Good Morning Monday


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G'day, everyone. Rise and shine!

I'm in a bit of a rush, I've got to head to the kitchen and do that pumpkin soup from BF2's mother's pumpkin she gave me yesterday. I gave BF2 a driving lesson earlier this afternoon - he says he just needs to get back into practice. Hmm. We'll see how he goes with more time, but he's not ready for his test yet. easy child 2/difficult child 2 was hoping he would have his licence before we go away, but I don't think so. I don't think difficult child 1 will have his by then, either, which will make easy child 2/difficult child 2 the only driver in the house.

Interesting item on our news - a Sydney youth has just been awarded over $1M (Aussie bucks) compensation for the bullying he copped as a kid. While it WAS bad, I really wish I could sue for difficult child 3. And maybe difficult child 1, at least in terms of bullying by staff in his case. I know of other cases even worse than this one in today's news (which was bad). basically, ANY bullying where the kid ends up in hospital, and where the school still insists there is no problem with bullying - watch out. The legal precedent is now in place. I think the flood gates have just opened.

In this case, the amount is so big because this kid is badly agorophobic, can't hold down a job and is basically unemployable, and evidence puts it all at the door of the Dept of Ed. Some of the statements made by teachers, which so outraged the court - (such as "Bullying will do him good, it will toughen him up") are almost identical to what we've been told.

I'm teaching my lunchtime class at the local school tomorrow (Fran, we need an icon for hands rubbing together in glee). I'm planning to drop a word or two in the acting principal's shell-pink ear. Oh, what fun!


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Interesting precedent. I'm outraged that teachers would say bullying would do a kid good. How tragic that they would actually believe that.

Today it is suppose to get up to 88. That, I think, will be a record high. Should be interesting with no AC today.

It's going to be a long day here. difficult child was awake a good 3 hours in the middle of the night and kept waking up husband and me. husband has been sick with a bad cold so this was especially not good for him. Unfortunately he has no sick days left. I'm also worried how difficult child will do today after so little sleep. After work husband and I are meeting with his neuropsychologist for an hour. I'm also somehow hoping to fit in a workout-but we'll see.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day. :flower:

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Good morning friends,

Marg, can't imagine that teacher's would condone bullying & then try to justify it as character building. Good luck at class.

Sharon, hope that difficult child makes it through the day with-o serious meltdowns & that husband is feeling better soon.

It's Monday - it's laundry, groceries & paying bills. I WILL get out & dig in my yard today.

I found a golf league (the over 50 club) that I can afford so I tee off Thursday morning. And because I'm over 50 I get a free cart, cookies & coffee. Since I'm only 5 months over 50 I believe I'll walk the course & pass on the cookies. :smile:

Enjoy your day.


I have heard that too, bullying makes you tough. When actually if you were the one being bullied you would see how it tears you up inside.

Mothers Day went well. I left work and met my Two son's and husband for lunch. easy child paid for all of us. Then went home and they had a small gift for me. Then walked the dogs, nobody wanted to come with. difficult child had a bad headache and took his prescription for migranes and fell a sleep for a few hours. easy child had to leave and go back to where he lives half the week for work. (2.5 hours away). I went to bed at 3:30, and woke up with a bad headache. Couldn't even open my eyes for a while here at work, they just kept watering. Took difficult child's medicine for headaches and is much better.

Today I get done at noon, have an appointment 30 minutes past my home, so I must go straight there. Probably won't get home until about 2:30. difficult child has baseball game at 5:30 and I work at midnight. don't think I can make his game, have to sleep. But I really want to. He hit the fence twice last week. What if he gets his first home run and I am not there?? I would really be sad. But, if I go, I would be up 26 hours with no sleep by the time I get off tomorrow. Don't think I can do that.

School psychologist starts testing difficult child today. He has had headaches for several days now. Wanted to come home Friday with a bad headache, i told him no, take his medications and go to class. Saturday he had one also and slept about 6 hours. Hope he eats breakfast today and does his best on the tests. Don't know though. He doesn't want to be tested.

Have a good Monday.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- I'm glad that poor kid was awarded damages, maybe it will turn the tide in terms of acceptance. :grrr:
Sharon- Stay cool & I hope husband gets through today. Poor guy. :ill:
Linda- What can I say but "Fore!"... :rofl:
Kjs- Can someone videotape his at bats just in case? :wink:
I have groceries and more cleaning. It seems like I can't keep up with it anymore. Argh! :hammer:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good Morning :coffee:,

Marg, I love pumpkin soup!!! It is one of my favorites!!! It's about time something was done about bullying!!! :bravo:!!!

Sharon, I hope you find a way to stay cool, difficult child does ok in school despite lack of sleep, and husband feels better soon!!! Try to get the workout in. I find that when I want to do it the least, I need it the most... :smile:

Linda, I'm glad you're going to be playing golf on thursdays!!! I bet your yard is beautiful. easy child and I doing a bit of gardening too. I love spring time!!! :flower:

kjs, I hope you, and difficult child are feeling lots better!!! I hope you manage to get some sleep. As much as you want to go to difficult child's game, you NEED sleep!!! I also get migraines and not enough sleep is one of the triggers for me. Don't feel guilty about not being able to go to difficult child's game!!! You need to take care of yourself!!! :bath:

TM, I know what you mean about cleaning!!! No matter how much you clean, there is always more to do... I spent all day Saturday cleaning. easy child helped me. Last night my favorite sanity saver tracked mud all over my freshly washed floors, I stepped in cat litter on my way to the bathroom early this morning, and difficult child 1 spilled husband's coffee all over the back hall bench on his way out the door today... Hope yours goes smoothly!!!

Today I have to bring my car in for a bit of work and remember to call AC company for yearly maintenance. I'm hoping to have some time to take my favorite sanity saver on a long walk before I have to pick up difficult child 1 from school. Not much planned for tonight. I'm going to take it easy (I HOPE).

As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to smile or laugh today... :flower: WFEN

P.S. HI to anyone who snuck in...


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Good morning everyone.
Marg, I can't imagine anyone that would condone bullying and by teachers just makes things worse. I hope class goes well.

Sharon, I hope the day isn't as hot as what's stated. I can't imagine being without AC. Hopefully husband will start feeling better soon and that difficult child does ok at school today.

Linda, playing in the yard sounds like a good way to get some "me" time in.

kjs, you have to take care of yourself or you won't do anyone any good. Hopefully the testing will go fine.

TM, hope everything gets done today and you can take some time for yourself.

WFEN, I hope you're able to get some time in for yourself as well today. Those long walks can be very cleansing for us.

Not much planned here today. 3 month visit at children's hospital for diabetic check up. I know she's not going to be happy with the amount of weight that difficult child has gained since his last visit there. This is always a draining trip for me. I won't want to do anything when we get home.
I hope everyone has a stress free day.