Good Morning Monday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, May 31, 2010.

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    G'day, people.

    We've had lousy weather today in Sydney. We've been joking all day that it's worse than Melbourne weather! Of course we love Melbourne, it really is a beautiful city, but the long-term rivalry between our cities often hassles Melbourne about their weather. Today - the sun would be out, then a minute later it would be pouring with rain. Then steamy. Always windy. Leaves blowing everywhere. So much rain at times that all the leaves were in drifts a metre thick and blocking the gutter.

    We left early (before sunrise) and got into the clinic early, then I was in-out of there within ten minutes. From there we went in to the school - difficult child 3 is spending every day this week there, with the computer staff doing work experience. Another kid was in there today, it was a friend of difficult child 3's from last year. The biggest worry was that they would get off-topic and distracted. But apparently they had a good day, did well. By doing their work experience at the school (most kids do it out in the community) they're also getting subject credits (badly needed for both of them).

    The weather is likely to continue dirty tomorrow, by mid-week it will be worse. I'm glad we have a comfortable car, and that the part of the city where this school is, is in a quiet oasis, it's almost like being in a village. You can't see the city skyline except between the occasional building, because the houses here are all narrow two-three storey Georgian/Victorian terraces. Not a rich suburb, very working-class but friendly. I believe at night it's dangerous and this area historically has been very nasty. But during the day, in the area where we park, it's safe. However, you can recognise the drug deals going down in a couple of places. I did lock myself in the car while I slept. But the people in those houses do keep an eye on their streets, that's why it's safe. Garden Island, the main Sydney naval base, is just at the end of the street.

    So enjoy your Monday. Your weather will hopefully be better than ours!

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-Sorry about your bad weather and I hope it gets better soon. Glad difficult child 3 had a good day at school and was able to stay on task with his fried there!

    I can't believe I just had 10 hours of sleep-that is unheard of!! Our weather was very warm yesterday-we hit 89 degrees. The pool was just what we needed-thank goodness it was memorial weekend and it was open. Tonight we will grill brats and burgers:bbq: We will also go to the club for a workout today. No pool, however, as they are calling for some rain and a high of only 77.

    Just want to say thanks to all of our troops past and present for all they have done and continue to do.:proudamerican:

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
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    :proudamerican: Happy Memorial Day to all my fellow US citizens and Happy Monday Morning!

    Marg, weather sounds horrid, but I do enjoy the windy, blustery, rainy, fall days. Good to hear difficult child 3 is getting his work done.

    Our cookout last night was great :bbq:!! It was a little warm, but I have a big oscillating fan that lives on the patio so we were all comfortable. We had the tunes going, great food and conversation - the perfect mix!

    Today, I'll hit lowe's for a return run (have to return 3 bags of mulch) and then it's back home for movie day. We always have our Memorial Day cookout on Sunday and then Monday is movie day. easy child will be here right after noon or so to join us.

    Hope your Monday is just as relaxing.

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    Hey Sharon, we were posting at the same time! That was a great night's sleep you had last night. I could have used a little more sleep (especially after I polished off an entire bottle of wine myself last night - very unusual for me) but Bonehead called the house here at 6:50 to ask me a business question - that's why we call him the Bonehead!

    Hope difficult child is doing well - have fun!

  5. timer lady

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    Morning all,

    Marg, sorry about the weather ~ reminds me of autumn in Seattle.
    Sharon (with-o), don't you love a full nights sleep? It's healing from all the stress. I'll be down for the burgers & brats.
    Sharon (ldm), send the mulch my way ~ I'm heading out to get 20 or so bags of mulch.

    Another day of garden work (1/2 day really). I then head out to see wm when PCA begins her shift for kt. wm is chomping at the bit to go out & spend more $$$ than I have ~ I let him know that we'd head out for ice cream or something like that. It's so hard being a weekend mom (more like an hour or 2 a week); there's so much I don't know about wm (probably don't need to know).

    Have a good day. A grateful thank you to our veterans & to those who lost their lives in line of duty for our country.