Good Morning, Friday


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I'm so glad it's Friday :bravo: I am so tired :crazy:

Taking B and J to their fathers this morning. They're gonna swim and do whatever they do there, and come home Sunday morning. We go to see Dylan for brunch at 10:30 Sunday morning.

I got a weekend full of nothing to do at all.

Yee Haw (get it? you have to be a country fan)

Anyway, droll humor. Enjoy your weekend.


Good Morning

Janna - a weekend of nothing sounds great to me.

I have an appointment with a doctor an hour away today. It is related to the workman's comp. issue from two years ago regarding my elbow. I had tendon's repaired on one elbow, but they have been jerking me around about the other for a year.

difficult child is going skating tonight. First time in many months. Hope he sticks to his plan, it would be nice to see him do something for once. Last time he went some kids told him nobody wanted him there, so he left.

Hope everyone has a good day, great weekend.


Good morning everyone.

Janna, sounds like a great weekend! Enjoy!

Kjs, hope you get your elbow issues straightened out.

We're still in St. John. Hurricane Dean is heading south of here. We may try to go over to St. Thomas today to be closer to the airport for our flight home tomorrow. We are hoping and praying the wind and rain don't cause our flight to be delayed or canceled.

M is doing better on her increased Zyprexa, but she's still not out of the woods with her eating disorder relapse. Her psychiatrist sees her Monday so we will figure out a long-term treatment plan at that point. School for her starts August 27 -- I sure hope she makes it.

Have a great weekend. I'll post again when I can. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good Morning Janna, KJS and smallworld. Friday seemed to never get here this week.
Janna, I would imagine a weekend of nothing is just what you could use after such a difficult week.
kjs,good luck with the doctor visit.
smallworld hope the zyprexa continues to help M.

I'm heading out to the airport to pick up easy child. I haven't seen him since the day after graduation. He did well on his own but we are ready to have him home for a bit. I only get to keep him for a week before he heads off into the world. :surprise: I'm still in a bit of shock over how quickly it all came to be.

difficult child left for a week of friends and to check out a vocational/living program in NJ. He always amazes me that he travels in and out of NYC. We make the arrangements but it has to be stressful for him. He does it to reach the goal. His buddies.

One goes out the door and one comes in. husband is scheduled to arrive on Sunday. I won't be able to remember who is coming and who is going.

The new puppies seem to be adjusting with some minor stumbling blocks. I'm definitely doing a lot more walking even in the heat.

Hope your weekend is peaceful and meltdown free.


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Good Friday morning everyone!!!!! TGIF with a not so hectic schedule for once for the weekend for me! easy child leaves this morning to help with camp and then is off to a friends house for a "High School Musical 2" party this evening/sleepover and then a sleepover/going away party for another friend on Sat. so no running around for her :smile: difficult child has a hockey camp Sat and Sun but first thing in the morning and I can't believe I am saying this but the rest of the weekend is mine! WOOHOO!!!!!! As you can see this doesn't happen very often. We are going to the in-laws tomorrow for dinner, but we like it there, haha, so we're looking forward to it. difficult child won player of the game last night in hockey, I was so happy for him. He has been struggling a bit lately so it was nice for him.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! It's so cold here!


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:coffee: Good Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!!!!!!!!

Janna, glad you have a free weekend - you need the silence and the relaxation after this tough week - you and SO enjoyo the quiet :kisses:

Kjs, I hope difficult child enjoys the skating tonight and doesn't run into any "mean" kids - hope you doctor appointment goes well too :doctor:

SW, going over to St. Thomas sounds like a good plan - plus there is fabulous jewelery shopping there! Seriously, stay safe :angel:

Fran, I can't believe the summer is almost over the easy child is finished his Disney summer! Where did the time go? Glad difficult child is off having fun and exploring his future. Sounds like he is doing pretty well right now. I know you are excited about seeing and spending time with easy child. Have fun :smile:

We had the craziets storms last night. It thundered and lightening from 7:30 until after 1 am :surprise: !!! And I'm not talking some piddly little thunder and lightening either - I'm talking major boomers and light up the sky blue! Needless to say difficult child slept with me last night!

