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Hi everyone, i hope you all enjoy your week. It is a short one for me as i'll work today, and tomorrow, have wednesday off, work thursday then have friday off. We start are summer program at work todya so i hope it is smooth sailing. difficult child starts his extended school today, he is not thrilled about being up right now, well need to run time to leave, have a great day! :smile:


Good Monday morning!

Jen, hope the new session starts smoothly and difficult child does well in his program.

Well, as (bad) luck would have it, I missed A's call from overnight camp yesterday. Instead of watiting until the evening, she decided to call in the morning while I was being virtuous and out exercising. As soon as husband saw the Maine telephone number flash up on the caller ID screen, he knew I'd be disappointed. But he reported that she sounded happy. She's made friends, she's enjoying her activities, and she landed a role in the camp musical, "Once on This Island." And I know she will call again on Saturday because it's M's birthday.

Two psychiatrist appointments, a lunch date with a friend and more exercising are on the agenda today. M is starting art camp today, and J is hanging out again (what he does best). At least he did a project this weekend -- he organized all 2,000 of his baseball cards by team into notebooks. Better than watching TV and playing computer games all weekend.

Keep it cool. Hi to anyone who snuck in.

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Jen I hope the new sesson goes well.

SW I'm glad A is making friends and having fun at camp. Art camp sounds like loads of fun, I hope M enjoys it.

I have a full day ahead of me.

It's my last day of clinicals. At 1pm we have the funeral for Nichole's best friends newborn son. Then I have to contact some rescue organizations for the tiny dog that wandered into our yard yesterday morning. If they can't take her right away, I've got to try to get her into the groomers and the vets. The tiny dog still smells like urine and feces after 2 baths and her hair is so matted it's going to need to be shaved.

If that isn't enough, I've also got to run the outside cat into the vets. It appears she was hit by a car and has a dislocated hip. No feeling at all in the leg. She's been gone for days so I doubt vet can do a whole lot.

Not the best Monday in the world.

Good Morning to all. I hope your day is MUCH better than mine.



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:wink: Good Morning on a No Meltdown Monday Morning!

The weather is absolutely gorgeous here! It feels more like a late September morning than a few days before the 4th! It's only 57 right now.

Jen, hope difficult child resolves himself to the extended school program - good luck with your new session :smile:

SW, sorry you missed A's call again, but it sounds like she's having a great time. Hope M enjoys her camp. J sounds like my difficult child this summer - just hanging.

DaisyL, sounds like not only a busy day, but an emotional one as well. Wishing you get through it all with grace .

Not sure what to do with myself and this gorgeous weather! I wanted to finsh up the laundry (two loads of towels) and do some things on the inside (my sister and her girls are coming Friday) but I think I NEED to be outside today :cool:! There's always something to do out there.

Bonehead's secretary is in Florida until Thursday so easy child will be going in to work and answer phones and do some light office work today and tomorrow. She's really excited to be working with dad (and it doesn't hurt that she'll be making some extra cash). I'm going to drag difficult child outside with me! Maybe I'll give him a couple bucks to weed with me :wink:

Have a great Monday and don't forget the NMM part.



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Good morning. :coffee:
Jen- I hope difficult child adjusts back to the school schedule easily. :devil:
SW- I'm sorry you missed A's call but glad everyone is doing well. :bravo:
Lisa- I hope you can get through today in one piece. What a terrible situation. {{{Hugs}}} :crying:
LDM- My motto is "There's always time for housework... later!" :smile:
We have a four family play date at a friend's house today. husband and the other men are assembling a monstrous swing set. The mom (a friend of mine from high school) bought it several weeks ago. Her husband and father were supposed to take turns working on the assembly. Then her husband separated his shoulder and her father became overwhelmed and gave up. :hammer: It's been a pile of wood sitting in her backyard since. :smile: We're likening it to an old fashioned barn raising, lol! husband and one other Dad got started yesterday. It should be a fun day. :future:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good morning friends,

Jen, hope the new session for you & difficult child goes well today.

SW, of course a difficult child will select the 10 minutes you're out of the house to call; sorry you missed it. Sounds like she's having fun though.

Lisa, need a nap just reading about your day.

LDM, let's see what to do outside - read a book with a margarita at your side. Enjoy the day.

TM, what a fun idea - a barn raising. So who's in charge of the fried chicken & who brings the lemonade?

The day is starting out dreary - very gray outside. Looks like we're in for some storms today.

kt had a gas at respite over the weekend; husband & I chilled.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.