Good Morning Friday!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SuZir, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. SuZir

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    Good Morning!

    Nice winter weather continues around here. Not too cold, not too warm, enough new snow time to time but not too much and we even see sun at times. Just like it should be.

    Still my morning didn't start too well. Very grumpy teen boy at your breakfast table can ruin a lot. Luckily for me he will be away whole weekend. And unfortunately be even grumpier when he comes back. He has dug himself into a hole with school and just noticed that. And it will likely dawn to him during the weekend that he can not climb out of there in time. He has most of his work for this period not done yet and exam week will start next week and all project deadlines are at Monday. Six week worth of work isn't something one can cram in one weekend, and especially into the busy weekend in sport tournament. Well, it is a great life lesson for him and will help him learn the vital skill of time management. So I just have to brace myself to handle one sulky teen boy while he is doing so. A Joy!

    Other than joys of parenthood this is turning to be a good day for me. Have had an enjoyable day at work till now and afternoon is not looking crabby either. And for the evening I will have the whole house for me. easy child will go sulking to his tournament and husband is going to help brother in law with something and won't be back until late. I really enjoy it when I get to be alone at home.

    Hope you all have a good day and not too grumpy kids at your breakfast table!
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, SuZir and all to follow. I'm glad your weather is more temperate than some people's. Pity about the sulky teen...

    It's hot weather here, the hottest part of our summer. School holidays are almost over, the new school year will start in a few days. It's almost 10 pm here and 26C (79F). The overnight temperature won't drop below 24C tonight, so it's naked under the ceiling fan tonight. Or is that too much information?

    Tomorrow husband & I are going on a heritage train trip to Newcastle, north of Sydney. There and back in one day. It's a scenic trip covering the river systems north of Sydney - starting with Sydney Harbour, then the Hawkesbury River system (a drowned river valley like Sydney - very beautiful and a lot wilder, sparsely populated) and on to Lake Macquarie. I have not been to Newcastle by train in daylight so I can't recall if the rain trip in there travels alongside the Hunter River as it comes into Newcastle city, but I think it does. We'll also be going past the lake edge restaurant where easy child & SIL1 were married. I painted that scene last Saturday at an art and craft day at our church.

    We're looking forward to the trip. It is also Australia Day - the Aussie equivalent to 4th July. It will be quite exciting. And also another hot day.

    In this hot weather, it is also very humid. That humidity comes from the warm oceans (climate change sceptics, look away now) and then condenses out into mighty thunderstorms which cannot always be predicted by the weather bureaus. We have a Sydney phenomenon called the Sydney Southerly Buster, which I remember from childhood - an afternoon thunderstorm, sometimes with hail - which roars up the coast with licorice-anvil clouds, slams into the city and everything in its path and then is gone, leaving steam rising from the roads and increasing the humidity.

    I'm told tomorrow's train is not air-conditioned. That's the point of heritage, I guess. So I'm going to dress light, probably over a swimsuit, so if/when the southerly buster hits, I'll be out in it, dancing in the rain.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Friday Morning!

    SuZir, sorry the grumps have got ahold of difficult child this morning - I hate those mornings when difficult child is out of sorts - it never bodes well for the rest of the day (especially at school). I rise in a good mood every day and nothing is worse than a "house-mate" with an attitude!! Enjoy your day and weekend while you can!

    Marg, enjoy your train trip and Australia Day - sounds like a nice weekend you have planned.

    We are experienced some real winter weather for the first time in a couple years. We had snow last Friday, snow Wed night and yesterday morning, and more snow expected this afternoon. Now, I'm not talking midwest kind of snow here - just a few inches here and there - but that is a snow event around here!! Our temps are at 16 degrees this morning which is rare - you know I am loving it!!

    Wishing all a restful weekend.