Cleaning crew comes this morning then difficult child really wants to see the Mr. Bean movie so I guess he and I will do that in the early afternoon.

Wishing everyone a great Friday :thumb:



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G'day, all.

Janna, enjoy your free weekend. Use it to the full - do absolutely nothing!

Kjs, I hope difficult child doesn't meet up with those mean kids tonight. I've always believed that when someone says, "Nobody likes you," it's their way of trying to justify their own negative opinion and blame it on everyone else. Cowards and bullies.

Smallworld, I hope you stay safe in the vicinity of the hurricane. I hope it's a larger airport you're heading for - we learned our mistake in New Zealand, booking at small airports can leave you stranded. Fingers crossed for M, that the Zyprexa holds her together.

Fran, enjoy your time with easy child. They grow up so fast and then they're gone.., and difficult child - we were surprised at difficult child 1, also, when he began travelling into Sydney to meet friends or go to college classes there. He went from being very unsure of himself and where to go, to being able to navigate his way around with ease and confidence. Wonderful to se.

Christine, the sleepover sounds fun. And for you this weekend - maybe you and Janna should get together and throw your own pyjama party, just the two of you. Congrats to difficult child, too.

LDM, that sounds like a major sound & light show you had last night. We get them like that here sometimes, because we're a tiny little village stuck in the middle of bushland and water, we attract storms. We count the seconds between the boom and the flash - if it is less than two seconds, we go light candles, lanterns or whatever, because we often lose the power.

I saw the doctor again today (different one). This one kept asking ME what we should do - like, should I have another antibiotic shot? I mean, that's what I wanted to know too! Still, I got my test results. Not great. I gave up on the GP and rang the specialist - he's out until Monday, but the nursing sister rang back. We talking things through, she slotted me in to see the specialist on Monday morning, said if it gets worse to get to hospital. Meanwhile drink lots of water, take things quietly.
easy child & BF1 arrive tomorrow, then we're going to lunch on Sunday at Centrepoint's revolving restaurant for their buffet lunch - easy child's 21st birthday dinner. Beads rattling, please, that I'm well enough to go. It seems almost secondary to ask for clear skies - Sydney had a bad fog this morning, I can imagine little worse than being at the top of Centrepoint Tower, in heavy fog - on the news tonight you could see the 'bucket' at the top, where the restaurant is, sticking up above the pea soup. "On a clear day you can see forever..." but with no scenery there's no frame of reference, you might as well be looking at a blue wall with a fluffy grey carpet!

Enjoy your Friday, everyone.


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Good Morning All,

Janna-You deserve the weekend of nothing ahead of you! :beach: Enjoy!!

Kjs-I'm glad difficult child is going skating-I hope all goes well! I hope your appointment. goes well and things get settled with workman's comp.

SW-I hope your flight makes it out. Keeping a good thought for M.

Fran-Enjoy your visit with easy child! It will be great to have him home if even for a short while! How cool that difficult child is able to make the trip independently! We have only had our one dog and she didn't come to us as a puppy so I've never had to deal with-puppies before (other than my niece's once in awhile). I know they can be a lot of work!

Christine-Congrats to difficult child! Your weekend is making me tired!

Sharon-husband loves stormy weather (as long as it doesn't cause any damage). Enjoy the movie!

Marguerite-Take it easy this weekend-don't overdo!

Today is difficult child's last day of day camp for the summer. They are going to a water park! I'm a bit worried because he is developing a rash on his stomach-it's probably from swimming in the local lakes with-camp or lack of proper hygiene but he is on Lamictal so I am a bit nervous.

We are going to a movie this weekend and then I'm either taking a nap or going to the pool by myself to relax!

I hope everyone has a peaceful day and finds reasons to smile. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :dance:

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Good morning everyone. Yeah-it's Friday! I am working today, difficult child is sleeping in and then later will either hang with a friend or join me in my office out of sheer boredom. I hope she hangs with a friend. She is feeling lonely as her very best friend is away till Tuesday, so I will have to be on call for a movie or something. Maybe we can go see Stardust or something.

I am missing easy child today like crazy. I will see her in 1.5 weeks and I can't freakin wait!

TGIF - I hope everyone has a nice weekend.