Good Morning Friday

pigless in VA

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I tested Abby again yesterday on another SOL, and we took it in the principal's office! I guess if you have to be stuck somewhere for a couple of hours, that is the place to be stuck.

The Caring Canines came to visit yesterday which is always fun. Basically, they are well-behaved dogs who loved to be loved on. The largest is an Irish Wolfhound, and the smallest was a toy poodle. I like dogs, so I enjoy talking to the owners and seeing the kids interact with the dogs.

We finally saw a strange yellow light from the sky yesterday. It might be possible to allow the animals off the ark today.

Wiped Out

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Good Morning Pigless and all who follow!

Pigless, I love that the dogs come to visit. How nice for the kids! Glad you are seeing some sun! We finally have had some the past few days.

Today we are taking our students roller skating and then to a picnic lunch! It should be a good day but I haven't decided if I should try skating, it's been a long time and I'm not sure if my joints can handle it!

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Good Morning, Everyone

In depth cleaning continues. No bugs yesterday of any kind, though we do have a racoon (which I like very much but D H says no more vegetable waste over the railing) and the hummingbirds are back.

He looks right into my eyes, the racoon.

It will be hard not to feed him.

I posted on Wednesday's thread that I was using coconut oil as a facial cleanser and moisturizer. I have continued to do so, and would recommend it for nighttime cleansing. (It is also an excellent substance for wood tables or woodwork. Which sounds funny, but is true.)

Probably more of the same today for me, and then, to start on the yard. We have such sandy soil here, and with all the trees, so little sun that only the hardiest of the things we've planted have survived. Good news, beautiful news even, is that the apple trees are budding out.

So pretty!

Wishing everybody a really nice day.



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Hi all. It's my day off. In fact this is my weekend off but we have plans both days. Today? I may veg out, although I do plan on a long jog sometimes look forward to cleaning this place, and watching my trashy judge shows that I learned to enjoy when I was stuck on my back in the hospital ;). Also I think ill do a long dog walk and call a friend who us a snowbird and just got back to Wisconsin.

Have a fantabulous day!!!!!!

Tanya M

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Good Morning Everyone!

Oh how nice it was to sleep in today. I usually get up at 4, slept in till 6.
:coffeedrinker: sitting here enjoying my coffee.

Hubby and I are going into Chicago today to play. The weather is finally warming up so it should be a great day.

@pigless in VA , thanks for doing these daily threads. They are fun :bigsmile:


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Start of a 4-day weekend... well, officially the 3-day long weekend starts tomorrow, but they gave the kids today off to, so I got my time in at work by last night so I can have a 4-day weekend too.

Now to go turn the sprinkler on, hang out some laundry from late last night that MUST be dry in a couple of hours... and maybe, make breakfast. (as in, if my daughter doesn't beat me to it)


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Good morning everyone. Hubster and I kept the kids last night because their mother was at a lecture for CECs for her dental assistantship, so we were up early tag-teaming to get them out the door, fed, teeth brushed, hair combed, lunches packed, shoes tied. We did it, but dang, I don't miss those days with my own three. I'm usually out of the shower, make-up on, perky attitude in place and on the freeway by 6:30 a.m. every morning. But today? Not so much--my bed-hair is epic.

I'll be working from home today writing IEPs. I won't be writing them to really share what's real with the IEP team, but rather trying not to get in trouble with all the lawyers that will be there. It's nerve-wracking because every word I write will be picked apart, questioned, and probably disagreed with. When the parents bring all these lawyers and complaints to the state education department and then wonder why we don't share much with them, why don't they understand that we care about their kids so much and are trying so hard and that we are scared to talk honestly? It seems so counter-productive to me, but that's life in special education these days, at least around here. The parents are super educated, have a lot of money, and there's lots of lawyers that want some of it. I want to be a stay-at-home grandma, darn it! Three more of these meetings by June 1 and I'll be off to Seattle to be with my daughter, three-year-old grandson, and awaiting the arrival of the new baby.

My step-daughter, who is the caretaker for her mother, turns 50 on Saturday. They live 500 miles away, so we won't be seeing her. All she wants for her birthday is a lightweight wheelchair so she can get her mother out and about more easily. So, we'll do that for her. Seems like a strange gift, but it will make her life easier. Off to Invacare to order that now. Getting a sexy red one for her.

Super windy around here, as in gale force winds and 50 degrees. Brrrrr.


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Good afternoon- took the day off and hubby and I went to grand-daughter's graduation ceremony from pre-school. It was so cute and tear breaker with the video of all the kids with various songs. These are the times that are so precious, bring you joy, even though your heart remains heavy for Difficult Child's. Beautiful weather here in Michigan- finally. We had bit of snow on May 15th- but that is Michigan weather. Life is good for now.


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Good morning!

Hubby had a wisdom tooth extracted yesterday, and since he didn't go to work today, we slept in. Today's payday, so grocery shopping and bill paying are in order.

Need to catch up on my class and write a review for Missing, Presumed. It was really good, and did not end in any way I'd predicted.

The weather is beautiful, in the 70's...why can't it stay like this year round?

Have a fabulous Friday!