Good Morning, Monday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Janna, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Janna

    Janna New Member

    Wow! Am I first one up? Sheesh! LOLOL!

    Well, good morning everyone!

    Today is gonna be a busy one. B has doctor appointment, then testing for his drivers permit at the DMV (if you live in PA, might wanna stay off the roads :tongue:) - then SRP comes to take him back to Career Link at 1.

    Gonna try to do my 3 miles somewhere in between there, and TRY to get outdoors some, it's supposed to be in the 50's again!

    Need to get with psychiatrist too. Got a very brief return email. "Give the extra Seroquel (100mg) prn for now. Once I get to his file some time next week (OMG!!!!! LOL) I'll review his medication. Maybe we need to look at another antipsychotic (OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - read NOTHING I sent her about the Seroquel increase, d/c Buspar, nothing)". So...yeah, she needs a call. :mad:

    Have a good day everyone!
  2. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Good Morning Friends :D
    its going to be in the 50s here too today.
    I will be running around as usual longing for the quiet and me time that comes with the weekend!
    Janna- Hope u squeeze in your 3 miles!
    Have a GREAT day all! Hugs Rabbit
  3. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning all. Sorry to be so scarce.
    Janna, hope you can get the medication thing straightened. Good for you for doing your 3 miles.
    Rabbit, hope your day isn't too crazy and you get to enjoy the pleasant weather.

    I brought my mom to live with me. She is really going downhill quickly. All of a sudden there are signs of forgetfulness and even senility. It's unfortunate. It has all happened very quickly. I'm trying to keep her engaged by having her help with things she can do sitting down. Her heart was found to be in bad shape. Fortunately, she doesn't have much in the way of symptoms.

    difficult child and buddy returned home yesterday. The noise, activity and chaos increases 10 fold. This week he has an appointment. with voc/rehab. Keep your fingers crossed that there will be some sort of plan to get him up and out.

    The weather has been magnificent. It was actually too warm to wear a jacket when walking the dogs. Not a cloud in the sky. Big full moon shining in my bedroom door is probably why I'm up earlier than usual.

    Hope your Monday is productive. I'm going to try to think good thoughts. Hope you do too.
  4. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Good Morning to all!

    Janna, it sounds like a busy day. Hope you can get with psychiatrist AND get your 3 miles in.

    Rabbit, I hope you get some ME time today.

    Fran, I am sorry to hear about your mother. I hope the doctors can help preserve some time so that you can make some more good memories before things get too bad. Fingers crossed that voc/rehab is able to help with a plan for difficult child. Here is to hoping your good weather continues.

    I have a weather migraine. Well, weather and lack of sleep. Jess was up and down all night. thank you was also up in the night. husband hears neither of them because the cpap machine.

    I am going to try to get Jess into the doctor earlier than Wed, IF my car will start. Big IF. It has been crabby, but mostly because cold weather. It has been warmer this weekend, so here is hoping! She is just plain miserable. I also want to go to Hobby Lobby for some beads and some threads to use on the mermaid I am stitching. It is coming along nicely.

    Must make brownies with thank you tonight for the Blue and Gold Banquet tomorrow night. He will officially become a Bear!!! Wiz is excited about going with us, which amazes me. He is very proud of his little brother.

    Have a good day everyone!
  5. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folks. I'm rushing a bit tonight. It's late, I just got back on the coomputer after difficult child 1 & daughter in law were using it to draft a thank you note. They'll be back in a few days to print it out. But I can't be up too late tonight, we have a very early start in the morning. difficult child 3 has a couple of one-on-one lessons at school plus husband's car is booked for a service, so we're leaving together so we can get husband to the railway station plus get difficult child 3 & me into the city for the lessons. After that I have some ultrasounds to be done on my very sore hips, then hopefully time for some shopping before difficult child 3's evening drama class. I know it sounds a lot, but I'll have time for some rests while difficult child 3 is having his lessons. It all fits in well, husband will get back to the railway station at about the same time as difficult child 3's evening class finishes, we'll all be able to come home together too.

    The news from the Victoria fires has been horrific. The death toll is highly likely to go way over 200, there are more towns they havent been able to get into yet but they can see from the air that more towns have been flattened, and nobody's heard anything from the residents. The worst of the fires went through on Saturday (our time) and it's now almost midnight on Monday.

    The army is pitching in, as they often do in natural disasters. It's an important part of our armed services function, to provide aid and assistance in a mess like this. It's also good training for them. husband used to be in the army, they were on a training exercise at one point when there were blad floods, their exercise was called off while they were seconded to emergency relief work. husband was a signaller, he was setting up communication links into the flooded areas. Others were messing about in boats rescuing people and livestock. This time - the army are going in with tanks to take supplies in cross-country where necessary. The police are going carefully with the burnt-out vehicles, trying to not disturb crime scenes. But the tanks can go direct across paddocks around the obstacles.

    People have swamped the refugee centres with clothing, they've actually asked for clothing donations to stop because even though there are thousands of people with nothing but the clothes on their backs, the early support has been a flood already, more than enough. The next vital step will be longer-term emergency housing. Again, the army steps in to help build it all. It's going to be awkward, people won't be allowed back until the criminal investigations on the ground have been completed. But one accused arsonist from Victoria fires has already been arrested.

    I've posted in Watercooler but I won't be able to update tomorrow, not for 24 hours now. husband might, if he can grab a spare minute and if there is more news.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  6. Happy Monday Everyone...

    And off to the start of another busy week!

    Janna, the weather sounds lovely and I know that you will enjoy your three miles. Fingers crossed for the Learner's Permit. I'm not in Pa... thank goodness! Maybe you'll actually get to talk with the psychiatrist today :)

    Rabbit, I hope that your day goes well and you get to squeeze in some R&R for just a few minutes!

    Fran, it does sound like your plate is very full. I know when my Mom moved she was somewhat disoriented for quite some time. Could the change of locale have contributed to her sudden forgetfulness? It takes persistence with voc rehab (I used to work with the program). Don't let up and the services will come through. The squeaky wheel really does get the grease.

    Susie, I hope the migraine passes soon. Those things can really put a crimp in your day. Such good news about thank you. Oh, the Blue and Gold well I remember them. That is so sweet to hear about Wiz, a real sign of maturity!

    Marg, I've been keeping up with the disasters down your way. My heart goes out to the families who are displaced and/or have lost loved ones. Recovery from such a disaster takes such a long time. It sounds like everyone is pulling together to do their best. What a busy day you all have planned, be sure to get those rests in!

    This is difficult child's first week with his shortened school schedule. Wouldn't you know it, he has to come in after school three days this week to work on his Senior Project paper which is WAY overdue. Oh well, one step forward, one step back. He has lot of doctors' appointments this week so we'll be on the road a lot. I'm practicing my relaxation techniques more than ever to keep up with the stress. So far, they're working really well.

    Have a wonderful day , and find a few quiet moments for yourselves...

  7. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning all,

    Janna, I love that you always include your run in on your schedule. With all the chaos you need that outlet.

    Rabbit, hope you find time for yourself today.

    Fran, sorry to hear mom is in such a quick decline. I suppose that means she isn't up to cooking all your old favorites. ;) :anxious: Fingers crossed that difficult child finds something.

    Marg, I'm glad your family is safe from these fires. Your day does sound crazy ~ not any crazier than I've heard out of you before.

    Valerie, relaxation exercises, deep breathing, bio feedback ~ anything to keep the mind & body calm. I find myself using the tweedles self calming exercises more than kt & wm do.

    It's a dreary Monday morning here. Not much on my schedule today but lots of paperwork after my meeting with financial planner last week. I'm buried in it.

    Have a good day friends. Hug your loved ones.
  8. artana

    artana New Member

    Janna - Hope everything with psychiatrist gets straightened out and you get your run.

    Rabbit - Good luck with all the errands.

    Fran - I'll be sending good vibes your way and hope that things improve.

    Susie - I know exactly how you feel. Up and down and my SO has a CPAP as well.

    Marg - That whole situation is heart-rending. At the same time, it's always amazing to see the outpouring of support from the community when things like that happen. Keep us posted.

    Valerie - I'm glad to hear there is progress. Even slow progress is good.

    TL - I hate paperwork. Good luck finishing.

    It's going to be in the 50s here as well. I hope to get the kids outside to play. This weekend was harsh, with my easy child getting a horrible stomach bug that's been going around. We landed in the ER on Saturday night. Luckily, he was not dehydrated and we got home in time for him to get some rest. difficult child has a nasty cough, so I've been up and down every night for almost a week. I can't wait until the sicknesses move on.
  9. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Rabbit and Janna, enjoy your weather! It's beautiful here, too. :)

    Oh, Fran, that's so sad. But your mom is in good hands with-you. Sigh. Good luck with-your difficult child.

    Good luck with-your car, Susiestar. The mermaid sounds neat.

    Marg, the older post you had said "it could be worse," and then I heard that there was quite a death toll in Victoria and I thought, uh oh. Take care.

    Oh, Gosh, Valerie, those dr appointment wks will wear you down. It's nice to get them scheduled, but then you're schedule goes to pot. been there done that. I hope you get some good results.

    Linda, good luck with-your paperwork. I do not envy you. I have to fill out some online stuff for my easy child's college app. I dread it.

    I am mtng with-difficult child's teachers and principal today, to talk about his Asperger's. I am making a copy of the rept, which they never got. I hope it clears up some of his after-school behavioral difficulties.
  10. Morning, all! I'm in a rush -- have to get to work early. Far too much to do at work for the next few days and am booked for the next three evenings as well. I'll be here when I can. Hope everyone has a good day!