Good Morning Monday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Apr 5, 2010.

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    G'day folks.

    It's definitely autumn here now; cooler weather although still with bright, sunny days in the middle of the day.

    We just got back from dinner at mother in law's place. I was thinking, as I walked home, that in the years we've lived here we've seen quite a shift in biodiversity. Parrot species for example - there are two species of parrot which used to be common but which I haven't seen in years. They have been outnumbered by a population explosion of another parrot which has been doing well with an increase in human interaction. People feed the wildlife, they plant different things and it changes even the wilderness around us.

    Tonight we could hear bats, the large Flying Foxes. We've seen some too, a number of different ones. This is the first year I've seen these in the village in 30 years, and each week I see and hear more of them. I dread to think what it will be like if we get them in the same plague proportions as in other parts of Sydney. There are health issues too - when my sister J got sick, a bat-borne disease was one possibility under consideration. The main reason we didn't think it was a bat-borne disease, was - she was still alive. Lyssa Virus is nasty... thankfully it's also rare even though bats are not.

    Today we had a lazy day, pottering around. difficult child 1 came over to visit, play games with difficult child 3 and get his washing done while his wife went kayaking with her father. Tomorrow is a work day again. Although it's school holidays, I need to get difficult child 3 to get some schoolwork done, to get it posted back to the school before the holidays are over. I've also got to get some important papers posted to the other side of Sydney, I think tomorrow will be the best time to send them off - the sooner the better.

    Tomorrow morning I see the physiotherapist again, but after that I have nothing I MUST do, although a lot of things I would like to do. All those little jobs which are actually quite restful and enjoyable to do, but which I never usually have the time for - there is something in the air at this time of year that makes it all possible. Perhaps being a bit cooler, without the heat draining all energy and leaving you feeling like a wilted plant...

    Enjoy your Monday, people.

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    :beautifulthing:Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!

    Marg, I do agree that fall is an invigorating time of the year! Most folks see spring as a time of renewal - but for those of us that relish the cool weather, fall is our time! Don't get me wrong, I love the beach and all the loveliness of spring, but fall and winter are my favs!

    Not too much on the agenda today. It's spring break for difficult child so I'm taking the day off as well - a bike ride and a movie are our only plans.

    Hope you Monday is a good one.

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-I would be so freaked out by all of those bats! One time when I was working the front desk at my dorm in college a bat flew by at 4:00 in the morning. I refused to do my rounds that night! They just creep me out! by the way, I'm with Sharon about fall-it's definitely my favorite but I have to part ways with her on the winter thing as summer is my second favorite season!!

    Sharon-A bike ride and a movie sounds like a lot of fun.

    This is our last day of spring break-tomorrow it's back to work. The leaves are starting to pop out on the trees and it is beautiful around here.

    Today's agenda includes the health club and a therapist visit for me. Also a bit of cleaning needs to be done and our niece is coming over for brats on the grill!!! YUM!!! (wish they were healthier though).

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:

    (I may not be on the morning thread for awhile as our main laptop is down and this one takes forever to get going and shuts off if the computer moves even a bit-frustrating.)