Good Morning Monday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    We've had a busy day but thankfully at home. Things began at 7 am when the SPED from school rang to organise the forms we need to fill in for Misadventure re last Monday's exam. There were some problems and we're going to try to appeal. This was a state-based exam, if it was just the school there would be no problem. Getting that organised and sent back in took all morning and into the early afternoon.

    Then I had to help easy child 2/difficult child 2 with her government stuff, she had to get her backpay calculations back in by today as a deadline. But the person we had to ring was unavailable. Even her answering service wasn't working. But by early afternoon she finally rang me and I was able to get her email address to send off all the calculations. Or more correctly, get easy child 2/difficult child 2 to do it. Now we have to wait to see what her former employers want to do with those figures.

    After that I had to get lunch for difficult child 3 (and myself). All through this I was fielding calls and emails about last night's TV program which had difficult child 3's interview. It's all been positive so far, but then I haven't left the house to meet up with anyone in the street. They're the ones who worry me - the ones who bullied difficult child 3 and whose handiwork was displayed last night on national television. They weren't named but in this town everyone knows who they are. In fact, people know more than we do, because people didn't want to tell us who they were and difficult child 3 couldn't tell because he has face blindness.

    Tomorrow is another day sticking around town. Not so hot tomorrow (so they say - I'll believe that when I see it). There is a cool change and storms forcastfor tonight but I've heard the thunder rumble past hours ago and the temperature hasn't dropped.

    My choir is performing tomorrow at lunchtime, I need my rest for this one! I just hope everybody turns up so I don't have to sing the parts for the missing choristers. In case you hadn't guessed, we're not exactly the Vienna Boys Choir here.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Marg and all to follow.

    It's No Meltdown Monday, so take the morning to heart.....

    Marg, sorry you couldn't get difficult child 2's issue nailed down and completed today. Good luck at your choir performance tomorrow!

    Gonna run, 6 am class again - why do Monday mornings come around so fast?

    Have a great one!

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Keeping fingers crossed there will be nothing heard at all from those bullies (unless it's an apology-but I doubt that will happen). I hope the choir goes well tomorrow and everyone shows (be grateful I'm not in your choir; I've never been able to carry a tune:tongue:).

    Sharon-Wish I had the answer to that question! Monday mornings sure do seem to get here too fast! Hope your class is a good one!!

    After work today I'm planning on hitting the health club!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  4. TPaul

    TPaul Idecor8

    Oh my, I have never left a message for a real live tv STAR!! Good morning to our very own TV star!!!! Was wondering if we could get your autograph please ?????:smug:

    Hope everyone has great day filled with peaceful and calm hours!!

  5. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, fingers crossed your choir goes well. I'll be checking out the link to the tv interview shortly.

    Sharon, you must be looking svelte with all these 6 a.m. classes. I'm not sure I could wake for a class that early.

    Sharon (with-o), a good day to you & hope you can make the health club this afternoon.

    Tpaul, a good morning to you as well.

    My sister in law comes into town early this afternoon & we'll be spending time together tomorrow. I'm canceling my Occupational Therapist (OT) & speech appts for mental health time with sister in law.

    I have a school conference for kt this morning & then a free day. :D I've been a slug so I need to clean my kitchen & dust/vacuum the house.

    Here's to a good day.