Good Morning Monday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Oct 4, 2010.

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    G'day, people.

    We're about to head for mother in law's to cook dinner. She made macca cheese last night, a lot is left over. She makes a good macca cheese but for me it is a dietary disaster so I can't eat it. So I made a chicken risotto as well (almost as bad for me) and a lot of THAT is left over too. That and some steak which we've been defrosting all afternoon, is dinner tonight.

    Today was a public holiday and we mostly stayed home. But I finally thought, after yesterday's morning thread, that it was time we bought the young chickens we need, now our geriatric inmates of the henhouse are reduced to two (the others all having died off in old age). Our hens are so old that on the rare occasions an egg gets laid, they look shocked and surprised.

    We bought four hens, they've previously been in cages all their lives. it will take them a few days to realise that feeling ground under their feet is normal. Watching them trying to perch this afternoon was a worry - I should have taken photos. These hens are 18 months old and were about to get the chop from the battery chicken farm they came from. They cost me $3 each. The petrol to drive there and back would have cost more, but they were still a bargain. They are lovely, brown hens. Our two previous residents, Speckles and Shelley (called that because she has tortoiseshell markings on her plumage) have been looking outraged at the invasion. But I'm counting on them to teach the newcomers how to scratch for snails and worms.

    To get the hens, we had to drive 50 minutes each way through the forest on the south road. difficult child 3 drove, mother in law came for the ride as did husband. We told difficult child 3 on the way back that he had to drive gently, he had another four passengers who, in their cage, were not wearing seat belts!

    Tomorrow morning we will see how stressed the birds are. With luck, we will have eggs!

    Enjoy your Monday.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :windy: Good Monday - No Meltdown Monday!

    Marg, cute about difficult child 3 and the three "non seat belted passengers"! Hope those new hens are fruitful!

    It is rainy and chilly this mooring, not a usually pleasant combo for a Monday morning but, we need the rain and we need the "coolness". Tonight we are supposed to go down to the lower to mid 40's! We haven't seen those temps since maybe early last spring.....might even turn my fireplace on tonight!

    House Monday today - laundry, getting things in order after the weekend....easy child is coming over around 10 for a couple hours to help me tackle my two family room closets! I want to clear part of a shelf in one of them to store my filled canning jars. You should keep them in a dark, cool, and dry place - you would think my basement but it's kinda damp down there plus I HATE going down there!!!!! I have 72 jars of canned goodies to store for the holidays! Few other little jobs before I pick up difficult child.....

    Hope your Monday is meltdown free and productive!

  3. hearts and roses

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    Good morning!

    Marg, I hope you get some eggs - the new hens sound so cute!

    Sharon, my goodness, 72 canned items? I am so envious. I haven't had any time for canning this year! I was able to snatch some from my sister last month. Enjoy your busy day~

    I a home sick today. I took Friday off to catch up on household stuff before heading down to PA to celebrate my mom's 88th birthday but ended up with a nasty cold, so I couldn't go. Good thing I didn't because it ended up going into my chest and I've had horrible chest and head congestion all weekend. Nothing got done as I was off and on in bed. Yesterday I was able to help H cover the pool with some help from difficult child and a couple of her friends (dears). We also took out the AC's and put in the storm doors, replacing the screened ones. We ate leftover chinese food and then we took long hot showers, and collapsed! I think H also got the cold, though it didn't go into his chest and I hope it doesn't - he denies he's sick until he's near death. So, I'm staying home today in the hopes that I can do a few things such as vacuum and my homework, in between naps. It's cold and threatening rain. I hate to do it, but I think I may have to turn on the furnace for a shot of heat this morning! Ugh, but it's chilly in here. All the dogs are napping, perhaps I should do the same.

    Have a good one everyone!
  4. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, good luck with the new chickens ~ I'm still considering getting a few for my back yard.
    Sharon, enjoy your becky homecky day.
    Jo, hope you & yours are feeling better.

    Not much going on here today. Plumber is arriving even as we speak to repair a blown outside faucet. Another $300 down the drain. ;);)

    After that I've a few errands to run to get kt set up for online school & then life is my own.

    Have a good day, friends ~ as always I plan on it.