds like you are in good spirits. You will have a lovely time at the Grad party I'm sure. Enjoy your day off.

    I am staying at my mom's. Her nephew from Milan is arriving Sat. evening with his wife and 12 yr old son. My mom has no family here in the states and very few visit over here so it is a big deal to her. No way could mom be a hostess without making herself sick so here we are. It will be fun I'm sure but lots of errands and chores to make things right for guests.

    difficult child is home dog sitting. He is excited about the possiblilty of getting into a new, innovative program that may really work and enhance his life and skills. We will see if it works out. I am happily counting the days until we do a visit and fill out the proper paperwork.

    Have a productive Friday.
  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-Another busy day for you! It's amazing what you are able to pack into a day.

    Jo-Enjoy your free Friday! Sounds like a busy one!

    Sharon-I'm glad your vacation was a good one! Sounds like difficult child is really growing up! What time should I be there for dinner-homemade sauce-yummmm!

    Fran-I hope your visit is a pleasant one! Fingers crossed for difficult child! by the way, the other day you asked how I like boot camp. I love it-love the challenge and it feels great to do things I thought I couldn't even if I am one of the slowest!

    Nice day yesterday, ended up at the pool with a friend, then husband and I went to dinner and hit some sales.

    Boot camp was this morning and now a nap. Later we will drive easy child/difficult child to where her driver's test will be next week. It's about an hour away but I couldn't get one scheduled in our city!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: