Good Morning Friday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Dec 17, 2010.

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    G'day people.

    I redeemed myself as a mother today - gave difficult child 3 the day off school, which, since school finished on Wednesday was not especially generous. He still hasn't realised...

    We went shopping with mother in law to the mall. We took my mobility scooter for mother in law to use. She got a lot more Christmas shopping done but I am exhausted. So is husband. We got home mid-afternoon and I've been resting ever since.

    difficult child 3 spent all his money, mostly on himself. He is disgusted with himself and I suggested he take some things back in order to get money back to contribute to Christmas presents. We don't expect a lot from him, but he does need to spend more on other people than on himself. Plus he owes us for his medications. He gets an allowance from the government and from tat, we require him to pay his medication bills.

    Tomorrow we have a quieter day to begin with. I have a rehearsal for the local carols program (yes, the one I had planned to boycott - it's a bit political) then we're possibly going to a Christmas party at daughter in law's mother's place. She's very difficult child (I think, Aspie) and these evenings can be a bit tedious. After today, I will have to go carefully with my energy levels.

    We met up with daughter in law and difficult child 1 at the mall today, it was good to see them and also to see daughter in law seeming so chipper. She's been very unwell lately.

    Enjoy your Friday.

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Marg, If given the opportunity, difficult child 2 would spend all of his money on himself too without thinking about the holidays. When he was much younger, we used to have him pick out a toy he wanted and then put it into one of the toys for tots drop off boxes. Hope the Christmas party at daughter in law's mother's place turns out much better than you anticipate...

    In a rush this morning!!! Got to go... Hope everyone has a great weekend... SFR
  3. Happy Friday Everyone!

    Marg, I agree shopping is exhausting - both physically and for the bank account! I bet difficult child 3 will come around. He obviously has lots of interests, I guess he just needs to learn to prioritize....LOL I hope the rehearsal and the party go well. I understand all about "tedious" evenings. Hang in there.

    SFR, I love you idea for difficult child 2. What a great way to build some empathy. I hope that your day isn't too busy!

    We're hoping for a quiet day here. Yesterday was a real weather mess . Freezing rain coated every surface with a solid sheet of ice and our roads were virtually impassable. However, many people tried to drive - and ended up crashing their cars. The tow truck drivers and the body shops will be busy with some extra pre-Christmas work. Fortunately, the train is a option for me to get to work, husband walks to work, and easy child and difficult child are on vacation - so we had no worries. I had some scary moments walking to and from the train, but it all worked out well with no major falls.

    Several years ago we all decided to make Amazon wish lists. We use those to shop online and , for the most part, miss out on the shopping madness. It nice to give and receive items that are really wanted! We keep the delivery services busy coming to our house...

    I hope that everyone can find a few moments of serenity for themselves today. Enjoy the pre-Christmas weekend too!