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    Hi, people.

    Just time for a quick g'day to you all.

    We had a better day today. easy child 2/difficult child 2 had her neuropsychologist appointment (which we'd been told to not expect until late this year). Thankful for large mercies! While on the way to the appointment, my mobile phone rang - it was the pharmacy. difficult child 1's medications script had finally come in, at last it was correct and they could now dispense. So I drove over to collect it (they normally post it but I was in the area) while easy child 2/difficult child 2 was being assessed. She's got to go back next Friday, they want her to get herself there.

    We dropped in on difficult child 1 and daughter in law on the way home, to drop off the medications. So one kid is now mostly sorted, another one is partly sorted (work in progress).

    I got home to difficult child 3 pretending to work. Not very convincing. It's not laziness, it's more a problem of getting started plus anxiety. We need to get him back to his counsellor, but his schedule has been too busy to fit it in. We're now looking at him dropping part of all of his school load. Possibly permanently. I'm beyond caring.

    If we pull difficult child 3's academic workload back, we need to find other ways to occupy him productively. I'm going to need help with that. A flamin' good psychiatrist or therapist, I reckon.

    Winter is beginning to get a grip on us. But one advantage of our cool non-summer we've just had - with all the rain (floods!) we've had, Australia is about to be declared drought-free for the first time in 10 years! Yippee!

    Gotta go. Time to go have dinner with mother in law. Leftovers tonight. Leftover osso bucco, leftover curry, leftover roast pork. Despite being leftovers, it should be tasty. Dinner on Friday night always feels a bit more relaxed because there's less pressure to be ready for the next day.

    However, I've got a meeting on tomorrow, plus I've got to get my own work in order for next week. If I can dump some of this load, I'll be able to make some progress.

    Enjoy your Friday.

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-Whew-you must be exhausted with everything that is going on. Glad to hear you are officially drought free:)

    I'm heading back to work this morning and hoping things go o.k. I feel good for the most part but a pain has been building in my lower left ab for a few days and it is a bit more uncomfortable this morning.

    I've got to stay well enough to mow the lawn this weekend-it looks like a prairie out there!

    Wishing all a calm day!
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    Marg, So happy to hear difficult child 1 finally has his medications and that easy child 2/difficult child 2 had her neuropsychologist appointment!!:hapydancsmil: Even the weather is looking up, with Australia being declared drought free! Hoping this is the beginning of many more good things to come...

    Sharon (WO), Glad for the most part you're feeling better. Try to take it easy today. If you still have that pain later on, it might be a good idea to have it checked out. Although this sounds strange, the first place I had pain when I had a kidney stone was in the same place you're experiencing it now. I doubt you have a kidney stone, don't want to worry you unnecessarily, but, please see a doctor if this continues. I'm staying pretzeled hoping you're feeling totally better ASAP!! How about letting your husband mow the grass this weekend?

    I'm on my last cup of caffeine before hitting the elliptical. I'm not in the mood but need to use it. I don't think it's been six weeks since I started consistently exercising. I heard somewhere that it takes six weeks to turn something into a habit. Don't know if this is true or not, but regardless, I need the exercise! I'm almost afraid to say this but I've noticed a slight positive change in easy child/difficult child 3's attitude towards me lately. I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with the fact that it's finally dawned on her that she is moving out in less then six weeks, that her childhood is behind her, that from here on out, even though I'll always be here to support her in every way I can, her life is in her hands...

    Too deep for me this morning, need another sip of caffeine, lol... Hope everyone has a good day, a great weekend, or at least some happy moments sprinkled throughout... SFR
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    Thought this might be a good place to intro myself a little...I am 67 and helping to raise two grandsons....My only daughter has her nephew at her house during the week and he comes to my house on the week end.very bright boy but starting to have what the tests call processing problem..all A's to this point???? My other grandson is now 19 and away at college but not sad and breaks my heart...he called his mom home 5 years ago because his step dad was scaring him ( had a gun to his head) and when daughter came home he got away but the situation became a murder suicide...I just can't wrap my mind around a girl with a very good job a masters degree..and everything seemed pretty good to me and then this...well this boy ...guess Ill call him having huge issues...he gave his aunt so much trouble that I got him near the middle of his senior year..he was failing his classes and with a lot of blood seat and tears he graduated out of our IB program sums *** laude and I thought all was going to be great..he chose a college where his girlfriend was going and then things went sour again..know he had a substance abuse problem but seemed to have it under control..he does see a psychiatrist and he told me he was trying to self he is an adult and the pattern seems to be that he calls me when he needs something or is severely depressed..but not any other time---I ran up to get him about 2 weeks ago and brought him home....he was crying on the phone...and he saw his doctor and got some more pills..and papa took him back to college ( a 4 and a half hour drive) had dinner with him and stayed over night seem to get along great and now no phone calls..doesnt return text or phone calls or emails.....I was letting it tear me apart but trying to learn that I can not control him anymore and I have to let go....can anyone tell me if they think I should just be there when he needs going to his docs office when he lets things go to the last minute..and picking up prescriptions and mailing them to him..or should I back off and if he doesn't call me...then react as I would if he was someone else...and not run and do things for him...I worry about suicide......I know he got in a very little trouble with MJ and now has to stay clean or the police will prosecute him etc..if he stays clean for 6 months they will expunge the charge and it won't effect his life...when he was at home this time he was clean......he has a fair amt of money and now I think is finally learning that most of his so called friends are there only when the money is there..and I know that is part of what set off the last crying episode.......from reading posts here...I am picking up a lot of info and bless you all as right now you are keeping me going..this isn't something I could talk to friends about .......thanks again for being here......
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    Good morning all!

    Marg, seems like it was just yesterday you were experiencing the floods! Busy lady, I hope you're enjoying your sleep today!

    Sharon, take it easy, don't push too hard - you don't want to have a relapse! I hope you continue to heal well.

    SFR, Enjoy your workout. Glad for easy child/difficult child 3's positive attitude change. Your relationship will improve greatly after she's out (fingers crossed! Worked for difficult child and me).

    Hope! Welcome to CD. You may want to make your intro post its own thread - I don't think everyone reads the Good Morning thread. And adding a signature would be helpful as well! Welcome!

    I have decided to go back to weight watchers. I am not obese, but I desperately need someone to hold me accountable weekly so I stay on track and that is how WW works for me. I don't change my eating so much because I already eat healthy, but being in WW keeps me mindful of what and how much I am putting into my body and I need that if I want to shed some 20 pounds or more.

    Saw my orthopeadic Dr this morning and everything with my knee is going great! She said my range of motion is better than the national average so I have to stop beating myself up over that. She gave me another script for Robaxin to help alleviate the nighttime muscle spasms I endure - they stink and keep me up! So aggravating. This after noon I am seeing my reg Dr for other issues. In particular I have trouble eating and swallowing the past week. I thought it was heartburn and maybe it is, but it feels like I have a giant jawbreaker stuck in my throat, not in a sore throat kind of way, but like something is blocking it and it hurts every time I swallow. I also want her to send me for bloodwork to check my thyroid & cholesterol and mineral levels - I can FEEL that something hasn't been right since my surgery in January and I want to know what it is!

    Have a great sunshiney day everyone!