Good Morning Friday


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G'day, all.

I'm getting in now to start off because life is very unpredictable right now.
difficult child 3 got attacked yesterday afternoon (I posted about it separately) and after I spent yesterday having more scans done and had only just got home, I had to then drive him out to the hospital.
I woke this morning with the headache from ... wherever, I've spent most of today trying to recover. difficult child 3's doing OK but complaining of a bruised leg (they attacked that as well). Friends have been calling, the village grapevine is doing its job. Seems the police were very busy last night, visiting a number of local families... I've got a few names to share with them.

I'm feeling lousy, easy child 2/difficult child 2 isn't much better (bad cold). She and husband are cooking dinner - it's the chicken schnitzel we were going to have last night.

Niece from Perth is arriving on Sunday, that will be a welcome breath of fresh air.

I'm remembering that old Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times!"

Very apt.

Enjoy your Friday.



Good Morning
This is the earliest I have ever seen the morning thread.

Marg - sure hope your headache feels better. Been there with the headaches. Glad the police did a little visiting, hopefully it will put an end to the harrassment.

I have nothing planned today. Work till noon, then go home and sleep. difficult child has had a busy week, so today will be a mellow day.

Hope everyone has a Terrific Friday. End of the workweek for most.


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The morning thread has been earlier than this - my own rule NOW is I wait until it's officially morning wherever the site is. Back when I first registered, I once made the mistake of starting a morning thread when it was morning for ME - boy, did it confuse people! husband did it once, too.

For me to post on the morning thread, I've got to do it either in mid-afternoon, or soon after. If I wait until after dinner or after difficult child 3 is in bed, everybody has posted, left for work/school and I never feel like I've had the chance to interact.

It could be worse - I could live in New Zealand, or Fiji! It's definitely Saturday already, in Fiji.

Enjoy your mellow day, Kjs. Get some Vitamin D, maybe?


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Good morning friends,

Marg, hope that headache settles down. Sorry to have read about difficult child 3 (didn't respond on your thread). That curse is very apt; I'll have to share it with husband.

kjs, mellow days & sleep. My kind of summer day. Enjoy!

kt woke early to some kind of nightmare; she's currently on the living room floor coloring with her dolls & finally settled down.

Today I see the opthamologist for a check; after that it's getting kt ready for respite (I believe kt would like to make some type of rice krispie snack to take along).

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. I plan on it!


Good TGIF morning!

Marg, I'm sorry life is so "interesting" right now. I hope everyone in your household is on the mend and things improve soon.

Kjs, mellow sounds good. Enjoy!

The summer is winding down here. M has an Open House at her school this afternoon to meet her new teacher and find out who's in her class. She's excited but a bit nervous. The school has been wonderful about accommodating her recent eating problems. They will allow her to have water on her desk, snacks as needed at the nurse's office, and a "flash pass" to leave the classroom and visit the counselor if she feels anxious. I hope she can make a smooth transition to school because I think the structure and routine as well as the social contact with peers will do her good.

M's first day is Monday. J and A don't start until September 4 so I'll have one more week of kids hanging around until I can reclaim my free time during school hours.

Hope you have a peaceful day and weekend. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good Morning Everyone--

Marge-so sorry about what happened to difficult child 3--what a nightmare--I hope your feeling better as well

Kjs--It sounds like your day is already half over-maybe you can get some rest after work--

Linda-I hope the doctor appointment goes well--You've certainly been through so much--Try and get rest--Hopefully KT won't mind skipping the Rice Krispie treats--maybe she'll have that to look forward to when she returns after the weekend.

The kids have Open House today to meet their teachers and see the class set up. difficult child already visited with me yesterday so he knows his room.

It's 6:00 am and my house is actually empty. For the first time EVER both of my boys slept at a neighbors house. I hope they were well behaved. They were very excited. This neighbor has slept at our house at least 8-10 times since May--This is the first invite to HIS house so we took it. Typically I think I'd be annoyed that he is always at our house, but he is a wonderful positive influence on both of my boys. He's actually easy child's age, but spends more time with difficult child. This makes difficult child very happy and me too !!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day !!


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Good morning, everyone ~

Not enough time to address everyone individually, but wanted to say hi.


easy child and difficult child 2's last day of camp today. School starts Monday. Yippee.

Hope you all enjoy your day. I'm off to work. Blah.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning everyone. I am glad it's Friday but will be happy to get the next week behind me.
Marguerite, the curse of "may you live an interesting life" is very appropriate. The rubberbands that hold me together are twisted pretty tight right now.
I just wanted to say good morning and get started on my day. Hope you all have a peaceful weekend. </span>


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It's FRIDAY!!!!! Not that this weekend is going to be any quieter and in fact more stressful, :rofl: , but it's still Friday! easy child is gone until this afternoon, she was at a sleepover camp with her cheerleading. She comes home this afternoon, the has her riding lesson and then goes back to cheerleading tomorrow for the rest of the camp. She has a show on Sunday with her pony, who I have to bathe and braid tomorrow myself. difficult child has his last night of prep camp which husband said he did fabulous last night and then tomorrow is the beginning of hockey try-outs :surprise: I am so worried for him it's embarrassing. I didn't go to his try-outs last year as easy child and I were away at her championships with her pony, I told husband he's probably going to wish I was gone again, lol, I think I'm going to drive us both mad. I don't care what level he gets into, it's just that it goes well for him and he's happy at the end of it.

