Good Morning Good Friday

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    G'day, people.

    It's been a long day for me here. We had a tenebrae service which was a modified Stations of the Cross. The service was parcelled out to various people in the congregation to each take a segment and do something distinctive with it. Tenebrae = "shadows" and the room is initially filled with candles which are gradually extinguished and the curtains drawn. This is difficult when the room is generally very airy, light and open. One woman did a sculpture, another did an original painting. I had a segment too.

    After the service we all ad hot cross buns and coffee out on the veranda. It was a beautiful sunny day today and easy child brought the Baby Grand down to the church to show her off. We took bubba for her first paddle in the sea - she liked it! The water temperature is still 23C.

    After church we headed back to mother in law's place and I got cooking. We eat no meat on Good Friday, so we got creative with vegetables, eggs and cheese. I made pasta and gnocchi, mother in law made her version of macca cheese (which the kids all love). After lunch easy child, SIL1 and Baby Grand headed north to spend the rest of Easter with SIL1's mother. They'll have a six hour drive home on Monday.

    We had difficult child 1 and daughter in law also, who left a few hours after easy child & co. easy child 2/difficult child 2 and SIL2 are asleep in the sleepout. SIL2 was hoping for rain as he loves the sound of the rain on the tin roof out there. Sadly for him, the sky is clear and the full moon glowed like a new penny as it rose over the sea tonight.

    We had a noisy, hectic time today. difficult child 3 did not come to church with us and I was too rushed to make sure he took his medications. So it was midday before he took them. As you might know from other posts, difficult child 1 has been out of medications for 6 weeks and easy child 2/difficult child 2 is only barely managing by rationing her medications, she was unmedicated as well. SIL2 probably should be on medications but has no diagnosis, although we all reckon he has ADHD. We got home from church to find that all the boys were shooting at each other with difficult child 3's arsenal of Nerf weapons. easy child & SIL1's small dog was joining in, and when he could he would sneak down to my room to chase the budgies who were trying to enjoy their peace and quiet as usual. I could not convince difficult child 3 that it is NOT good for the budgies to get chased from room to room by a small dog bent on sport. I kept closing doors and the boys kept opening them so they could fire Nerf down our long hallway.

    I'll sleep tonight!

    Tomorrow I have my fortnightly writing workshop at my club. A whole afternoon just sitting and talking about our writing, it will be restful after today. I'm up to the final chapters in my first novel in my series. I'm looking forward to feedback from the group.

    And hey, it's now Saturday here.

    Enjoy your Easter.