Good Morning Monday



First time I started this.

Beginning of the week Monday. Have a new goal for myself. Plan on having a optimistic outlook, not dwelling on all the negative issues.

After a week off for the holiday it is back to baseball tonight. Three games left, and it is the three top teams. Currently difficult child's team is in third place, don't know how they will end up after the next three games. Then the 12 year olds are moving up to a larger field, so they have a Fall league for the 12 year olds at the new field. That begins first week in August and runs through October. Baseball is his passion. Actually is fretting over missing the Home Run Derby tonight. Maybe we'll be home in time.

Hope everyone has a Great Monday!

Wiped Out

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Good Morning,

Kjs-It's good to look on the positive side of things! I hope you make it in time for the Home Run Derby!

I swear these days I'm losing my mind! :crazy:Yesterday husband and I were working out at the health club and it suddenly dawned on me that difficult child had respite in 1/2 hour! Can't believe I had actually forgotten that-even more surprised that I remembered at the last minute. It was great too because difficult child was a major difficult child yesterday!!husband was especially happy because he didn't have to go to the pool!

I'm up early now because difficult child has been up since 5:00. Of course, now he has fallen asleep! :rolleyes:I was up way too late reading a book :reading: After I drop easy child off and husband drops difficult child off I'm going back to bed!

At some point I will make it to the health club today-I really need to get some things done around the house too.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :beach:


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Good morning. :coffee:
Kjs- Thanks for starting the thread, it's something open to all members that like to touch base each day. Fingers crossed that you make it to the home run derby! :warrior:
Sharon- Wow. I think you may need a little more that run of the mill respite. It seriously sounds like you need a weekend away (alone or with husband only), lol! :smile:
Duckie starts vacation bible school this morning. It'll be fun for her. Other than that, I've got groceries and errands.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in! :salute:


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Kjs - I believe in all my time on the board over the years that I was only up early enough to start the "good morning" thread once! :coffee: Even then, I thought it must be a computer fluke. Hee hee. Your positive outlook sounds great. Maybe it will rub off on our household as well!

Wipedout - hope you have a relaxing day and catch up on your rest! :beach:We have qualified for respite, but haven't set things up, yet. I am sure I will appreciate it when we get to take advantage of it, as well.

Back to work for me today, but it was difficult child's first day in the ESY program, so he was up early this morning. Luckily, he (amazingly) is a morning person and was up and dressed before I had to ask.

easy child is going to VBS this week and is also up and dressed. Guess someone is smiling down on me this morning.

I haven't felt 100% well in over a week, and this morning is no exception, but since I rarely slow down, I'm sure I will get through another day.

Good morning to all who snuck in as I was rambling.

May we all have a Meltdown-Free Monday!! :angel:


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G'day, all.

Kjs, congrats on having a go at starting the morning thread. I did it once, when it was MY early morning, only to thoroughly confuse people. So now I only start the good morning thread when it IS officially morning, wherever the CD server is. Generally for me, that's late afternoon at the earliest. Right now, it's late evening. difficult child 3 has gone to bed and I should do the same. I hope difficult child's team does well.

Sharon, when you forget difficult child's respite, you know you're over-tired. Must have been a good book...

TM, I hope Duckie enjoys her Bible school.

Jamie, enjoy the easy morning. Here's hoping their enthusiasm continues.

It's still blustery, cold and stormy here. We're getting more rain which is ALL going into the dams now! So I can put up with the bad weather, if it buys us some time.
easy child 2/difficult child 2 drove out to "the mainland" to get BF2 this evening - all the rain has flooded the north road (again). And the police hadn't noticed or put up the road blocks. It's a long way to drive, to find the road impassable. Luckily the bridge on the south road is high enough.
husband got sent home from work by the doctor. "Don't come to work until your fever breaks," she told him. I suspect I've got him until the end of the week.

We had a talk to easy child 2/difficult child 2 this afternoon, about applying for a child care job locally. She's very reluctant to take risks and put herself forward, but she has to start somewhere. The work situation in Australia is really bad for kids her age, all they can get is part-time casual work with no protection whatsoever. She's needing a second part-time job and the uncertainty of it all is making her very anxious. However, if she can get work in child care, it could lead to permanent part-time, which brings more rights. Currently, our workers have very few rights, other than basic safety regulations. No holidays, no sick leave, no superannuation, no notice of dismissal... and you can be dismissed for no reason with no recourse. But unemployment is dropping, because employers can afford to hire more. They can cut pay rates down a long way and still have people desperate enough to work for them.

I've posted another instalment on Watercooler in the NZ holiday saga, for those who are interested.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone.