Good morning - happy 4th July Saturday

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    Hi there from windy willows!! It's been windy all day, so no burning of my rubbish, including the poor dead goats - Marg - they died of natural causes- before i could get them in the freezer - we LOVE goat meat usually!
    And no chooks in the freezer either, too windy for that.
    Instead, we did some furniture moving and made a special bedroom for our little Cherub and that took most of the morning. It was fun, and we can hardly wait to see her face when she comes back.
    We took all three cherubs home yesterday afternoon.
    It was doomed from the start - now I can see why my little Cherub hasn't progressed with her encopresis. It is an effort for bio mum to even hand her a washer to clean herself up with.... or give her clean clothes. My heart was heavy as I drove away.

    When I heard from bio mum today, it was to text 'you can come get them anytime soon'.... 'T, is a pain in the b**' ... "I've just got her in a nappy, she won't go to the toilet for me" "i've told her she can get back tot he farm.." etc.

    I'd love to go get them now... but I won't. I did text her that I didn't have enough petrol till Wednesday (the agreed day) she says she has some moeny for me...

    Anyways, the rest of the day was lovely. We had a call from a friend, who is tutored by a great violinist in Paris, and he set up a lesson for my daughter. So, we drove 70km to Brisbane and she had an hour lesson with a virtuoso violinist from the Paris Conservatorium. Now, I think she plays well, BUT this teacher says she has great potential. She wants me to take her to Paris next year, for two weeks' lessons! Wow! I guess she plays well?

    We ordered pizza on the way home and had that in our cosy, warm house as DS kept the stove crackling. daughter is now tucked up.It's still windy, and so very cosy in bed. It didn't take long for her to fall to sleep, it's been a big week.

    tomorrow, being Sunday, we won't be doing any work. So, a little sewing, and reading is all that's on the list. Too tired to drive 3 1/2 hours to Gympie, we're planning on next weekend instead, when we'll visit our 'Bluebell Cottage' again, and do some more dreaming.

    Enjoy your 4th July celebrations, what do you all have planned?
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    Happy Independence Day for those that celebrate... Happy Saturday to those that do not!

    Trish... your daughter sounds like quite the musician. I hope she has the opportunity to travel and learn because of her talent. How cool!

    Well, I'll be heading out to the hardware store soon to buy a sink auger. I think I'll put a bow on it since today is husband's birthday. Really, though, the man should not touch tools or attempt home repair. Grr. (I have a post in WC that explains in detail, lol!)

    We'll see my in-laws for a little while and then head to a friend's house to bbq. This is "A's" family (that bullies Duckie in groups) so both husband and myself will be watching carefully. It should be fine, though as they will be the only girls there.

    Other than that, fireworks later!

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
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    Trish, how exciting for your daughter on the violin lessons! I can't even imagine being cozied up in the house right now. It's warm and balmy here this morning, even with unseasonably lower temps.

    LOL on the sink auger with the bow, TM. I can just picture that...

    We're elbow deep in county fair projects this week. Yesterday the kids did strawberry-rhubarb jam and apple butter. It's off season for apples but I found 3 pound bags on clearance for 99 cents each so we have 9 pints of absolutely wonderful apple butter sitting on the counter (along with a collosal mess). Today I'm going to do up a bunch of strawberry jam because this weekend will probably be the last of the reasonably priced strawberries.

    Yesterday I took my daughter out shopping for scrapbooking stuff (totally her thing and not at all mine). She was so happy. It was a lot of bonding for a few bucks of stickers and paper--I really need to do that more often. ;-)

    It's rainy so I'm not sure what else will be on the planbook today. I'll probably get a turkey breast out of the freezer and douse it in meat rub for the grill later.

    Have a good day, everyone.
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, people. Happy Independence Day for those of you in the US.

    Trish, I had to chuckle about the goats. We've got strong winds here, too. Such good news about daughter! If you need someone to go with you to Paris next year, do keep me in mind...

    TM, enjoy the BBQ. Here's hoping that if any bullying happens, you're on top of it and A's parents also witness it. Enjoy the fireworks!

    SRL, the jam and apple butter sound lovely. I do a microwave strawberry jam, it keeps the colour much better and cooks really quickly. I bottle it while still boiling, then seal it with pop-top metal lids. As the jam cools the pop-top pos back down again and I can store the jars in the cupboard for years. I also do a roast tomato chutney the same way. I developed the recipe myself, trying to copy a delicious relish we found down in the Victorian Alps ten years ago.

    I've had a hectic day - I had to head out to a meeting, but also to get my blood test repeated (they lost the previous sample). That meant I had a couple of hours to kill before my meeting. I saw a sign for a stamp collectors' meeting so I dropped in on it and ended up buying a second-hand catalogue and an old first day cover. I also got some good advice, but unfortunately the business card I was given got wet and the ink has run, I can't read it.

    I got to my meeting, it was an effective one and thankfully didn't go overtime.

