Good Morning Monday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Jan 31, 2011.

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    G'day people.

    We're at the beginning of a heatwave week here. They have forecast the hottest weather yet this summer, and since each successive summer is breaking all previous records... there is a tropical cyclone bearing down on Queensland (actually, two - but the first has been downgraded while the second is being upgraded, it's huge). Those poor people have already copped so much. But tat weather is expected to have repercussions right down to Sydney, we might get some moisture by the end of the week.

    I waited until late afternoon to go for a swim. I invited a friend to come too, and we were deep in conversation when we waded in together. So - I forgot I had tucked my NEW mobile phone in the top of my swimsuit! Sea water is not good for smartphones... I went home, took the phone apart and rinsed it in the sink, but I think it's kaput.

    I will have to take it back to the shop, but given the heat for the next few days, I'm not going anywhere if I can help it!

    husband got home form work and we went down to the beach again. After a hot day, he needed a sunset cool-off.

    Enjoy your Monday.

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    husband and I had a really nice day ALONE Saturday. We dropped difficult child 2 off at the community college library, went window shopping at the mall, had lunch out and went to an auto show, then did a bit more window shopping before picking difficult child 2 up. Of course difficult child 2 was angry that we didn't take him with us! He didn't even want to know about our day! His sense of entitlement is huge!!!

    Today it's errands, phone calls, bills to pay, etc... Work has slowed down but it's usually slow this time of year. Still, praying it picks up again soon...

    Tomorrow there is more snow in our forecast.:snowing: It's 17 degrees now.:2cold: At least it should be bright and sunny all day. Marg, I would have loved to have been transported to Australia to escape the cold and visit with you, lol...!!! And, Sharon (LDM), I'll be sure to ship as much snow your way as possible, lol...!!!

    Hope everyone has a good day. SFR
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    It's forecast to pass 40 in Sydney tomorrow. That's 104 F. The weather bureau have been pessimistic about our chances of rain, and also saying that whatever they say the temperatures will be, expect it to be worse.

    At least here on our hill, we have a sea breeze except on the worst days. But tonight we're sleeping with the ceiling fan swirling, and no sheet.

    I'm sorry you guys are copping so much cold. I wish I could transport you here too. The crowds have gone now school is back, our beaches are now almost empty. Of course, the crowds will be back on the weekend! But I'm out on Saturday, I have a writing workshop to attend out of town. No need to worry about the beach crowds in the village then!

  4. Wow, is it really already Monday?

    Marg, I've been following the storms headed toward you guys. I'm glad to hear that you won't receive the brunt of them, but I am worried about folks having yet another bad storm in their midst. I think super hot weather is just as bad a super cold weather. I'm glad you are able to cool down at the beach. So sorry about the phone, though! I've finally decided to go ahead and get a new phone myself. Mine is only about five years old, and it's an antique ...LOL.

    SFR, try and stay warm. Wow, this winter has just been unrelenting, hasn't it? I'm glad you had some time alone with husband. Keep it up!

    We have some weather relief here, finally. It's raining, but much warmer. I'll take the rain any day! easy child called us Friday evening, quite excited. He got a job (the one he wanted) after his third interview. I'm not sure about his starting date, but the job search only took him two weeks! I'm hoping that he can tone down his (somewhat) high expectations, and become a good part of the work team. It's good to see him spreading his wings - but we do miss the excitement he adds to our daily life here. This process just isn't easy, is it?

    I hope everyone can find some peaceful, stress free moments for themselves today...