Good Morning Halloween

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day people.

    Halloween is not such a big deal here, but increasingly we are getting neighbourhood kids wandering around. Compared to your US standards, I suspect our efforts would be considered pitiful. And kids increasingly are taught to only go to houses that have some sort of sign out or decoration, or a pre-arrangement with the parents.

    We also get some gangs of kids using Halloween as an excuse to vandalise some people's homes, especially the homes of the more weird people. Such as the local environmentalist. Or our place (because some of our kids are/have been weird).

    We were left alone today, because we had no decorations out. But no eggs either, for a change.

    But I was ready. I had the retractible vampire fangs set up (they attach with dental putty) and I was just heading down to mother in law's when I saw some victi... I mean, kids in costume. I had dressed down (wearing black jeans, red t-shirt and long flowing black cardigan, very cape-like but still sort-of 'normal'). I flashed the fangs to the parent while I was still in our yard but as I headed for my gate. "Oh look," she said in mock terror to her kids, "There's a vampire in that yard!" OK, my long black cardigan could have been enough on its own...

    So of course the kids looked in my direction. No fangs. I smiled. No fangs. Then when only one kid was looking, I slid the fangs out again, then slid them back. I got the reaction I wanted - "Oooh, that's really, really creepy!" But no other kid saw it, and so he would have been struggling to convince them.

    I love messing with people's heads...

    Otherwise today was a fairly quiet day at home. I did go out to church (got there late, just needed to talk to a few people) then later on I stopped in to help a friend move a shrub. I was on the way there at 3.30 pm when I saw the first trick-or-treaters. Most of them had finished by dark. It's sunset here at the moment at about 7 pm, and by then all the kids were out of costume and/or home.

    As I said - pathetic, by US standards.

    Tomorrow I have an easier day than I had anticipated - a doctor's appointment got cancelled, the doctor himself rang us tonight to let us know he would not be there, he's been called away.

    Enjoy your Halloween/ Or just plain ordinary Sunday, depending on where you are.

  2. HaoZi

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    Generally in the US the signal that someone is handing out candy is that they turn on the porch light. No light - no candy. Sometimes people just sit on the porch with a bowl/bucket of candy. I soooo want a set of those fangs, sounds like fun. The site you mentioned isn't taking orders again until next week.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :witch::jack::ghost::goo: Happy Halloween!!!

    Marg, your Halloween is definitely tame compared to the 300-350 kids we have here at our house! Love the fangs!!!

    I'm actually getting ready to run to the grocer real quick - I need some dog food and want to pick some stuff up to make a couple pizzas for tonight. difficult child is having his "girl" friend over to help him scare kids and easy child's boyfriend will be coming as well. I thought I would make a couple homemade pizzas and then just sit them on the counter for folks to eat as they wish.

    difficult child's "scaring girls" costume this year is black jeans, long sleeve black tee, black sneakers, and his authentic Israeli gas mask (he purchased it at the surplus store last spring). He and his friend will lay in wait behind the bushes and scare the old kids as they leave :frankenstein::ghoul:!

    Hope your Halloween is Spooky :vampire:

  4. Marguerite

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    The porch light thing wouldn't work here, these kids were out in daylight, not after dark AT ALL.

    Sorry you couldn't order the fangs. We ordered these back in June. They were on special then. The dental putty in them is reusable, so we can remould them for someone else. It also meant I could have a second go at getting them moulded right for my teeth. I'll have to do them again.. I think I'll reheat them and mould them back into the forms, and do them again next year. Or for the play I ordered them for originally, if it ever gets back into production!

    I did find, though, that unlike the site's simple, tiny slip-on eye teeth, these retractible ones are a lot harder to talk with because of the tongue lever that lowers/raises the fangs. But fit them correctly to your teeth and it's not as bad. Not suitable for those under 14, the instructions said though.

  5. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Good morning! :coffee:

    I'm running out the door to pick up Duckie, she slept over my aunt's house so that husband & I could attend a party last night. We have a few errands this morning and trick-or-treating with Duckie's besties later.

    Have a Spooktacular Halloween!:witchcrafting:
  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Happy Halloween everyone.
  7. Wiped Out

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    Happy Halloween!:jack:

    Marg-Rofl at you with your vampire teeth:vampire:

    HaoZi-Happy Halloween!

    Sharon-The pizzas sound like a good idea! I love that difficult child and his friends are going to scare the older kids!:frankenstein: You sure do get lots of trick or treaters at your house!

    TM-I hope your party was a good one! Enjoy trick or treating with Duckie!:witchcrafting:

    I'll be glad when the trick-or-treating is done for the night. I'm not a scrooge but difficult child is over the top excited and driving us all crazy. He was up at 5:00 this morning wanting to go trick-or-treating. husband and I are planning on tag teaming it today so we each can get a couple hours break.

    At some point I am hoping to go to the health club but it will depend on my back which is still hurting quite a bit. If I do go I will go need to take it easy.

    Wishing everyone a spooky Halloween!:goo: