Good morning Friday


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G'day, people.

We're enjoying an indian summer here, we've had weather as warm as the hottest days in our just-past summer. I had hoped to get to the beach today but it still wasn't warm enough. Pleasant, though. I saw people in swimming. One person, anyway. I know her. Part Eskimo, I reckon.

difficult child 3 was supposed to have an appointment today but he's been out every day this week so far (and so have I) so I jacked up. I rang the bloke, called it off so we could stay home. I'm glad I did.

I'm about to head down to mother in law's and organise dinner - I'm thinking a stir-fry something tonight. She just rang, someone delivered flowers to her and (as usual) didn't wait for her to get to the door (despite my notice - "please wait, old bones don't move fast") and she can't pick them up. I'm curious as to who they're from.

Tomorrow we have to go out again (another reason to cancel today's appointment). difficult child 3 has a driving lesson, and I will do some shopping.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 saw the neurologist today, he's finally lodged the paperwork with the government which will allow him to prescribe her medications. It's been five months now, that she's been rationing her medications. It's affecting her study, it's affecting her work, it's affecting her in every way and I am angry at all the delays. This doctor is great, but we only got in to him a few weeks ago and he's never done this before. It's the other doctor who mucked her around at great cost, that has me so angry. So now we still have to wait while the wheels of administration which grind so slowly (and use snail mail) finally sort this all out. She sees the doctor next Friday, hopefully she'll have a prescription then. If so, I might come out with her and drive to the pharmacy in the city rather than post the prescription in as we generally have to do.

The things we do for our kids... and now it's time for me to nag difficult child 1 to find a new specialist. He'll run out of pills in five months, so he's got five months to find a replacement for the current idiot (colleague of easy child 2/difficult child 2's former idiot specialist). Seeing how much trouble we've had so far, we'll probably need all of that five months.

Enjoy your Friday.

Good Morning All,

Marg, It's common around here too for delivery persons just to ring the bell and take off - Good customer service, at least where I am, is hard to find. I hope the flowers brightened your mother in law's day! I hope easy child 2/difficult child 2 gets her prescription next Friday - This entire situation is ridiculous!! I don't blame you for being so angry! I hope you're able to get difficult child 1 to start looking for another specialist ASAP!

Today is off to a cold start. It's only 34 degrees! The temp should climb into the upper sixties by this afternoon with bright sunshine. It sounds like a perfect day to take my favorite sanity saver for a long walk. I've already got a load of husband's work clothes in the washer and am on my third cup of coffee. It was cool last night, great sleeping weather, and for once, I'm totally awake! Every other Friday husband is finished working at 4 instead of at 5. It's nice that he'll be out a bit early today. I bought some melon and sweet potato fries yesterday. I think I'll make a big salad, to go along with the melon and fries, and have husband prepare the main course on the grill - He enjoys cooking on the grill and I'm more then happy to let him, lol... Hope everyone has a good day and a nice weekend... SFR


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Sigh. I'm glad you were able to cancel those appts. You do so much every day!
I'm sorry that medication issue is still dragging on. How terribly frustrating and unfair. I feel for you.

It's chilly here, too, SFR. Not THAT cold but more like March than May. Still, the sun is out. I'd love to go for a walk but am seriously considering going back to bed ... I have so much to do, I just want to put myhead in the sand ...

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Good morning Friday!

Marg, I just love reading your posts, they are always full of interesting events and happenings. Sorry about the continuing medication issues - I hope they are resolved soon. It is still strange to hear your summer winding down just as ours is picking up! Have a great weekend.

SFR, your days sounds very nicely planned. Enjoy dinner later!

Terry, you don't sound like a 'hide your head in the sand'...but if you get the opportunity, sometimes it's nice to just be able to ignore and make it all go away. I hope you have a productive day and find time to just be. Hugs.

I am so glad it's Friday and the weekend begins. It's been a long week at work - lots of meetings and people in and out, catering, etc. Tomorrow is weigh-in at WW and then I'll visit my mom before beginning my weekend chores. I am hoping H comes home at a reasonable time from work tonight so we can go grab a bite out. Since beginning WW, I've been making dinner every night and I forgot what a labor it is. And we've decided to go back to vegetarian, so there is more planning involved. Anyway, I feel better already! Now I just hope I've actually lost a couple of lbs.

Enjoy the day everyone! It's sunny here today, yay~!