    I wore a tight vest today which seemed to help keeping my broken rib held firmly. A bit uncomfortable at first but over the day I found it seemed to help keep the pain under control. I slept better last night, too. I did pull off the road to briefly catnap on the way home but I really think I'm improving at last.

    Tomorrow a friend & I are going to a live show at Sydney Opera House (in one of the small theatres there - it's got a lot more in it than just the Opera Theatre and Concert Hall). We've got front row seats to a show about do-it-yourself Broadway musicals; the ad said, "If the cast at times seem terrified - they are!"
    Improv musical theatre/comedy - I'll report in tomorrow night my time!

    Enjoy your celebrations today!

  5. Wiped Out

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    Happy 4th of July:proudamerican:

    Trish-How cool for your daughter!! She must be very excited!

    TM-One thing about my husband is he knows he shouldn't try any home repair! I hope all goes well at the bbq and enjoy the fireworks.

    SRL-Strawberry Rhubarb jam sounds delicious!! Glad you had some good bonding time with your daughter!

    Marg-Glad to hear you are on the mend. Enjoy the live show!!

    Stayed up way too late last night watching Twilight Zone episodes-I do love those old shows! easy child is home and generally in a good mood.

    I made a berry trifle last night. It's one easy child loves and so I made it for today. I had extra so she was able to indulge in some of it last night. The only problem for me will be limiting my portion size-I love it as much as easy child!

    Not too much planned for today, husband is taking easy child to a movie and later we will go to the health club. Later (if the rain stays away) I'll grill brats!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:picnic:
  6. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    trish, isn't exciting to discover a natural talent in your child. I have 2 nieces in youth symphonies. They love it.

    TM, an auger hm. Are you sure that's a good thing? Sounds like a fun day planned.

    SRL, those moments with our daughters mean so much ~ I'm glad you got that time with her. by the way, my sister makes a great apple butter - I'm going to need the recipe from one of you.

    Marg, I'll take the recipe for strawberry jam from you. I'm so glad you found something to wear to keep the rib pain to tolerable. I wondered why someone hadn't wrapped those ribs.

    We're having a somewhat dreary 4th of July. Saying that the temps are going to be very very comfortable.

    kt, PCA & I are doing the garden store thing today if I can "uncripple" myself. kt doesn't seem to enjoy much of anything these days unless I'm along; my body doesn't seem to cooperate.

    Have a good day friends.

  7. SRL

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    Linda, I really need to be doing more of this kind of thing with her. I'm going to be homeschooling (just her) this next year so that should open a lot of doors.

    I used this recipe (from my favorite online site) only I wanted the kids to experience the traditional way first so I had them quarter the apples and toss them in, skins/cores and all. Once they were soft they put them through a medium sieve and then returned them to the pot with the spices, etc. I had them measure out only half the vinager, sugar and spices to start with since apples can vary so much. After cooking for an hour or so they adjusted the flavorings.
  8. Happy Independence Day to those who celebrate!

    Trish, this is such wonderful news about your daughter. Keep us in the loop, it sounds like we will know a famous musician some day! Bluebell cottage sounds like fun, the name alone is so relaxing.

    TM, the BBQ sounds like fun... do enjoy!

    SRL, good luck on the projects. The turkey sounds yummy.

    Marg, the show sounds like great fun. My boss does improv as a hobby, it is terrifying (for me) every time I see her perform, but she loves it. I do hope that your rib pain passes soon.

    Sharon, mmm.... that trifle sounds delicious. Save some for us :) . Enjoy the movie.

    Linda, I do hope that you feel well enough to go to the garden store today. That's my favorite type of shopping! So much beauty and promise in a small space...

    The weather is glorious and unusual here today.. Cool and dry, and perfect for the Peachtree Road race. husband always runs, I'm waiting for his return as he runs the 6 miles home rather than waiting with the crowds for the train. Our house is a painted victorian lady, and she's perfect for the 4th as she's blue with white trim and maroon shutters... We have her all decorated for the day.

    I've spent the cool morning working in the garden. easy child is in the process of moving back home -so we did some heavy lifting yesterday. He'll finish up at the university in August ( hopefully successfully defending his thesis). He's had several organizations attempting to recruit him, but he's decided he wants to take some time off before he goes to work. We really can't complain because he has worked straight through every summer at school for the past five years in order to finish his undergraduate and graduate work in five years. He's had a scholarship all the way through - we're very proud of him! He wants to hike the Appalachian trail next spring - Georgia to Maine! It seems like a big undertaking, but we support him in his goal. He's volunteered to assist difficult child in his first year of college and work some with husband's business.
    He has been more GFGish himself due to the stress of moving and working on his thesis at the same time, but we're hanging in there with him. I know it will be an adjustment for us all.

    We're off to the fireworks on the square tonight, and dinner at one of our favorite brew pubs. Everyone, have a great holiday!!!