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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Marguerite

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    I haven't seen a morning thread for a while so I figured I'd start one.

    Autumn weather is here now. In the middle of the day it is still sometimes warm enough to take off a cardigan or wear just a singlet or t-shirt, but mornings, evenings and nights are colder. I took my swimsuit to church yesterday but before church finished, the cold winds began and it was too cool to go for a swim. The day before I had gone for a swim then lay on the sand with my notes, preparing for the church service. It was a lovely way to get my Vitamin D as well as get my responsibilities dealt with. A pleasant responsibility, and lying on my tummy just on the sand, no towel - you can't get closer to nature than that. It was warm. A rare day, could be the last chance before next summer.

    Today we took difficult child 3 for an updated neuropsychologist assessment. I sat in and quietly knitted while I listened - she really challenged him, he found it hard going. But his problem-solving skills are still astronomic - he scored 19 out of 20 in a section where most people score 11 or 12.

    As we were there, easy child 2/difficult child 2 was trying to message us. Turned out her computer screen had died, so as we left, I rang husband. Did he have a spare that was being thrown out? Turned out he was, as I spoke to him, getting a new screen installed so the technician said we could have the old one. husband's work was five minutes away so we drove there, got the computer screen, rang easy child 2/difficult child 2 to talk to her about it, headed off.

    When we have a day "on the mainland" we get as much done as possible, so we don't waste a trip (and have to go out too often!). This morning before the neuropsychologist I had fasting bloods done for my doctor. On the way home I saw my optometrist (I'd been postponing the appointment until it was convenient). Before we got to easy child 2/difficult child 2's I did some fruit/veg shopping and as I expected, she raided my supplies so she had the fixings for dinner.

    We got home just on sunset, and I'm TIRED! I'm about to go down to mother in law's to cook dinner for us all. A full day, but a productive one. And no need now to go out (other than in the village) for another week.

    Enjoy your Monday and especially your spring weather. It's snowing in the mountains today, apparently. No wonder our nights are cold! Our day today was sunny, a typical lovely autumn day, but I already miss the heat of summer. I'm a beach babe...

  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! Marg- Enjoy Autumn! Glad you got so much accomplished.
    A lot is going on here. Two things going on are difficult child 3 is going to flunk out of college and we moved to a different apartment complex. Hope everyone has a GREAT day. Hugs Rabbit
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :bunny_ears: Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!

    Couldn't find a spring icon so the bunny ears came kinda close!

    Marg, we are having the warmest day of the year here so far (87 degrees) while you are experiencing autumn!

    Rabbit, sorry things aren't going well for difficult child 3 - have you been able to talk to her about why she is doing so poorly?

    Focusing on the inside of my house today. I spent 6 hours Saturday and five hours yesterday working out in the back yard, cleaning up, mulching, doing some early planting, and getting some heirloom tomatoes and some strawberries going in my upside down planters! I probably have gotten about 75% of the outside work done and am a tad sore this morning!! I will do more on Wed when the temps are 60's rather than the almost 90 day!

    I hope your Monday is a smooth one and your difficult children obey our No Meltdown Monday motto!

  4. Rabbit

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    difficult child 3 does not know why she has not written her last 3 papers. I have scheduled an appointment with a new psychiatrist tomorrow.
    Sharon- Hope u get a lot done inside your house today and r not too sore from yesterday. Hugs Rabbit
  5. Fran

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    Good morning my friends. Sorry to not be around much. Life seems to whip by.
    Spring is definitely here. Sharon, we were in the Asheville area on Saturday and it was 91. The puppies were not happy. They are loving their a/c. Raleigh has had a fair amount of rain and clouds which we need so we didn't see Ashevilles temps. Not to say today might not be the day.
    I sure do love NC in the spring. My early spring flowers are blooming. Tulips, hyacinth, daffodils are so happy looking. I'm waiting for the Iris' to start to bud.

    Marguerite, laying in the sun sounds lovely. I'm not so keen about having the sand on my skin. Congrats to difficult child 3 for his good test results.
    I understand about having a "mainland" day. When we are at the beach in Texas, we do the same.

    Rabbitt, sorry to hear about difficult child not doing well in school. Seems lots of freshmen fall apart when leaving home and starting up at school. Hope she bounces back.

    Sharon, that's a lot of hours in the garden. Two hours at a time is all my knees can handle when I am on the ground. I did pressure clean the gazebo and one of the porches. We have that dastardly pine pollen on everything. It's like a coat of yellow powder on everything from cars to windows to dogs. A good rain is a big help.

    difficult child is holding his own. He is working a little more diligently and seems to be growing a good social life. It's nice to hear him being so upbeat.

    easy child is still easy child. Working hard and going to school. One more year.......

    Mom hasn't been doing well since she returned to her own home. I went home to take her to the doctors last week. I am heading back today. She is severely anemic and needs treated. Sigh. I hope it gets her back to where she was when she left me 6 wks ago. She admits that she isn't up for living alone. Finally!

    Hope you all have a productive day.
  6. Marguerite

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    Fran, sand on the skin is no big deal when what doesn't brush off can be rinsed off in 23C water. It's very clear at the moment. I just wish we didn't have such a cool breeze!

    Just got back from mother in law's - I'm wearing a scarf, cardigan, a wool coat, jeans and ugg boots. I'm hunting out bedsocks to wear tonight.