Good morning friends - it's Thursday

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It's been difficult this summer for me to keep track of the days. For whatever reason, unless I'm working (or respite is scheduled) & have a weekend to look forward to one day drifts into the next.

This morning I head out for an MRI then an MRA; follow up with neurologist appointment.

husband has another day of appts in Mpls, kt's PCA will be in around 9:30 to cover any possible child care issues.

Enjoy your day - I, of course, plan on it. Give your loved ones a hug.


Good morning everyone

I believe the weather will be cooler today, with rain.
Been gone on vacations and need to catch up.

School registration is today. difficult child has not interest, not even the slightest bit of returning to school this year.

Have a great day everyone.


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Good morning guys,

Linda, good luck with your tests/appointment today. I'll be thinking of you.

Kjs, school is a tougie. I hope difficult child is able to get excited and settle in okay.

Our kids go back a week from Monday, the 27th already! Dylan has already started, the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) has a year round schedule, so they were in August 1st. His first day was yesterday, and he said all the work was "too easy" and he really enjoyed it. I told him he may want to keep the "too easy" part to himself for a while LOL!

B and J go with their dad tomorrow for a weekend visit. They will be home Sunday morning. SO and I are using this weekend as a recovery weekend from all the stress with Dylan. J is being an angel, as always, and really isn't even an issue. B is a pain. That's all I can say about him.

Hope you enjoy your day!



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Good morning ladies!

Linda - I hope your appointment's go well!
Kjs - Welcome back from your vacation!
Janna - It's good to hear that Dylan is doing well. I am looking forward to the weekend too!

Things to be better with easy child, so that's good. Crappy weather in the forcast today so not sure what the plan is for today. We have been having cool temps here which hasn't been much fun. Tonight difficult child has hockey and easy child has cheerleading. Busy, busy! Today I will discuss with difficult child the plan to start back on his medications. I am happy to say I have been pleased with this summers medication-free holiday with him. He is maturing and making some better decisions.

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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G'day everybody.

Linda, all those tests. Do you get to bring a tape, or CD or something, to play while you're in the tunnel? They only started MRI/CT testing me since difficult child 3 was born, but I'm getting very adept at going into full meditation mode for the duration. Have fun!

Kjs, sorry to hear difficult child is being difficult about school. He's not really got a lot of options there, has he?

Janna, I'm glad Dylan found the work easy. I hope they can challenge him a bit more so he won't get too bored.

Christine, sounds like a busy day, sports-wise. Here's hoping difficult child can cope OK with going back on medications.

We've had a cold, rainy day here. Not much rain, just enough to keep the washing damp. I've got it inside now, drying on the heater. I'm still taking it easy, trying to deal with this latest infection. I see the doctor in the morning with test results. Here's hoping he's got some good news for me...

easy child & BF1 should arrive on Saturday round midday. I need to organise sleeping arrangements - this house is getting really crowded. We could also get difficult child 1 & girlfriend turning up as well. Here's hoping the antibiotics have begun to kick in by then.

Have a good Thursday, everyone.



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Linda good luck today! I hope you find answers galore ASAP! You too, Marg.

KJS, the school bit is always hard around here, even for my easy child's. I know there are kids out there in the world who love school but I sure don't have any.

Janna, enjoy your weekend respite! You sure need a breather after what you've been through this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Christine, I think you need a respite too after all that running around.

My kids go back to school a week from yesterday. I think we'll pull out the school supply lists and work on that today.

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Good Morning,

Linda-I hope all of your appts. go well today.

Kjs-Welcome back-I hope you had fun on vacation! Sorry difficult child is not interested in school-hopefully he will get some good teachers and he will be happier this year.

Janna-A weekend of respite is just what the doctor ordered!! :doctor:

Christine-Glad easy child is doing better. Our weather has not been great either. I'm starting to lose my tan!

Marguerite-I hope you are feeling better soon!

SRL-We need to start school shopping too but we don't go back til the Tuesday after Labor Day! I hate that because then we get out later in June.

difficult child actually slept in later today! What a blessing since I was up way too late. I'm going to breakfast this morning with some teacher friends. Later either husband or myself will drive easy child to volleyball practice. They start making cuts today and tomorrow so I'm crossing my fingers she makes it.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi to anyone who snuck in! :flower:


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Happy thursday to everyone! Our last day here at library doing chemistry with my son.
Next week is SO busy! We will be on the road traveling to the eye doctor sunday and mon and maybe part of tuesday, then court for something where easy child is victim, the arrest was over a year ago, the trial has been postphoned twice since trial date was set, so who knows, and then 2 days of estate court for my moms estate and the business she owned to do some technicalities re ownership etc. PLus I need to find out how we are going to get the local police to take the incident with our jeep (on watercooler) seriously. Looks like I will be at the courthouse a LOT again.

Hope everyone is keeping dry and cool!