Good Morning-it's Saturday!

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    Happy Saturday!:autumn:It looks to be a beautiful cool Autumn day:autumn: Not much on today's agenda. I'm working this morning and may go to watch part of a student's football game after that.

    Later this afternoon difficult child is having a friend over and the Michigan game is on. Not sure that I want to watch my team get blown out of the water-we're playing a really good Penn State team (pains me to say that;)) and we're just not that good this year, but hey, I can hope for a major upset!:fan:

    Of course, a nap will need to be had and tonight I think husband wants to watch more spooky movies.

    Wishing everyone a fun filled Saturday:pumpkin:
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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, my fingers are crossed for the football match. You never know how it works out.

    G'day, folks.

    What a day! I waited and waited in the morning, for the shops to open - then I rang the regional centre I'd been told about, to see if they had THE pair of shoes I was after.
    Nope. They never had been sent any. But...
    they gave me the phone number of the sister store in the city, the computer was up and they said they had seven pairs of the model I was after.

    So I rang the city store, confirmed they had the shoes, then set wheels in motion. I grabbed difficult child 3, tried to enlist a few other people to come with me (mother in law, easy child 2/difficult child 2, therapist) but nobody else could. So we drove into the city centre ourselves, looking for parking. difficult child 3 rarely gets to the city (other than study days at his correspondence school) so was disoriented. I had to work hard to convince him that I don't get lost in Sydney - I know it too well.

    We found a parking spot, we had a fair way to walk but all the way I showed difficult child 3 the important landmarks, the historic buildings and the clues to help him navigate his way around. It was funny - the store we needed was in Pitt St which difficult child 3 worried was too difficult to find, he thought it must have been an insignificant street. But it's THE main street. Pitt St is to Sydney what Fifth Avenue is to New York.

    I got to the store, I bought the shoes. They had two pairs left, both the same size. And joy of joys! Half price!

    difficult child 3 had seen a computer game store as we had driven in, he wanted to get to it. He had all his money with him that he has earned over the last few months, and had his heart set on a particular game. Just about everybody wanted $70 for it which he wasn't prepared to pay. As we made our way, he checked out store after store, one of them recommending difficult child 3 go to a certain store close to where we live which was having a sale, the game was going for $45!
    We got to the store difficult child 3 had seen on our way in. My feet were very tired by this time (still wearing my comfortable sandals). difficult child 3 talked to them, asked if they would price-match and haggled them down to $45 from $70!

    So we headed back to our car - I had saved $70, difficult child 3 had saved $25. And I have bought my first pair of high heels for years, and the highest heels I've ever worn - 5"!
    Amazingly, they are comfortable. I had to extend my adjustable crutches to their last notch, but they look good. At last I have my shoes to wear to the wedding. Probably the same shoes for all three weddings.

    We got home just in time to put dinner on, I had invited mother in law to dinner so I could test out a couple of recipes on her. Tonight we had roast chicken with roast potatoes, roast carrots and roast celeriac plus steamed peas, and steamed asparagus with bearnaise sauce. Dessert - my current recipe being tested, chocolate pots in demi-tasse cups. I'm still trying to get it right.

    mother in law is watching King Kong on TV with husband right now, I'll go and make coffee in a few minutes. I'm using the coffee grounds in the garden as snail bait.

    Tomorrow we're going back into the city - there is a special kids' day at Sydney Uni, with an organ recital in Great Hall. easy child 2/difficult child 2 was considering coming too because Great Hall is one place she was considering having her wedding. As well as the organ recital, the kids get a chance to get hands-on with the organ and also to see the university's carillon. It's a lovely thing - I've never seen it but I have heard it many times. There is something marvellous about walking in the gardens around the old sandstone neo-Gothic buildings at lunchtime, hearing the carillon being played and the sound of the bells in harmony ringing through the corridors. It's magic.

    So I really hope easy child 2/difficult child 2 is awake enough to come with us, after her night at the Irish pub.

    Our weekends are usually quiet at home, enjoying the wilderness. This weekend we're doing the opposite.

  3. Fran

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    Good morning folks. It's a damp, grey chilly day.:coffee: Definitely a hot cup of coffee morning. We even had the fireplace on last evening. :fall: Two days ago the a/c was kicking on in the afternoon. Sheesh. You just never know. I won't miss the mosquitoes. I seem to attract them like crazy. :frenkenstein: I sort of like this little guy. Thanks Cheryl.
    husband and I are going out to dinner with another couple. Haven't done that for a while. Used to be every Saturday night that happened. It will be good for me. Even have some company for Sunday afternoon football watching. It should be fun. difficult child will enjoy some distraction.
    difficult child is feeling bad about not getting called about his job interview. I feel for him but it can't bottom him out. Get up and get going.

