Good Morning on a Monday


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning from N.Carolina. I have been busy all weekend looking over the area and getting a feel for my new home town. husband goes into work today for the day, then we head home to Texas and get the house ready to put on the market.

difficult child has been working all weekend. He is somewhat excited to have a fresh start in N.Carolina. Keep your fingers crossed that we can get things together for him.

Hope you all had a fun summer weekend and have no meltdown monday on the schedule. </span>


Good Monday morning!

Fran, hope all goes well with the transition to North Carolina. Glad to hear difficult child is holding it together.

It's overcast this morning. I've heard it's going to be a scorcher this week. Not much on my agenda, except grocery shopping, errands and phone calls today.

A is away at overnight camp so it's quieter in our household. M is attending a half-day tennis camp this week. J isn't doing much. Camp doesn't seem to agree with him. He filmed another cooking show movie with his friends yesterday. The kichen was a disaster, but they (mostly) cleaned up after themselves. I just had to go in after and wipe down the cabinets. Cookie dough was everywhere.

Hope you have a no-meltdown Monday. Hi to anyone who snuck in.

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Good Morning Everyone!


I hope difficult child has a wonderful new start in NC. I hope the move goes smoothly for you.


Enjoy the quieter house. I wish my kids cleaned up their messes and just left the counters when they cook. I wanted to strangle them while I stood doing the dishes for an hour and a half.

I'll be off to the hospital shortly for clinicals. I've got my 100 sticks and 11 of my required finger sticks. But have completed only 72 of the required 120 hrs. Working 5 days in a row was exhausting last week. I face the same this week. (want to get it over with lol) I still have managed to not hurt a single person. :smile:

Nichole starts college today. Keep a good thought for her. She's excited and a nervous wreck. Her moods are still cycling. Although she's found a home for the bunny, and is getting nibbles on the puppy. The pup having to spend 24/7 with Nichole has changed her mind about wanting/needing another pet. lmao

I hope everyone has a great meltdown free Monday. Hello to anyone who's snuck in. :salute:


Good Morning

Fran - A fresh start, I think difficult child would like that also. Good luck with the move.

sw - camp, tennis, cooking - kids are keeping busy. Enjoy.

Lisa - sounds like you are doing great, have you had to stick a kid yet? Hope college goes well. the pup..changed my mind about wanting another

I know I should be making a few phone calls today after work, but going to hold off and catch a good nap before baseball tonight.

Suppose to be warm. Secretly wishing it would rain today. Not in the forecast.

Have a great Monday.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Fran- I hope the transition goes well for everyone. NC is very pretty, I'm sure you'll find a great home & community there. :thumb:
Smallworld- That's too funny about the cooking show! :smile: Enjoy the relative quiet.
Lisa- Fingers crossed for Nichole. Keep up the good work, you'll be through your clinicals in no time! :warrior:
Kjs- Enjoy your nap, you've earned it! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif
We have Duckie's big pool party today, 15 to 20 kids will be descended on the house this afternoon. Yikes! :rofl:Then, we go to the library's summer reading kickoff this evening. :reading: Should be fun.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.

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Good Morning,

Fran-It's nice difficult child is happy about the move. Keeping good thoughts that it is a positive transition for him and for you & husband as well.

SW-I hope you stay cool this week with it being a scorcher. It's nice it's a bit quieter. The mental image I have of cookie dough being all over-oh my! :surprise: It's nice they did most of the clean up!.

Lisa-Keeping a good thought for Nichole today-I hope all goes well. If she is spending 24/7 with the pup I'm not surprised she changed her mind! I hope your clinical week goes well.

Kjs-A nap is always a good thing-wise choice. I love naps and try to take one most days in the summer.

TM-I hope the pool party goes swimmingly (pardon the pun)!

I'm so tired right now. I did not sleep at all well. First off, I got hooked watching Army Wives til 1:00 and then took a Benydryl for what I thing are allergies but it really made me restless.

difficult child has been up since before 5:00. He has been quiet though since he is trying to earn back his game boy.

After dropping off easy child it's off to the health club. Later this morning difficult child has swim lessons and then this afternoon I think I will take him to the pool.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day-hi to anyone who snuck in! :beach:

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Good morning friends,

Fran, hope you can get your bearings quickly in your new home town. I've heard good things about NC.

SW, what fun - a cooking video! I'm impressed the kitchen was cleaned afterwards.

Lisa, good luck on the clinicals - will be keeping N in my thoughts today as well.

kjs, take the nap - it's been well earned.

TM, you're a brave woman to have that many children in one setting. God bless you.

husband heads back into the office today (he worked from home all last week). This is kt's last day of semi vacation before ESY starts tomorrow. The bus cannot show up soon enough AND I love kt.

Today is supposed to be warm & muggy again. Going to get my housework & laundry done early & head out to the lake with kt & PCA later this afternoon.

Enjoy the day - keep it calm.
Good Morning :coffee:,

Fran, I've been to N. Carolina and I agree with TM - It's beautiful!!! I hope you find the perfect house. Also, I'm keeping all body parts crossed that you can get things together for difficult child!!! Since you've been through it once already, I hope it's a bit easier the second time around!!!

Smallworld, I hope A is enjoying overnight camp and M enjoys the half day tennis camp. I'm glad J at least tried to clean up!!! I hope you enjoy a bit more "me" time with only J home in the mornings this week.

Lisa, I think you're doing great!!! You've completed over half of your required hours - You can do it!!! I'll be keeping Nichole in my thoughts today as she begins college. Actually, I'll be keeping both of you in my thoughts!!!

kjs, I hope you get your nap in before today before baseball!!! Sorry I can't do a rain dance for you with the results you want!!!!

TM, Enjoy Duckie's pool party!!! After the library, you definitely have earned some "me" time - That is, if you can stay awake!!!

I haven't been around much since the difficult children have begun summer vacation. I've been BUSY and EXHAUSTED!!!

Anyway, yesterday, husband took the difficult children to see the latest Pirates Of The Carribean. They really enjoyed it. easy child and I went shopping. I bought easy child some pretty summer tees. Then we met husband and difficult children at the food court in the mall. husband and kids had pizza for dinner. I had iced coffee while they ate. On the way home, husband stopped so I could get a salad from one of my favorite take-out spots.

Well, the painters haven't showed up yet:grrr:!!! They were supposed to start last Wednesday. (We're having the outside of our house painted. It really needs it!!!) husband was told they would be here this morning... Well, I've got my fingers crossed!!!

Hi to anyone who snuck in. I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or least smile today :flower: WFEN :flower: :flower:

You snuck in on me!!! I hope you enjoy your afternoon at the lake :beach:!!! (I just had to use this :beach: emoticon!!!)

I think I understand how you feel about kt starting ESY tomorrow!!! I'll be doing the HAPPY DANCE :dance: :princess: :dance: :princess: for you tomorrow morning!!! :smile: :smile:

I hope tomorrow you get some much deserved and needed "me" time!!! :flower: :flower: :flower: WFEN
Sharon, I hope you get a chance to rest a bit after the health club:beach:!!! I'm glad you're doing a:smile:first!!! I hope you enjoy your day:flower:WFEN :flower: :flower: