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    G'day people.

    Not a good day today. easy child 2/difficult child 2 had to be at the public hospital at 1 pm for her colposcopy. It was to be done under general anaesthetic because there is a possible family blood disorder which could have been why she bled a lot more than expected during the biopsy a month ago. So the gynaecology clinic insisted this be done under general, they rang the surgeon and organised it.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 dropped in the admissions forms the day we were at the clinic. The paperwork described the bleeding problem. Admissions rang a week later to give her the dates, then asked why it was being done in theatre. She explained about the bleeding disorder. OK, book into pre-admission on Monday before the Friday surgery, they said.
    Pre-admission on Monday - I was there too. She again made it clear, this is being done this way because of a possible bleeding disorder. That's why she had pathology forms for cross-match and hold. A lot of discussion about getting this done, where and how.
    Surgery today - we arrived on time, 1 pm. Waited in the hospital bed, gowned etc, until 3 pm when they took her to theatre. I then left to get some food, then at 3.40 I got a mobile call from the anaesthetist, asking why he had not been told about the bleeding disorder. "It's not serious, there's been a cross-match and hold done, this has been organised for a month now, she has Stage 4 precancerous lesions that MUST be removed."
    To cut it short - he has refused until she is seen by a haematologist. That appointment is another two weeks away. She got back to the ward at 4 pm when the nurses finally gave her something to eat and drink (she'd been fasting from 7 am) and then someone took blood samples. We were told we could leave. Fifteen minutes down the highway the phone rang. "We didn't take enough tubes of blood."
    So we went back. Finally left the hospital at 5 pm.

    Amazingly, easy child 2/difficult child 2 is a bit annoyed, but not as ropable as I am. I'm still seething. And I can't even complain formally until Monday morning! It's a phone number, not an email or complaint form.

    So staff time was wasted, an operating space was wasted, our time was wasted, all because people who should, failed to communicate.

    NOT a good day... I hope yours is better.

  2. Happy Friday Everyone!!!

    Marg, I'm just so sorry to hear about your frustrating day. I can't imagine anything else that you both could have done to help the hospital staff get their act together. It seems that so many different people are involved in health care today that the ball can be (and is) dropped along the way. We belonged to a health maintenance organization for many years where each of us had a primary care physician. I long for those day when our primary (and their staff) orchestrated our care. It was just so much more organized. My employer stopped providing this option (they say it was too expensive) and now our health care management has become a nightmare - lots of management on our part- and lots of missed connections and false starts like you and easy child experienced. I have a feeling that you will give them the lowdown on Monday! I truly hope that the next try goes much better for you both.

    Our easy child is back from his hike , he successfully completed it the first week in October. We're all trying to adjust to his return back to civilization. Although I would say he is a easy child, he's definitely on the hyper side , and the pace of life has really picked up around here ...LOL. I was very disappointed because his former employer offered him a good, solid job and he turned it down. He wants to move to Oregon and is planning that now. Of course, he's getting a lot of encouragement from me to secure a job FIRST!!!

    difficult child is settled into college life and seems to be doing fine. We are "hands off", and of course, the responsibility is all his. He seems to enjoy his math classes most of all, and I wonder if he might not change his major. I keep hoping that he will begin socializing more, but it doesn't really appear to be his thing.

    My good friend's husband passed away Tuesday. She and he have had such a rough time. He was very overweight, and he elected to have bariatric surgery last January. It went bad, and he has been hospitalized since then. He had been tube feeding all of that time, and the doctor told my friend it was time to remove the tube and call in hospice. Then, last weekend, the on call doctor tried to talk them both into reinserting the tube. This was needless stress for my friend and we are all furious about this doctor's interference at the last moment. It just really makes a difference when the medical providers are working together as a team. We'll be attending his funeral tomorrow. He was a great guy, he worked for many years in the rehabilitation counseling field. He had been retired for a few years, and he wrote two books toward the end of his life. Writing was his real passion. He will be missed.

    Sorry to end on such a down note. I hope that everyone has a peaceful day, with some moments just for yourselves!

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    Good Free Choice Friday Morning!

    Marg, how utterly frustrating your and easy child/difficult child 2's experience was - especially for her! Now to have to wait another two weeks.....I'm sure you will handle things on Monday. Hope, in the meantime, you can enjoy the weekend.

    Valerie, great to hear that difficult child is rolling along at college. Often finding that passion or interest can make all the difference. Fingers crossed...... Glad easy child had a great Appalachian experience! Very sad about your friend's husband. I hope the funeral provides a fitting memorial for this good man and that his family takes comfort in the gathering of those who loved him.

    Today is another house day! easy child will be coming over shortly. I've a few things to do around the downstairs then she and I will put out the Halloween decorations outside. After that we will be taking pics and doing some eBay listings. We listed a few things on Craigslist early in the week and haven't gotten too many inquiries. Most of the things we listed are expensive and eBay seems to be a better choice. Should take us several hours!

    Then, I'll pick up difficult child from school along with a buddy who will come over and hang for a few hours. I've an old friend coming over after she gets off work and we'll catch up with some wine and a light dinner. A busy but good day.

    Hope yours is a good one as well.

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Marg, I would be beyond furious too! I agree with what Valerie said - You did everything you possibly could to make sure things would go smoothly. It seems like the more staff involved in a procedure, the larger the margin for misinterpretation.

    I have a friend who is a nurse in a large well respected hospital. She is constantly frustrated by the fact that no one seems to know what anyone else is doing, that staff are responsible for way too many patients at once, that appointments/procedures are overbooked, that there is way too much unnecessary paperwork that takes away from quality time that should be spent with patients, that everyone wants to be able to hold someone else accountable for everything, etc... I could go on forever...

    You did everything you possibly could to make sure your daughter's procedure would go smoothly. It is a sad comment about modern day society that you can't rely on the hospital staff to do their jobs competently. I'm keeping your daughter in my thoughts and praying that next time everything goes as planned.

    Valerie, I'm glad your son returned safely from his long hike and hope he listens to you about having a job in place before moving. Glad your difficult child is doing well in college. So sorry to hear about your friend's husband... Although his life ended way too quickly, I'm glad that he had the opportunity to follow his passion and write several books. Hugs...

    Sharon (LDM), I'm glad that even though your day is a busy one, it is going to be a good one! I love Halloween!!! Have fun decorating. It's nice that both you and difficult child will be spending time with friends later on. ENJOY:D

    Today is off to a cold start. I don't have time to go for my morning walk/jog but hope to be able to have the time both Saturday and Sunday. My PT gave me the OK to begin jogging a bit more, walking a bit less. I'm definitely going to increase my jogging slowly! Within the last two years I've already had two injuries - Achilles tendinitis and then the fracture. I think enough is enough, lol...! Still, I'm not ready to give up running!!!

    I'm going to finish one last cup of coffee and get to work. Hope everyone has a good day and a great weekend... SFR