    Hope you have a productive Saturday. I plan to wash mud prints off the kitchen floor and enjoy a cold day inside. :pumpkin:
  4. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- Fingers crossed for your team. They're a good team too, they beat the stuffing out of UB. :fan:

    Marg- I love to get deals like that! My favorite & most comfortable heels cost me $20, as did husband's Columbia winter boots. I love to shop sales! Good job!!!:congrats:

    Fran- Sorry to hear about difficult child's interview, I was hoping he'd land the job. Not working can't be good for him. Have fun at dinner! :thumbsup:

    We have a fairly quiet day today. we'll take Duckie to get her pumpkin at a local farm. :pumpkin:

    Then husband & I will finally remove our small ac unit from a window in the house. It got down into the upper 30's last night, but I refuse to turn on the heat until I can... close all the windows!!!:2cold:

    I'll be making a turkey dinner today, so that should get the house nice and toasty.

    And finally, I need to pack for tomorrow! Duckie and I have to be to the high school of a nearby town at 9am for our final regular season football game. husband will whisk her home to change her clothes and go to her friend's party that starts at 1pm (she's hitching a ride with two other friends). I'll get home as soon as I can, quickly change clothes and head to the local country club for the church's basket raffle luncheon at which I'm helping.

    Anyway, there's my day! :rofl:

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :pumpkin: Good Morning Ladies!!

    Sharon, you never know about the game..... watching scary movies sounds like a great way to end your fall Saturday - hope the difficult child play date goes well!

    Marg, 5" heels!!! OMGosh, I couldn't wear them and be comfortable (or let alone walk down an aisle). I do roasted chicken with potatos and carrots a lot - we love it. I add about 10 whole cloves of unpeeled garlic as well. When the roasting is done, everyone gets a couple cloves of garlic. Squash it with your fork (its soft and butter-like at this point) and spread it on your chick and pots! Yum! Good for you and difficult child for finding such deals.

    Fran, crazy weather here too! Almost 90 on Thursday and in the 40's last night! I love it! Enjoy your evening out and Sunday football - I love fall :autumn:!

    TM, have fun pumkin picking - the kids keep reminding me we have yet to get our three (we each carve our own). Now that they are older, we've stopped the patch pick and just hit one of the farmer stands out in the county. I love cooking on cool days. I made a huge pot of vegetable soup yesterday and the house smelled like cumin and tomatoes! Have fun.

    The day has dawned crisp and dry. No fire in the fireplace yet, but a nice warm flannel gown this morning with my hot coffee! easy child just left to get her hair done and I'll be going to the gym for class at 10. difficult child asked if he could stay up and watch Conan O'Brian last night :surprise: - not sure where that came from.......I let him get in bed and put the little tv on in his room. I'll not be waking him any time soon.

    I've got a cookout with friends tonight. Nothing better than a meal with friends around a big fire in the fall. Can you tell I'm pining for winter?

    Wishing everyone a relaxing Saturday :thumbsup:

  6. mstang67chic

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    Happy Saturday all!

    Sharon - at least they aren't playing Ohio State (or have they already?). That always seems to be a bit ugly. Course, our friends are a house OSU nut and one Michigan fan. Not always pretty! LOL

    Marg - Great job on the shopping but my feet hurt just reading your post!

    Fran - have a good time! A night out after not having one for awhile is always a great treat.

    TM - I always hate shutting the house up for winter. Gives me cabin fever before true winter even sets in. Hope you guys have fun at the game!

    LDM - Enjoy your evening. Cold aside it sounds like a great time!

    husband is actually off today which just figures. I'm leaving soon to stay at Dad and Step-mom's for the night. Their 25th anniversary is this coming week so they are going to Indianapolis for the night and I am staying over to make sure the kids don't dismember each other. LOL Oh well....I think husband is planning on flea bombing the house so I really don't want to be here anyway. My youngest sis (14) is grounded but I'm pretty sure she'll try to slip something past me since I'm old, stupid and don't know their house rules. *snort* But...I've already talked to step-mom and got the rundown on things. Maybe the 3 big batches of cookies I plan on making will help convice her to stick around. I've been meaning to make these for the people at work but they are somewhat involved and step-mom's kitchen is better suited than mine (LOL this means it's waaaaay less cluttered). Might as well take advantage of her kitchen while I'm there! Hopefully I can get through the baking without a dough fight between the kids!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend. Let's enjoy any kind of nice weather we can get before it gets gloomy and cold. (Hush Marg! ;) )
  7. Andy

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    Wiped Out - Have a great day! Hope the game goes your way!

    Marg - What a successful day today! Glad you and difficult child 3 both found what you were looking for and at a discount to boot. Have a great day tomorrow!

    Fran - Enjoy a productive day with the reward of going out tonight!

    Tired Mommy - Enjoy that turkey and get ready for your busy Sunday. Duckie will love pumpkin hunting today.

    Little Dude's Mom - Enjoy your day and your cook out tonight!

    My neck/shoulder is worse this morning. I was able to sleep in and am icing it now. difficult child went out to put the seats of the van up for our extra passengers today. I am taking difficult child, his friend, and 2 young girls to a pumpkin patch. I will definitly not be helping in carrying their pumpkins.

