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    Good morning everyone, I hope you all have a great day! :smile: Just work today, and difficult child has school, then we are off to buy him a hat and gloves tonight, as we are having christmas with his grandparents tomorrow, and htey have 11 inches of snow up there. :cold:. So that is our game plan, i hope everyone has a nice weekend, i am now off in search of coffee. Take care, Jen.
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    :coffee: Good Friday Morning Jen and all to follow!!

    Jen, hope you find that coffee!! Enjoy your early Christmas celebration with family tomorrow :rudolph:

    It is cold here this morning :cold: but true to central virginia history, we will warm at least 25 degrees and are heading to near 70 next week!!!!!

    Well, difficult child didn't make is all day yesterday. He has a really bad cold - sore through and terribly congested. I got a call from the nurse while I was at the office and asked bonehead to go and get his son and bring him to me. He did :surprise:

    So, I have a younin here with me today. We actually have difficult child's science project in progress - growing bacteria colonies-yuk-an experiment to show which household item prevents the growth of bacteria-he rubbed raw chicken on a cutting board thata he prepared with 6 marked squares, let it sit overnight, then took water, clorox, listerine, antibacterial soap, hydrogen peroxide and hand sanitizer and cleaned each square with a cotton ball (and one of the liquids). Then he took a qtip, rubbed it on a square then swirlled it in a petri dish that we purchased with nutrient agar already in place. So we have had 6 petri dishes growing bacteria since last sunday sitting atop my fridge!!. All that is left now is for him to take pics, record results and then throw those petri dishes AWAY!! I will say that his hypothesis proved correct. Now, let me say that difficult child is a real germophobe! Not Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), but just real anxious about the whole germ thing. He actually did this experiment on purpose because he really wanted to know the answer :doctor:.

    So, now that I have ruined your morning coffee and breakfast, I'll wish you a wonderful day! Remember, it is Free Choice Friday - live it up :xmasdancers:

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    Good Morning,

    Jen-Enjoy your coffee :coffee:and your day!

    Sharon-I hope difficult child is feeling better :ill: . The experiment sounds interesting.

    I'm so glad it is Friday. In a bit I should get up and shovel but I am really tired and it is supposed to snow again tomorrow. It is amazing how much snow we have had this week. It reminds me of winters when I was a kid and I feel like I am living in a winter wonderland.

    After work today we head out to Michigan for husband's side of the family's Christmas. The theme this year is a Mexican fiesta! We're staying at a hotel this time because my sister in law is hosting the party and her daughter and her boyfriend will be there. difficult child is very excited because it means he will get to swim in the hotel pool! We did tell him if he awakes at some crazy early hour like last time he will have to go to grandma's for awhile before swimming-last time none of us got any sleep and husband's mom is always up extremely early.

    I hope everyone has a peaceful day and weekend! Hi if you snuck in. :snowman:
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    G'day, everybody.

    Jen, your parents' place sounds like a wonderful place to spend Christmas. Not least of all, having family together PLUS the enforced isolation!

    LDM/Sharon, I love the sound of difficult child's experiment, he seems to have really thought it out well. I'm very impressed! I'd be interested to know his hypothesis and conclusions, in detail. difficult child 3 has just done an experiment for biology, he had to assess necessary factors for germination.

    Wiped/Sharon, the Mexican Christmas sounds like fun - lots of guacamole and burritos?

    I'm wondering if all the snow you guys seem to be getting in the US is linked to all the storms we're having in Sydney. This is like summer when I was a child - school would get out after a hot sunny day, and it would be a race to see if I could beat the storm home. It was always a loud, wild storm with heavy downpour (but warm, refreshing rain you wanted to dance in) but it was gone and the sun shining again after ten minutes.
    Today's storm dumped a whole inch of rain in ten minutes (on us) and even more in other areas. I had watering cans and containers in the yard, bone dry and empty, that are now full. Amazing. And we've had these every day for several weeks now. Not always much rain - today was lovely. I didn't get a chance to dance in this one, though - there is always the risk that there is hail in it, when it's this heavy.

    We just got home from dinner at the local club, with Grandma as hostess. A Chinese banquet, mother in law shouting (which means 'buying for') me, husband, easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2, difficult child 1 & girlfriend and difficult child 3. easy child 2/difficult child 2 has finally got her engagement ring back after getting it re-sized, she was enjoying having it on her finger to show people there, we know most of the people who were in the club tonight. And driving home (all of five minutes away) difficult child 3 was enjoying the Christmas lights (never as spectacular as in other areas, or what we see of people in the US) and a single stag, grazing by the road outside our neighbour's place. We drove past a second time so difficult child 3 could get another look and he was worried that the deer might recognise our car on the second pass, and be nervous that the same people were stalking it.


    Enjoy your Friday!

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    Good Morning all - easy child had a science fair last night and I meant to go but forgot!! I apologized to her and she said that's okay mom I forgot to. She got a 100 on her backboard. These are times when difficult child's problems make me angry :grrr:, not at him just the problems. I have missed out on alot with my easy child due to difficult child. Must do something nice for her this weekend for the great grade. Perhaps I will allow her friend to spend the night.

    Lots of errands today - with gas prices I try to get everything done for the day in one outing!

    Hope everyone has a peaceful day.

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    Good morning friends,

    Running a bit behind this morning - not that I wasn't awake earlier, I just got very involved in a Christmas gift project I'm working on.

    In the process of getting ready for a doctor's appointment this morning; pick up kt's medications at the pharmacy & then home for a much deserved nap before kt gets home from school (I hope).

    In the meantime, I lost the orders for the tests my neuro doctor wants run this morning by the cardiologist. Geez - I hope the orders were faxed over as well.

    Sorry I haven't time to address you all this morning - please have a calm day.