Good Morning Monday

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    G'day people.

    Thankfully today was cooler, as forecast. We even had some rain. I haven't checked the rain gauge though, probably only a few mm. husband & I drove mother in law to the western suburbs to her annual luncheon with old work colleagues. She likes to dress to the hilt for this so I quickly did her nails for her as well, just before we left.

    husband & I were planning on doing osmeshopping, but we got lost on the way to the major discount stores over int hat area, and the one we found was a clothing store and notan appliance store. We desperately need a new fridge, new cook top, new TV, new dishwasher... but we cna't really afford it. We got a new pair of jeans (for me - the TV interview showed me how awful I look in my old, too-loose jeans) and a great pair of overalls for husband. All really cheap, too.

    We thencollected mother in law and headed back to our district, husband & I had chiropractor appointments. That doctor is a genius, although it's been 6 years siince I last saw him. husband woke with a really bad back this morning plus my hips have been hurting a lot in the last year (which is why I got put on prednisone). The chiro worked on husband's back which has been feelnig a lot better since, and on my hips. He said I've got bursitis in the joints (which is what was beleived, only it didn't respond to the injection - I think I need to see a different rheumatologist, I've been told by a friend to try the other bloke in the same practice as the rheumatologist I've been seeing.

    So it's turning into a busy week again. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is in a panic because without an income she's worrying about how to pay the rent. She needs to do some calculations on her backpay claim but that won't bring in money for a few weeks at least, maybe not until the new year. She needs to get another job NOW. Tomorrow she has to see her gastroenterologist then we see the pediatrician. She is a married lady but still sees a pediatrician - when she's 25 he will have to refer her on to a psychiatrist, for her medications. After the pediatrician, she has to see the disability job agency. By then the afternoon will be mostly gone. She needs to get her resume printed out and pound the pavement to get a job, any job, ASAP.

    I've got to go out to see the chiropractor again on Wednesday so I'll probably arrange to meet up with her then and take her by the hand to various stores which I know are hiring before Christmas. She has the retail experience, she has good references, she should do well.

    I'm hoping to get something through the pediatrician's head tomorrow, about te amount of help she still needs in making phone calls and going to see shops about a job. She goes into panic mode - this is NOT normal for someone of her age and intelligence. Unless she's Aspie! This is more than just "a few Aspie traits".

    Wish me luck. The next few days are forecast to be pleasant, more typical spring weather and not the ghastly searing scorcher we've had. But the heat will be returning by the weekend, by which time I'll be back in the swimsuit and out in the sun.

    Enjoy your Monday.

  2. Rabbit

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    Greetings my friends Hope everyone has a GREAT day! Cleaning and cooking
    ahead for me. Sending Hugs Rabbit
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    Marg-Glad you are getting a small break in the weather! Sounds like some good deals shopping today. Glad the chiro has helped!

    Rabbit-Saw you on the other thread which I'm assuming will get merged. Have a fantastic day-enjoy the cooking!

    Back to work today! Would love to have a day to stay home and clean to get ready for our company on Thursday but since that isn't going to happen I'll have to get started tonight. After work I'm headed to the sports medicine dr. and then will pick up easy child.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Good morning Marg, Rabbit, Sharon and all who follow.

    Sharon, you assumed right. Everyone's in one place now.

    I'm going to be running errands and packing for Connecticut, where we'll be heading tomorrow night for Thanksigiving (ugh traffic!).

    Have a great day, everyone! Hi if you snuck in.
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    Good morning all,

    Another free day ahead & I believe I'm headed back to bed for a couple of hours. Then I'm up to get laundry complete & my bags packed as far as it will go.

    We are leaving Wednesday morning for my dad's (kt & myself) unless I'm too far gone then niece & boyfriend who are leaving much later will be driving. I have to get things going a piece at a time to manage fatigue & pain.

    Marg, fingers crossed for difficult child/easy child 2 & her job hunt - that sense of panic can be too much.

    Rabbit, hope your's is a calm day.

    Sharon (with-o), another busy day ahead - find time for rest.

    SW, I know about that traffic stuff tho I'm not on the East coast. Ick..... Have a safe trip.