Good Morning Friday

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    G'day people.

    Well, the record fell. We are now officially experiencing the longest heatwave ever, in Sydney. The record will fall tomorrow too, as it is forecast to reach 35 C here, into the 40s in the west of Sydney.

    Looking at the satellite pictures, Yasi, now a storm, is circling in the heart of Australia but it's still huge, reaching now into all mainland states to some extent. The rain is falling inland but a lot of the moisture is heading our way in Sydney in the next few days. Sunday afternoon/Monday, they said, we should have rain.

    Today I had a few messages to run so I took my scooter. Had to wear long sleeves and a hat, the sun was just too fierce. On the way back I met up with a friend and we went to the beach - by then an afternoon storm had filled the sky and taken the sting out of the sun. Still hot, though, so the swim was welcomed. We were at the wharf, there were a lot of kids just out of school jumping off the wharf. A lot of them had just come in on the school boat and not even been home - just jumped in as soon as the boat left. A few parents met the boat with the kids' swimsuits and towels. One was my neighbour - we chatted about our kids. Where we were was mostly out of sight, so her son could enjoy a swim without his mates thinking Mummy was nearby and watching out... kids are funny.

    I'm about to head down to mother in law's to get dinner cooking. husband is running late tonight, he had a lot to do and now has to endure the heat on the train system. Some of our trains are air-conditioned, but it's often not enough. And due to safety concerns, no train windows open, not even on the non-air-conditioned ones. The doors only open once the train is stationary. I remember when we were kids, we would have the train doors open in summer, to ventilate the carriage.

    I have a meeting tomorrow, but the place is air-conditioned plus there is an ice machine. Just what I need! I'll have a swim on the way home.

    For those of you dealing with snow and ice - incredible. Our news tonight said that over half the US is covered in snow and ice from this huge super-storm. I just found a news story - it said about half. Even so - that is terrible. Stay safe, all of you.

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    Happy Free Choice Friday!!!

    Marg, sounds like the heat is intense. Nice that you are so close to the shore that you can cool off! Our latest winter storm stretched over 2,000 miles!!!

    The "light opening" of our historic theater was fabulous last night! The mayor's state of the city address was made from there and so many folks turned out that the fire marshall had to shut the doors before it started! We couldn't have bought better advertising - coverage by our local paper and all three networks. difficult child went down a couple hours earlier to "help" bonehead. Bonehead actually did the introductory speech, welcoming the mayor and speaking just a minute or two about the great history of the theater and the neighborhood.

    The most touching thing though was my mother in law - she sat up in on one of the VIP boxes, looking over the beautifully renovated theatre that was her husband's dream - he always knew the time would come when it was time to bring the theatre back. He bought it back in the late 70's/early 80's and always said the time would eventually be right...unfortunately he passed before that time arrived. There she sat watching their son introduce the mayor - it was a nice moment for a mom.

    Speaking of moms, I'm headed up to Mom's today to deliver her new laptop and have a training session! I was supposed to go last week but they were snowed under up there! I'm going to make the trip a day one and should get back home around 10 or 11. difficult child said last night, "Mom, it's Friday so you don't have to hurry back, I don't have homework or anything!" easy child is picking him up then they will go to her place and visit with the kitty. She will get him dinner before she heads to work at 5:30 - love those kids of mine!

    Hope your Friday is a good one and you have a great Free Choice!

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-Wow that type of heat doesn't sound like too much fun. It would be hard without air conditioning. I agree with Sharon that it's nice you are so close to the beach.

    Sharon-The opening sounds wonderful! How nice for your mother in law to be there to see her husband's dream come true!

    It's chilly here this morning but could be worse (we are at 10 with a windchill of 0). We are actually going to creep into the low 20s today.

    We had a great school day yesterday. We did an entire day on the Chinese New Year. Everything we did (math, art, writing, etc..) had the focus on Chinese New Year and the kids loved it! Today we are all wearing our Packer gear!!

    After work husband and easy child/difficult child are headed to Michigan. They are going to watch "Gone with the Wind" on the big screen in his hometown. We were all going to go but I decided easy child/difficult child needed a little alone time with Dad and difficult child & easy child/difficult child needed a break from each other.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with many reasons for laughter and smiles!
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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Marg, Hope your husband managed to catch a ride on a well air-conditioned train on the way home! I can't even imagine how hot those trains must get! When I was younger, I worked in a big city and took the subway daily. Those trains were really hot even when it was only about 70 degrees outside. Once, in the summer, I had the luck of getting on a train that broke down. The heat was almost unbearable. We were stuck on the train in the middle of nowhere for about an hour. I'll never forget that ride!!!

    Sharon (LDM), What a special evening for your mother in law! I'm sure she'll always cherish it! It is so nice that your easy child is making dinner for difficult child tonight and that difficult child let you know he'll be fine while you're visiting your mother. It's so nice to hear good news about our kids, especially in the morning before I've had enough caffeine, lol...!!! Have a safe trip.

    Sharon (WO), Our temps are warming up too. It's supposed to get into the thirties this weekend. For once, it's supposed to rain instead of snow/sleet. I guess for you, if the temps were in the thirties, you would feel like it was time to break out the summer clothing, lol... The Chinese New Year celebration sounds like it must have been lots of fun. by the way, since the Patriots are out of it, we'll be cheering for the Packers here, lol...

    Things didn't get off to a good start this morning but everyone has finally left for the day:happyguy:. difficult child 2's transportation home from the community college was running a bit late yesterday and even though it was just about 10 minutes late, it was enough to set him off. To make a long story short, he lost the cover that is over the battery on the back of his cell phone and didn't tell us about it until this morning. Probably when the cab was late, he pitched a fit and threw the phone. husband taped the back so the battery will stay in place.

    Anyway, the day is looking brighter and brighter the more time that has passed since they left, lol... Heading to the kitchen to refill my cup...

    Hope everyone has a good day and a great weekend!!! SFR