Good Morning Friday


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G'day, people.

I knew I wouldn't get to the beach today. Pity, as it was a very hot, sunny day. I still got my Vitamin D by hanging my arms on the car windowsill. I've got to go slather on some moisturiser to save my skin. I've left my early tanning too late and I'm going to have to really watch it to start with, to avoid sunburn. easy child 2/difficult child 2 was in the car too, covering up as much as she could. She has an old cotton shirt of mine that she uses every summer to cover up. She can't tan, while if I go carefully, I tan well and don't need sunscreen. But tis year I have to be more careful, after the radiation treatment.

I was in the car because I was driving the kids to their therapist appointments. I goofed, got the wrong time for difficult child 3 but the therapist shuffled her times around (I rang as I was leaving home, that gave her 90 minutes to reschedule her lunch break for us). So I wasn't sitting in for easy child 2/difficult child 2, but she IS a big girl!

After that we stopped off for lunch and to collect easy child 2/difficult child 2's new specs. Then to the mall to cut difficult child 3's hair - he looks more like Harry Potter than ever! Then home. While we were leaving the mall, easy child 2/difficult child 2 got a phone call from a place she applied at for work. They want her to come in and put her name down for casual work, sounds like they want her at least for that, even if they don't give her the job she asked for. Anything will do, she is very happy.

Tomorrow I have a writers Christmas party to go to (I still have to write my piece for it) and on the way out I have to visit my client to drop in some posters I have printed up for her. I also have to print some brochures to take tomorrow, for my client's book launch. So I'm still busy! At least I was able to make time for difficult child 3 this afternoon, playing computer games with him. He had earned several hours of my time and I haven't had the opportunity for him to redeem it. The scheme only works if I make time for him.

So enjoy your Friday.



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Good Free Choice Friday Morning (aka Black Friday)!!

Marg, sounds like a another typical day your way! Next time let easy child 2 take your car to her stuff and help out with difficult child 3's appointment. You do so much for them, let them do for you and then you ca sit on the beach!!!!

So, it's Black Friday and I'm still home! easy child and I were going to go out early and watch all the craziness at like 4 am - but, she was called to work from 9-12 and needs the cash. So, we are going to go out later this afternoon - not sure if there will be as much craziness to see but we'll be spending time together and we both need to pick up a few little things - I need a cople supplies for my dinner party tomorrow night and she is trying to find a plain black or brown sweater dress to wear with all her crazy printed tights!

Thanksgiving was wonderful all around. Bonehead was in a great mood, easy child said difficult child was really tuned in and rather than go back in the library at mother in law's house like he usually does on family dinners, he stayed in with the adults and carried on conversations all around!!!!!!! That's a big WOW in my book! I had a lovely dinner with my cousin, aunt and uncle. We always have a great time together and spending the holiday with part of my dad's family always makes me happy!

I hope your holiday was a good one - enjoy your holiday time off if you are so lucky.


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Good Morning!

Marg-Sounds like a busy couple of days for you-your days always sound busy!

Sharon-Glad Thanksgiving was such a good one! Sounds like difficult child did especially well!!! Enjoy the shopping later.

We had a great day yesterday but by 8:00 I was wiped. I went to bed (and I had already fallen asleep on the couch for 1/2 hour). Most of my relatives are out shopping right now.

Oops-gotta cut this short as difficult child is being a major pita and I think my great nieces are awake!

Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:peaceful:


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Good morning all.
Marguerite, sorry to hear that you didn't make it to the beach.
LDM, great news about difficult child having a more mature attitude when at ex-in laws. It's nice to know he manages fine when away from you.
Wipedout, I bet you are exhausted. It was a long day. How was easy child/difficult child?
We had a lovely day. Dinner was anticlimatic but very good.
Today we are going to spend some time shopping as well as going to the park.
Have a good Friday.


Good day everyone! hope you guys wnjoy the weekend! I´m just gonna use it to relax and spend it with my son, my best wishes to you all :redface:

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Fran-Glad your day was a good one! easy child/difficult child was pleasant when she was up and about. For the most part she stayed in her room.

Angie-Have a great day!