Good Morning Monday

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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    A busy day today. I had an awards presentation to go to this morning, for local schoolchildren. A writing group I belong to (from a distance lately) has run a writing competition for local kids in the last couple of years and I've been one of the three judges each time. We don't get paid for it, but we did get a big bouquet of flowers, which was lovely. I decided to milk the opportunity to dress up and have fun.

    After all the speeches, photos etc, we all went to have lunch together. It was relaxing, fun, energetic and a great time networking a lot of writing tasks. I then headed back home just in time to change back into a mouse and go have my sports medicine massage on all my sore bits. They're all still sore, I have to ring her tomorrow after I see the rheumatologist and discuss some options. I'm seeing the GP on Wednesday afternoon, based on what we find tomorrow I could be asking for a new referral from the GP.

    I've got a meeting at difficult child 3's school in the city, very early Wednesday morning. We'll have to leave horribly early to get there on time, difficult child 3 will have to come too. Before the meeting I have a mountain of paperwork to sift through. I'm posting this early, so I can get to bed with the papers and have some work done.

    difficult child 3 isn't well at the moment, we're not sure what is wrong. He was vomiting the other day (last week, Tuesday, I think) and it hit him right out of the blue, no warning. And again today - he went for a walk then on the way home was hit by nausea and vomiting. He's skipped dinner, is just lying on his bed. If it follows the same pattern as last week, he'll be fine by morning. It's really bizarre. I'm glad he's seeing the doctor too, on Wednesday.

    First day of summer for us, and it was quite hot at times. Later in the day we had our usual mid-afternoon summer storm. Huge anvil-shaped clouds loomed up from the south, like blackberry souffles. Not much rain fell though. Sometimes we get a brief drenching, but then as the sun comes out again everything gets steamy and you feel even worse, like in a sauna. I wish I wasn't dashing about here & there - I could go sit on the beach and soak up some sun. At this rate I won't get a chance to do this until Thursday afternoon. Friday is forecast to be a real scorcher, but with summer storms again.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :forchristmas: Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!!! I hope this morning finds everyone rested from the long weekend. I know I could use another day! Never got a nap and very little down time - but it was a great kick off as we march towards the longer winter break!!

    Marg, sorry to hear that difficult child is not feeling well - seems odd that it would happen a week apart. I agree, it's good he has an appointment with the doctor on Wed. As you prepare for summer, we are preparing for the cold. The first big snow storm affecting air travel happened here in the states just as thousands of travelers were trying to return home from the holiday! Talk to you tomorrow!

    I'm going to hit the gym for just a weight workout this morning - easy child teaches tonight at 6:30 and I have lots to do today. We got the tree done last night and enjoyed the Christmas Vacation movie while doing so! But, I still have the rest of the house to trim and gobs and gobs of laundry. So I'll be here at the house today. difficult child has a therapist appointment directly after school and then would like to hit Blockbuster. I joined that gaming club, thing, whatever - where he can rent as many games a month as he wants, just one out at a time. It's so much more reasonable than buying the games or out and out renting them.

    I hope your Monday is a good one! :santa:

  3. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Marg, sorry to hear that difficult child 3 is ailing. It's a good thing he has a doctor's appointment ~ need to get to the bottom of this problem. Poor guy.

    Sharon, sounds like a busy day of Becky Homecky stuff on your agenda today. I love those quiet days alone in the house ~ it was the time I could accomplish the most.

    kt & I got back from our trip around 6:30 last night. There was a horrendous traffic jam coming into the Cities - no real reason why. It took over an hour to travel 14 miles. I hate that kind of thing; I was getting extremely agitated. Good thing sister in law was driving.

    It looks to be a busy week of appts this week. One of which I cannot make this morning. Neuro doctor is going to be a bit "miffed" but I hope he can get me in next week. I'm beyond exhausted & driving is a non issue today.

    We had a wonderful visit with my family ~ it was hard to leave but very good to get home last night. Even amidst all the stressors & such it was good to get home.

