Good Morning Monday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Apr 28, 2008.

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    G'day people. It's cold here. Ruddy cold. Sow on the Alps, they said yesterday. 15 cm. Today it's been snowing at Lithgow (west of Sydney) which means snow on the Blue Mountains too. And probably snow on the Southern Highlands, where we drove our friends from Philadelphia at Easter. And that's where the wind is blowing from.

    All around the sky, the clouds are very dark purple. Of course it will never snow here, we're too close to the sea, with water temperatures too high for it to snow. difficult child 3 doesn't believe me; after our experience with the blizzards and heavy snows in New Zealand last year, he reckons it's that cold now, here. It's the wind chill factor.

    We visited his friend this afternoon, taking with us some food for the Rainbow Lorikeets and the camera, to see if we could get some footage of them. But I think it was too cold for them to come near the houses. We could hear them in the distance, but we gave up and went inside out of the cold. I think difficult child 3's hands would have been shaking too much on the camera anyway.

    I had washing on the line all day. It finally dried, thanks to the high winds, but it took a lot longer because it was so cold.

    And it's only April! Ski season doesn't officially begin until mid-June!


    Tomorrow difficult child 3 & I are driving into the city to visit his school for a face to face English lesson with his teacher. Here's hoping we can finally help her understand what sort of help he needs here.

    Enjoy your Monday.

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-I can sympathize with you about the cold! We're cold here today but not as bad as you. I hope the visit with the teacher goes well tomorrow.

    Long day ahead here. It is only suppose to hit 45 degrees and flurries are in the forecast!! Of course, it's my day for recess duty before school and in the morning.

    Later I have an appointment with the guy from the new program that will be providing services for difficult child and a psychiatrist appointment. for difficult child.

    If I have energy left after all of that I will head to the club. husband and I decided to keep walking/jogging after we dropped difficult child off with easy child. We are trying to get him ready for the one mile at school. I'm not used to that much jogging as husband and I went three miles. My body is a bit sore today!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful and productive Monday.:flower:
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    :good_morning:Good Morning on No Meltdown Monday!

    These Mondays sure do come around quickly!

    Marg, winter seems to be settling early in your neck of the woods. Stay warm. Hope the meeting with difficult child's English teacher makes a positive change.

    Well, I spent a really nice time with my mom this weekend. She spoiled me!!!!! We went shopping ALL day Saturday and I came home with two shopping bags! We ordered carry out from Bone Fish and sat down and ate dinner, drank a bottle of wine, and watched an old movie! When my father passed, almost five years ago, there were a few things that my mom gave the four of us children that dad had specifically wanted each of us to have. She wanted to go ahead and give them to us now.

    My father knew that I had always admired our antique grandfather clock. I remember when dad had it brought home in the 70's and placed in our foyer. I remember sitting on the steps watching the men assemble it and teach my dad how to wind it and such. Dad knew I not only loved the clock and it's sound, but how much I love "old" stuff! So mom and I disassembled it and loaded it in my car and difficult child helped me unload it. Now I just have to decide where to put it!

    Since today is Monday, that means the gym first and the rest of the day at the house doing laundry and general household chores. It is to rain here all day today so it's a good day to stay in.

    Wishing you all a meltdown free Monday!

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    Hey Sharon, we must have been typing at the same time. I can totally understand why you would be sore after jogging for three miles when you are not used to it! Heck, I would be sore WALKING three miles! Have a good one.

  5. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Marg, stay warm today!

    Sharon (with-o), good luck with your appts today. by the way, same message to you as Marg ~ stay warm!

    Sharon (LDM), what a lovely gift ~ the grandfather's clock. My dad has begun to do the same thing with items about the house. He has known what things we children have admired. Dad has promised that next time he comes up he will bring the Ethan Allen rocking chair that each of us 6 children were rocked & cuddled in by Mom & Dad. That chair has always been special to me. Enjoy the memories in your clock.

    Today is my bill paying, grocery delivery & laundry day. I must run out to the pharmacy & that should about do me in. We're having PCA staffing issues & I'm going to have to let go of the current PCA that works the Monday, Thursday & Friday shifts. Really shouldn't make such a big deal to her ~ she had a habit of not showing up.

    I've started a new, my most challenging painting yesterday. I'm having a blast with it. My goal is to finish all I need to do this morning so I can spend the afternoon painting.

    Enjoy your day ~ keep it calm.