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    Good morning friends,

    The hmj is brewed & tasting fine this morning. I look more like this :coffee2:& need the caffeine this fine early morn. The building party is on & I have a few errands to run early this morning. My brother & brother in law are hitting the hardware this morning @ 6:30 am (get the feeling these 2 are fisherman?).

    It will be another very warm day - :bbq: great for the building project. Which has grown from a small porch to fit my walker & a few bags of groceries to a 5x3.5 porch/deck kind of thing. Now the things is going for 6x8 ~ my brother in law put together a beautiful design. husband is going to have less & less lawn to mow next year. I love the design & the adaption ability.

    As the construction went on I painted:painter: & napped :sleeping:. A few errands for fresh bagels this morning, makings for heavy duty sandwiches with fresh veggies & snacks. Either order in Chinese or a simple casserole for dinner tonight. I think I can put together a chocolate eclair torte for dessert. If not, I'll stop by the bakery.

    I have an old bird cage stand - I figured how to make a floor lamp out of it. I've been sketching it all week. I'll be right next to the craft store this morning & am going to pick up the supplies needed. $15.00 at most for a new lamp ~ it will be pretty cool looking.

    It it works, I'll be on the lookout for old bird cage stands & maybe starting entering some craft fairs to make a bit of money. Hmmmmm.....depends on energy level & finding antique stands. Hmmmmmm

    Have a fun filled Saturday.
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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Linda- The deck sounds awesome! You'll find it's easier to have some container plants in spring (when the ground might be too mushy for your walker) and you can hang bird feeders that can be filled when the snow in the yard is just too high!:snowangel:

    I have a few errands to run: a gift bag & card for a party Duckie and I are attending, juice boxes for my girls at the football game tomorrow and more cider for the harvest party in a few weeks. husband broke into a gallon I had hidden downstairs. Grrr.. :devil:

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
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    Linda, the deck sounds wonderful. You might also find you get more birds, with the deck being a little higher. Our neighbours get more birds on their deck because the birds feel safer. The birds are happier to feed close-up on the deck, some will feed from the hand. We've rarely been able to feed the wild birds form the hand, at ground level. Plants - I have a large garden area, but I do most of my gardening, in pots. We've left the garden area as wilderness, mostly. We just try to get weeds out, and keep plants moderately healthy.

    TM, you sound busy, laying in stores like a squirrel getting ready for winter. I had to chuckle at the cider. Tell me - I've read that you can make a concentrated alcoholic apple brandy type of thing, by leaving cider outside in winter to freeze then removing the ice. The alcohol doesn't freeze and so remains behind. Does it get cold enough for you to do this? Have you ever tried it?

    We've had a busy few days. difficult child 3 is desperately trying to catch up on schoolwork before I give him an exam, plus he's got to finish other schoolwork urgently, his teachers are nagging about it. On the extra medications, he's finally able to do the work so I'm going to call the school on Monday, as well as the doctor, to confirm this and beg for a little more time. I can sympathise with the teachers though, they have to get the work in because it's almost the end of our school year and they have to finalise their reports.

    We went to a Halloween party last night given by a drama classmate of difficult child 3's. While most of the kids there were Special Education school kids (for various forms of developmental delay) there were still a few high-functioning kids there as well. Because the kids were all difficult child, all the parents stayed there too so we all had a great time. The kids played computer games or watched a movie, while us parents talked and chatted over dinner. The kids were all teens so we didn't have to micromanage. It had been the hottest day in over a year, then the cool change came through and we rushed to put on jumpers.

    Today difficult child 3 did more schoolwork - good, for a weekend - then we headed out to the school fair for the highway primary (elementary) school difficult child 3 attended for a short time a few years ago. He saw an old classmate, another autistic boy who also is blind; the poor lad was with his parents near the band and covering his ears. It's very hard to communicate with a blind person who is overwhelmed by loud music! difficult child 3's former teacher (now retired) was there, working on various stalls. That's the mark of a good teacher and a great school, when it can inspire such volunteering. The music was good, even though it was loud; the best rock band was made up of the teaching staff! Classic rock, the best.