    Have a good Monday ~ hope you have a productive day.
  4. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Good Morning Friends!
    Marg- Hope difficult child feels better soon! Sharon-Glad u enjoyed the
    movie and got your tree done.
    Hope everyone has a GREAT day!
    We started putting our decorations up. Our small tree is done and the bigger one is almost done. I say I am not going to do much decorating
    every year just before I get carried away! difficult child 1,as many of u know, was home from college.He was on his best behavior and has asked to spend the summer
    here. I told him we will see after the month long Christmas vacation. Sending Hugs to all!
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Marg, I'm glad you enjoyed the awards presentation and lunch. I hope difficult child 3 feels better soon!!! It's hard to believe it's already the first day of summer for you. I hope Thursday is a beautiful day and you get to spend it relaxing at the beach:beach:(in a new swimsuit)...

    Sharon (LDM), In my house it is a family tradition to watch Christmas Vacation every year right after Thanksgiving. It's a great movie and always gets us in the holiday spirit. I've got to do some house cleaning before I can think about decorating our tree. You've given me some much needed motivation!!!

    Linda, I'm sorry about the traffic - I HATE it too!!! The only one who enjoys it in my family is my "favorite sanity saver." I'm glad you enjoyed spending time with your family. Hope you get lots of rest today...

    Rabbit, It's nice that difficult child 1 is on his best behavior. Enjoy finishing decorating for Christmas.

    Today I'm just soooooooooooo HAPPY my kids are back in school!!!:happyguy: It is definitely tough having them home too long!!! difficult child 2 has been a monster:angry-very: Whenever difficult child 2 is home for more than a weekend, I have a hard time. He is just so NEEDY and self-centered. difficult child 1 spent most of his waking hours on his computer. We had to remind him to shower, change his clothes, and brush his teeth. Unfortunately, even though he'll be 18 soon, hygiene just isn't important to him:(.

    I have some straightening up and laundry to do and errands. I think I'll bring some of our Christmas decorations up from the basement. It will motivate me to do some cleaning:forchristmas:

    I hope everyone has a great day:D WFEN
  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Monday morning all. :christmaslights: We are beginning the decorating process. Having a difficult child and a husband who have the attention span of a gnat and tend to not feel motivated on the weekend makes for long days of decorating.

    Marguerite, hope difficult child is feeling better. Glad you made it to the sports therapist to have your aches attended to today. I hate to think about scorchers. My time in Texas made me appreciate cooler weather. :beach:
    Although driving in snow last week was unsettling especially since it was through mountainous roads with a lot of trucks and traffic. Yikes! I am a winter wimp now. Too many years in the south.

    LDM, good idea about hanging out at home and catching up. Your tree decorating last night sounds like fun.

    Linda, rest up today. You need it.

    Rabbit, I know the feeling of thinking you'll do less and end up with more. It is fun when the final product is seen.

    WFEN, I hear you about getting everyone out of the house. I'm ready for husband to go to work and difficult child to get a job.

    Today is a day of errands and appts. The vet oncologist is first. Hopefully, she will still be at the same state as 3 wks ago. I need to catch up on 9 days of mail, laundry, bill paying and phone calls. Yuck. Sure wish the hurricane Ike stuff would wrap up soon so I can stop spending time on it. Oh well.
    The big tree is up but not decorated. One step at a time. :forchristmas:I don't have much shopping to do since the boys are older.
    It's a busy time of year and I'm hoping to not get overscheduled and overwhelmed.

    Have a good monday all.
  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Marg - I hope difficult child 3 is feeling better soon. The writing contest judging does sound like fun.

    Little Dude's Mom - Have a great day - I hope you get all your laundry done.

    Timer - I am glad you made it home safely. Sounds like everyone in the cities planned on arriving home at the same time!

    Rabbit - I am glad you are enjoying difficult child's visit.

    Wishing - Have a great 1st day of kids back to school.

    Today is my 1st day of the month work duty. I am also going to lunch with my former Dental Office co-workers. The dentist I used to work with has accepted an offer in the cities and will be back today for a lunch get together. My former co-workers are so nice to include me in these get togethers.

    difficult child has bowling tonight so I will go back to work for that hour. This is going to be a super busy week at work. I have until Friday to clean out old records. I have decided to keep one document from the files which means going through all papers to pull that document! My storage space in our new facility will be pretty much nothing. One thing that will be a problem this week is that I have the original Outpatient admit financial papers. Those have to go back into the charts and the copies from the charts can be thrown. I have several years of these. From now on, I return the original to the chart and keep the copy!

    I better get going - difficult child has to get back in the habit of getting up in the morning and letting puppy up.

    Everyone have a great day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  8. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Fran - You snuck in on me! Have a GREAT day!