Good Morning Friday!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SuZir, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. SuZir

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    We are having a prettiest day. It's sunny and we just had new snow again yesterday so everything is white. And sun is already high enough to bring us a reminder that spring will come this year too. It is a bit cold though, -15 F, but luckily no wind so doesn't feel quite that cold. But still not the best outdoors weather.

    After work today me and husband are heading to marriage camp for the weekend. Some of our friends have hailed these camps and also our marriage counsellor recommended it. It will be classes, group discussions and working with your spouse with given topics. We will see. We started with the counsellor very recently and this should be kind of the jumpstart to that.

    Hope you have a good day!
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :snowing: Good Morning! We had our first snow last night! About 3 inches, I know, that's nothing - but for us it's a "Snow Event" Schools canceled and power went out around 2 am and came back on about 4:30 this morning (we've had non stop rain since Monday and I think the branches and trees were stressed)! difficult child and I stayed up late and blanketed ourselves on the couch with the fire going and some movies to celebrate!!

    My birthday was a couple weeks ago and my cousin gave me tickets for the two of us to see the Chihuly exhibit! We are going this morning and I am so excited!

    SuZir, sounds like a great weekend for you and husband. Enjoy yourselves. I hope you come out of it with a better understanding of each other and it renews a little fire!


  3. hearts and roses

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    Good morning!

    Suzir, enjoy that weekend with H, sounds like it could be interesting, educational and maybe even fun!
    Sharon, I hope your b'day event is lovely, sounds like it will be! And enjoy your snow.

    I am going for my one year checkup for my tkr this morning, then to see my mom and then I'm using a GC I received for my b'day to get a mani/pedi. H and I are headed to FL tonight for a few days to accompany mother in law to a gerontologist appointment on Monday and sort through some things. H will also do a home inspection for her and fix anything that needs fixing. I guess my job is primarily as a spy...check her pantry and freezer and fridge to see if she's eating properly and report back to sister in law. I hope we have nice weather, we will be on the Atlantic coast, so they do get cooler weather in the winter.

    Anyway, enjoy the day!
  4. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning,

    SuZir, Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! Way to cold for me! We're supposed to reach the low twenties today, guess I'll be grateful for that, lol... Hope marriage camp turns out to be informative, fun too.

    LDM, Glad you and difficult child made the most of the weather and had a fun night. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy the Chihuly exibit!

    hearts and roses, I'm glad you're doing something special for yourself this morning. Relax and enjoy having your nails done. Hope you have nice weather while in Florida. I really haven't been around much lately - Didn't know your mother in law is now living in Florida! Hope all goes smoothly...

    I'm finishing my last cup of coffee before packing my gym bag, heading to the health club. Even though I've been going faithfully, I've procrastinated every single morning, making it that much harder on myself to get moving. Got to do better today!

    As always, hope everyone has a good day or at least one reason to smile... SFR
  5. SuZir

    SuZir Well-Known Member

    To be honest, this is too cold for me too. when it goes to 5 F and under, I can't do my normal morning run but have to just jog slowly or my lungs really don't like it. And when it's under -5 F, it is no jogging, just walking. I also don't like to ski when it is under 5 F, not cross country nor downhill. So I do like to have my winter days around 10 to 20 F. Today I only walked my dogs 45 minutes at the morning and they were not amused with changing our normal run to that. But they do have quite a more fur than I. And longer nose, so cold weather doesn't bother them that much.

    Good for you to stick to your decision to go to the health club. Just keep it up few weeks and it gets much easier to go. And then you noticed that you miss it, when you can't. Exercising is habit forming ;)

    LDM, sounds like you made the most of the unexpected weather. Around here we tend to say that there is not such a thing as bad weather, it is just to what you are prepared for. So we manage snow and cold just fine, but if you give us a heat wave (and anything over 85 F is extreme to us) we are so screwed.

    H&R: Enjoy having your nails done!
  6. Calamity Jane

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    I'm so happy you're going to marriage counseling and to the marriage camp for the weekend. Good for you, good for husband!