    If there is time after the pumpkin patch, our nearby wetland learning center has a day of activities for kids so we may stop in there also.

    Yesterday I went to the music store to pick up a brush I had ordered and paid for. On Wed I received a call saying it was and to come pick it up. I get there and they can not find my order. The one lady said, "Oh, that came in twice so I put one on the sales shelf. The other went on the delivery shelf - It was taken to the school on Tuesday. Here, take another one." I said, "No, we come up here almost weekly. I will check with the school to see if they received it. When the trumpet was delivered, we did not know to ask for the brush." Later at home that day, we received a delivery - it was the brush! I am so confused as to what is going on with that store. This was the first visit and order we had made.

    Yesterday was also a wonderful time. I took my neighbor and her neice to Fargo. Found out her neice goes to same reception desk as difficult child's medication doctor.

    easy child has a new tatoo "Love" on her wrist and new glasses that husband approved. I am not even going to ask how much they cost!

    Oh well, I better get moving. Gotta get dressed. I told my friend I would be at church about 11:30 to pick up her daughter but may go earlier to see if I can be of help with her setting up for the Jr High activity. Though my neck and shoulder is going to make helping much too hard.

  8. Andy

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    Mstang - You snuck in on me. Good luck with your day/night. When I was 20 yrs old, I watched my cousins who were also runners. The oldest was about 14/15 years old. She dissappeared and I panicked. The siblings were not any help coming up with names of friends so I grabbed the phone book hoping against hope that there would be highlighted names in it. I can not believe my good luck when the first circled name looked/felt right to call. I called and said, "I need to talk to cousin." "She is not here." "WHERE IS SHE? I NEED TO TALK TO HER NOW!" They put her on the phone and I told her that she is not to behave like that with me and to get her little butt home NOW! I guess she and her friend both heard a fear in my voice and new that I was calling out of concern for her safety more so than being angry.

    Why is it that kids don't expect you to call their friends looking for them? Maybe we are not suppose to but when I was looking for easy child no body was off limits to be bothered.

    What is the address? I can come by and watch your cookies while you look for her. You may not have cookies left, but hey, at least we will know who really ate them.
  9. Happy Saturday Everyone!

    I'm usually the last one in on Saturdays... it's my luxurious sleep in day... I swear, I'm not a slacker :)

    Sharon, I hope that that Michigan miracle happens today! A nap and scary movies sounds so cozy. Do enjoy.

    Marg, What incredible shopping success! You and difficult child are the top hunter gatherers. There is something so satisfying about getting exactly what you want and saving money at the same time. 5" heels? Wow! They sound both challenging and fun. The organ recital sounds exciting. I know that you all will enjoy it so much. I love live organ music in a huge space. Our church's organ vibrates your entire body when it is played full out. Nothing beats that experience for me.

    Fran, enjoy your cool Fall day - but most of all - your social evening with your friends. My fingers are crossed for difficult child. Maybe he will be called.

    Tired Mommy - it does sound cool - 30's! Don't you love the transition of the seasons? Your Sunday will be very busy, but it all sounds fun. Maybe you can work in a little rest after the windows?

    Sharon, your cookout tonight sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy that big fire!

    mstang67chic, It sounds like your "kid watching" duty will be , um, interesting! 3 batches of cookies? Save us one. I hope that they are chocolate chip...

    Andy, I hope that shoulder feels better soon. Maybe you can work in some down time between your activities!

    husband has been out in Los Angeles on business all week staying in a luxury hotel. He will have to be very nice to me when he comes home! Things have been very busy here with difficult child and me holding down the fort. He has had his usual numerous doctor's appointments, my work has been out of control for some reason (maybe the full moon?), and the usual struggle to get difficult child to work on his school work is in full swing now that we are at the mid-semester. He has a B in Forensic Science, an A in Graphic Arts, a B in English, and a D in Economics... Go figure. I don't think that he and the Economics teacher really like each other very much. I'll be suggesting more work on that class this weekend.

    I called to schedule an appointment for a haircut with my hairdresser and her daughter answered my call. My beloved hairdresser has been diagnosed with cancer and is in the midst of treatment. She has been teaching her oldest daughter to take over the shop (the daughter has a learning disability and dropped out of high school 4 years ago). The daughter offered to cut my hair. So, I'm off to give that a try this afternoon. My hairdresser has three beautiful daughters and a ex husband who flew the coop many years ago - with never a look back or a penny of child support. She is my hero - but I am so worried about her and her three daughters who still live at home. I know that she does not have any health insurance because we have often talked about that. I'm going to see what I can do to help out. Please send some positive vibes her way.. she is a truly beautiful person.

    husband comes home late tonight. I'm hoping we can have a nice breakfast out in the morning at our favorite neighborhood place "Pastries A Go Go". Don't you love the name?

    Happy weekend all!