    I had intended to drive further down the coast to the Festival of the Winds - every year I've always wanted to go but for various reasons haven't made it. We came home instead, I got some gardening done but also fell asleep, I hadn't realised how tired I was.

    Tomorrow is a local arts festival, we try and go every year. It's the next village even tinier than ours, and while the paintings and small sculptures are displayed conventionally in the garage of the fire brigade (trucks moved outside on display), the larger sculptures are on display literally IN the bay; depending on tides, you get your feet wet checking it all out. It's never more than knee-deep, but the art work is often designed to interact with the sea by floating, moving in the currents, blowing in the breeze. We're taking mother in law round there for a couple of hours, she can sit and have coffee under the trees. difficult child 3 needs to do more work but this time we'll try and get some work done when we get back home.

    I can't wait until school finishes for the year! I'm tired and fed-up, I'm sure difficult child 3 feels the same. It's also 3 weeks to the wedding. In three weeks' time difficult child 1 will be married and off on his honeymoon. Plans are going moderately well except that the bride's mother has got the bit between her teeth and is organising everyone including drawing up the running sheet for the event without really checking with the kids about what they want. She IS waiting for the kids to approve it, but I think it's unrealistic as it stands. Still, perhaps it IS only a draft, we'll have to sort it out. IF I can get the kids to sit with me and tell me what they want so I can talk to the other mother and we can come up with a satisfactory compromise!

    I think I'm going to enjoy the fair tomorrow; I always find it tranquil there, I come away feeling refreshed. I need it now!

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    You all sound so busy today, I guess that's what Saturday's are for. It's been cold all week here in IL and today it's supposed to be in the low 70's so just right for putting up the outside Christmas lights. We won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving but the warm weather allows us to put them up without freezing our hands off!

    It's also "Pack the Park Day" Our wonderful govenor (?) is planning on closing several state parks as of today, to help "balance" the budget, as if. So people are asked to pack the parks today to help try to convince him we want them kept open. All these parks are sources of revenue for these towns. Two parks are near one town, it will truely hurt their wellfare! One "park" is a canal that runs quite a few miles and goes through our town and was often played on by Pres. Ronald Reagan. Many snowmobilers play on it in the winter. I'm wondering where they will ride in the winter, in the streets? on the hi ways? GRRR this govenor get us all so riled!

    Anyway, I hope you all have a great day!
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    Timer - The porch sounds great! Glad the weather is cooperating for your Bob the Builders. Glad you are enjoying painting time.

    Tired - Another party for Duckie to go to! What a fun Fall she is having!

    Marg - I hope difficult child 3 is able to finish his homework amongst your busy schedule. The end of the school year is always a welcome sight.

    Mayapple - I hope the govenor wakes up and does the right thing. Sometimes policitians are so far out of touch with how the budget is suppose to work for the people. State Parks are also a low budget camping option for travelors.

    I have to be at school in 1/2 hour. difficult child is already complaining about the decision to be in the Spelling Bee. I have to be there anyway so he might as well compete. The oral part is not attended by anyone but immediate family (or maybe a teacher from a traveling town if a parent hadn't come). I will not be able to sit in since I have my own job of giving words. I hope I can pronounce the words today.

    I am so looking forward to the time change tonight!

    Tomorrow afternoon, I will go into work and do my 1st working day of the month duty since I can't go Monday.

    I need to talk to a teacher today about bringing in a hot lunch for the kids. We are not allowed to "mix" anything even at home but can heat up premade food. So, maybe lasganga? (? spelling) I hope we can come up with something - It would be fun to be able to serve a hot lunch to our 18 - 19 students on Tues, Nov 11th.

    Well, I better get going! Have a great day everyone. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh! (perhaps a reminder from last night?)

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    Just jumping in quick to say good morning, or rather good afternoon at this point!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!