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    G'day, people.

    My busy day started early. The 9 am conference call didn't happen, but knowing I had to go out ASAP afterwards, I got up, got dressed and breakfasted, got difficult child 3 up and moving, all well before 9 am. Time passed. I was looking at the clock and thinking I would have to leave before the call, when the phone rang. "Sorry, one of the team isn't here yet. Can I call you in half an hour?"

    So I told her to call my mobile phone and if it was out of range, to call back half an hour after that. We have a long drive through valleys and round hills full of iron, the phone is out of range for much of the drive.

    I put my bluetooth in and hit the road, with the notes I'd made sitting beside me. Sure enough, the phone rang at the worst possible time and I had to take the call while I was on the road to collect easy child 2/difficult child 2. I managed to read out a few notes while stuck in traffic at the lights, then after I got easy child 2/difficult child 2 and we were heading in to the city for her therapist appointment, I got easy child 2/difficult child 2 to read them out for me. The business was concluded in a bit over half an hour and the next meeting organised. I got my "secretary" to make the relevant notes in my diary as I drove!

    husband has been unwell for a few days. After the conference call finished, my mobile began beeping - messages and missed calls. husband had seen the doctor who told him to come home. So after the therapist appointment, we dropped in on husband's work and collected him.

    I'd anticipated having to bring husband home so I had cancelled the optometrist appointment I had. But to drop easy child 2/difficult child 2 back home took us right by the mall, so we did a little shopping while we were there. SIL2 joined us there too.

    We got home mid afternoon and husband had a much-needed nap. I managed to buy a ball of wool to finish off a tea cosy I've been knitting for the war widows stall tomorrow (held at the polling booth all day). I haven't quite finished it, I hope to tonight. Not much more to do apart from sew on the last knitted embellishments.

    Tomorrow I will be busy. I've got the car packed already. First the polling booth, to vote and to hand over the tea cosy. Voting is a challenge because we have to write it down on pieces of paper. There are two pieces of paper. One piece is the size of a small envelope that you might find a greeting card in. it is pale green. There are six names on our district's ballot paper (for the House of Representatives). We have to number all six in order of preference.
    Then there is the Senate ballot paper. It is literally the size of a tablecloth. It isn't as big as it could be - we're only voting on half the Senate. We can have a simple vote (a number above the line, just one) or more complicated (number EVERY applicant below the line). It is our choice. About 5% of voters bother to number below the line. I think there are about 70 or 80, and if you get it wrong, you've blown your vote.

    We expect the result to be very close. The result will be important for the US, because there is a very real chance that our very conservative political party that was in power until just before Obama was elected in the US, could be returned. The leader of the current Opposition party is a renowned climate change sceptic. He's also very conservative in other ways. But what worries me most about him, is his recent behaviour has shown that whatever he believes or whatever his party wants, is "for sale" if it means he can use it for personal political gain. I'm hoping I'm wrong.

    By this time tomorrow night, we should have some idea of how it's going.

    Enjoy your Friday.