It's raining today so we'll have to find inside things to do today, but it's Friday, so it's all good!

If you could keep difficult child in your thoughts tomorrow that would be great!

TGIF everyone! Have a great day!


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Goooood Morning! Woke up at 3:45 thinking about the bills, so I got up and did them and saw Marg's post with a nice good a.m.!

Marg: so glad difficult child 3 is ok. Sorry to hear about your headache! Hope it clears up like the weather FINALLY did here. I was happy to hear that the receptionist was so open about it being her little one involved in the fracas as well as the good sense to apologize. Nowadays it seems like people don't want to own up to their future bullies. It's great that his older brother stepped in!

Of course my best friend (no joke my mother in law) is coming up today after being down with phlebitis (sp?) all summer and my house looks like H-E- double hockey sticks after difficult child 1 &2 & easy child have been cooped up inside all week. She's great though, she won't even see it! I don't care, I'm getting these kids out of the house before the day is done (they'll just stand me up in a corner and I'll fall asleep!).


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:smile: Happy Friday Morning :smile:

Sorry that I can't address you individually - I like to to do that - but I slept in this morning and am now running late.

difficult child's big party is today but first, I have a little "me time" at the hair salon at 9. I've got to jump in the shower and get going.

Wishing everyone a great day!


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Good Morning All,

Marguerite-I'm glad difficult child 3 is doing better-poor guy. I hope all of you start feeling better soon! :ill:

Kjs-Enjoy the quiet day you have planned. I have to say I've been impressed at your going to work out in the mornings this week! Good for you! :smile:

Linda-I hope your appointment. goes well and am glad you will get some respite this weekend. :flower:

Jannie-How great both boys went to the sleepover! Crossing fingers all went well! :smile:

Janna- I know it's been a long week for you-I hope you have a peaceful weekend! :flower:

Fran-I imagine the rubberbands would be twisted tightly with-all you have going on. Hugs. :angel:

Christine-Will keep fingers crossed for difficult child tomorrow. :smile:

Nvts-Sounds like you have a great mother in law-I'm lucky in that department as well-my mother in law is wonderful. :princess:

Sharon-I hope difficult child's party goes well! Enjoy your me time at the salon! :beach: (best icon I could find for relaxing)

I'm feeling very tired today, just wondering how I'm going to get back into the swing of things once school starts if I'm tired already-I guess going to bed earlier will help! :wink:

difficult child had a horrid day yesterday (but no violence!)and wore on everyone's last nerve. :crazy:

Not much at all planned for today. Will head out to the health club in a bit and then we'll go pick up my car-it's just getting a check-up. After that husband is going in to school for a bit to get his room ready-I'm hoping difficult child will let me take a nap.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day! Hi to anyone who snuck in! :dance:


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Good morning ladies!
Yep, interesting times! I have a ton of cleaning/organizing/cooking to do today for our big family party tomorrow. I'm tired just thinking about it! Luckily, a friend has offered to take Duckie off my hands for a little while today.
Have a great day.


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Hi everyone.
The kids are in school! Yaaaaay!
I was so worried about forgetting to fill out a form for difficult child that I woke up at 5 a.m. and did it then. I had just fallen asleep again and husband woke me up at 6:30. I'll be zonked by 4.
difficult child was in a very good mood this a.m., huggy and kissy. And that's b4 any medications! Go figure.
Marg, I'm glad things are moving along with-the police. I wonder if those kids have caused trouble for anyone else? This is the time when all that will come out. Good luck with-your headache and get some sleep! You've earned your peace and quiet. (And so has your difficult child.)
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

I'm sorry I don't have time to address all of you individually. I have to hand deliver a note to the SPED director ASAP!!! A LONG story - for a different time, a different forum...

Marg, I'm so sorry about what happened to difficult child 3!!! I hope you and he are feeling better soon!!!

Linda, Feel better soon!!!

Fran, I LOVE that saying about the twisted rubber band!!!

Everyone, I hope you have at least one reason to laugh or at least smile :smile: today :flower: WFEN


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Well I wanted to add my good morning to all of you also!!! I had the bright idea Occupational Therapist (OT) go backyard camping with the 2 girls last night!!! Fun... s'mores and up late, "what was that noise?"
I was fun but not very comfy for Mommy!!! I was awake all night... Big Momma our fat old tabby, was very upset that we were in there so I had to let her in and out... then she wanted to curl up with me in my mummy sleeping bag!!! She is 15 pounds!!! And she drools, very cozy... husband called and said I was more of a woman than he could ever be!!! :rofl:

Up at 5am... K is very elevated...verging on hypomanic. watching very closely.

husband called from downtown Chicago, his Apt. is across from Soldier Field, and lots of windows, they had to evacuate the building!!! He said a Police car was smashed in front a building across the street from falling debris from the extreme winds!!!
All of you in the midwest I hope you are safe and sound!!! So much rain...

We have had 2 days on rain in 2 months...

I hope this is a start to a peaceful weekend to everyone!!!