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    Friday and first day of June. Could it be any better? Summer is officially here!

    I start my summer with sunny but brisk weather.

    My easy child is a happiest camper there is. This is his last day of school. Last day ever, when he has to go to school. My baby has passed his compulsory education, will get the certificate to prove it and from now on, all the schools he does go, will be voluntary. At least in principal. In reality not going to school will not be an option any more from now on than it was till now. But in our system compulsory part is done after middle school and after that kids choose either vocational or academic high school or various mixes between them (after any of them you can still go to college or university, but if you want to be a plumber, now would be the best time to choose the school they teach that.) Because there are really not many work opportunities for kids this age, almost everyone goes to high school anyway and while there are some drop outs, 95 % of our kids do graduate from high school (either academic or vocational), but teachers can always tell the kids, when they misbehave or are not paying attention, that they chose to be there themselves and should behave accordingly. ;)

    Graduating from compulsory schooling is still not usually much celebrated other than by kids themselves and also we are only planning to take easy child to dinner to celebrate a little bit. And he will get an iPad he has been hoping for as a thank you of the very good work he has done. Now we just have to wait two more weeks if he is admitted to rather selective high school, and the special sport program inside that school, he hopes for. He is little bit stressed, I'm not. His grades are more than enough to get him to the school and he is high level in his sport enough to get him to that program. Clearly above cut-offs in both. And even if the cut-offs would for some reason sky rocket, his second choice will work just as well. They don't have a ready made sport program but he could easily negotiate all the accommodations he needs for his sport. Most of the kids in his situation has to do it anyway. There are many special sport and music programs, some special fine art and drama programs, but most kids with serious hobby still go to the school that doesn't have the special program and they just work with the school to make the schedules match.

    But yeah, my baby isn't that baby any more but going for the young adulthood! I'm just little wistful on how fast these last ten years went. It feels like yesterday was his first day at kindergarten. How small he was and how big the school. :sigh: And now he is 6'1 and the school doesn't look big at all any more. He has indeed outgrown it.

    :congratualtions: My easy child!

    Having a happy and wistful morning,
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    Congrats to easy child!! I felt a HUGE weight lift off my shoulders when my youngest graduated high school, whew.

    Had some dental work done this morning, working in the office this afternoon. Hopefully I will get a decent amount of backed up work done today.

    xo - enjoy the afternoon everyone!