Good Morning on a Thursday


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Good Morning all.
It's a bit early but I thought I would get a jump on the day. We have had beautiful springlike weather. The trees are starting to bud and the daffodils are up and starting to pop. Makes me want to spring clean. Hope that happens. LOL.
I'm heading to the treadmill for a bit. Maybe it will help me burn off some of this energy.

I hope you find something in your day to make you smile.


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Fran- it sounds so nice out there, we still have snow on the ground, have a good day

Well i'm coming to you from difficult child's room today, my brand new computer something is wrong and i can not get online. difficult child swears he did nothing, but he has to much time on his hands and was on yesterday before i got home from work. So last night was stressful here. I hope everyone has a nice day, i'm off to work!!!

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Good Morning,

Fran-You're making me wish it were spring! We've actually had a few nice days-yesterday we were in the high 40s-such a difference in a week-we're supposed to get hit with ice and snow this weekend though. Enjoy your workout! :smile:

Razzle-Sorry for your stressful night-I hope today is a better one. :princess:

After work today I am definitely getting in a workout-I've got to get serious about getting backk in shape. :slap:

I hope everyone enjoys some fun in their day. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :wink:


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Good morning. :flower:
Fran- Our newscasters were talking about how it felt like spring yesterday... because it made it over freezing. :rofl:
Jen- I hope you can get the new computer up and running. Ugh. :hammer:
Sharon- Enjoy your workout! :smile:
I'll be taking Duckie to the grocery store to pick up a few things like breakfast cereal, etc. She's looking forward to it. We've also got to put the toys back together in the family room after last night's Daisy meeting. :princess:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :kisses:


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Good Thursday Morning Fran, Jen, Sharon and all to follow!

Fran, :flower: An early spring appears to be trying to get a hold here in central virginia as well. It's going to get up to 64 today! Enjoy your treading.

Jen, sorry last night was stressful and you are having problems with your computer. Wishing today is a better day.

Sharon, hope you get that workout in tonight - have a great day.

The weekend is only one day away :wink:. difficult child's teacher told him that they were going to celebrate his 1/2 birthday this friday. So, we will be baking cupcakes after school today!

Regular Thursday stuff for me, office and then some late afternoon errands before I start my carpool runs. Have a great day everyone :princess:



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Fran and Sharon, enjoy your treadmilling and workouts. Sorry about the computer Jen. Glad you made it about the freezing mark, TM.
difficult child is in bed complaining of a stomach ache. I can never tell when he's faking it... quite frankly, I have no sympathy because he is a late sleeper anyway and has ruined too many mornings to count. I am not going to take him in late. I don't have time.
A friend had a lumpectomy yesterday and I'm going to visit her, and I have another friend to visit, plus, I have to carry my cell ph around because my f-i-l is deathly ill in ICU in another state and probably won't make it through the day.
It's raining, and, not even looking at the sky, I foolishly put some painted tiles I did, outside last night to varnish. Luckily, 3 of the 4 held up but parts of the 4th peeled off.
It's going to be one of those days...
Sorry so grumpy. Wish I could go back to bed. Hey, yesterday was good... I painted, and had lunch with-a friend. I just had to say SOMETHING upbeat!

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Good morning friends,

Fran, enjoy the springlike day. We had temps in the low 50's yesterday - such a nice break in a long winter.

Jen, good luck getting your computer fixed - hate computer problems.

Sharon, hope you get that workout in.

TM, sounds like a slow day in your household. Enjoy

LDM, have fun baking with difficult child.

Terry, how stressful your day sounds. Keeping positive thoughts for your ill loved ones.

I'm drinking water this morning as I have fasting lab work for my annual physical. OB/GYN later this morning, then onto piano lessons.

Can't wait for this stuff to be done - really need coffee this morning.

Have a calm, safe day. :flower:


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Yeah, Linda, a lot of the crummy parts of lab tests are the loss of creature comforts like coffee... I hope the day flies by swiftly and you can catch up with-your regular routine.

It must be a weird day all around... our carpool friend showed up 15 min. late. My daughter is supposed to be at school at 8 am. and that's what time the carpool ride showed up. She said she was just having a bad day. (I wish she had called... I would have hopped in the car and done it myself.)
She has an autistic son who goes to a special school, and has to wait for that bus to pick him up b4 she can take her other son, so maybe it had something to do with-that. Or not.


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Good morning, everybody. I can honestly say that, because it's early Friday morning here.

Fran, it definitely sounds like spring is sneaking in. Enjoy the daffs. And the rest of you struggling with snow - it won't be long now!

Terry, when difficult child 3 complained of feeling sick I would still insist on him doing schoolwork at home. "School work during school hours." The only way out is to be in a coma.

Our news today was saying that el Nino is officially over, so our very long dry spell should hopefully turn around. The drought will take a lot of breaking, though. We STILL have fires burning in Victoria and Tasmania, they'll be with us until winter sets in, they tell us. No houses in danger right now though.

difficult child 3 saw the Occupational Therapist today - she hasn't seen him since he was about 3 or 4, she's only relieving in the position while the regular Occupational Therapist (OT) is on maternity leave. It was good to catch up and she commented on how much progress difficult child 3 has made. He still has to use a computer though. She's writing a report for us, for school. Even though he does all his work at home, he still goes in to the school for exams and the letter will help them allow him to type his exam responses.

And I MAY have a job - got a phone call while we were leaving the clinic. It's desktop publishing stuff, I'm waiting to hear from him after he interviews the other applicant. But I impressed him with my impromptu work this afternoon. The pay is great! (compared to poverty). And the kids got paid today too, for the film they were in. That was unexpected but very welcome. But it means difficult child 3 is going to have to fill out a tax return this year, to claim back the $200 they took out in tax.

What a day!



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Linda?? You have to start your morning without coffee??? How inhumane!!

I don't have much time this morning to address everyone. Have to run to Wally World to find difficult child 2 pants with no strings, etc. for the hospital. I didn't realize all of his sweats, pj pants, etc. that he loves so much ALL have strings. Strings are a no-no, so it's off to shop I go!

I have to drop those off this morning so he can get dressed, plus drop off some school assignments for him while he's there, and then be back over there at 1pm for a meeting with his treatment team. Yippie! I'll be putting some miles on the Jeep today!! (It's a 45 minute drive over there, each way.)

With everything going on with difficult child 2 these last few days, I haven't even SEEN my office all week, much less gotten any client work done. It's going to be a long, long, long week & a working weekend for me. We could be having some of Fran's beautiful Spring weather & I'll never know it.

Sorry guys. I'm not feeling very chipper this morning. Not much of a cheerful good morning post, is it? :frown: Oh well. We're all entitled to a bad day now & then, right? :smile:

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Find something, anything good about the day and you've found a reason to get out of bed and keep going. :smile:
Good Morning Cyber Friends!

Fran, It sounds so nice where you live!!! Enjoy the Spring-like weather!!! I'm glad you're getting in a :smile: this morning.

Jen, I hope you get your new computer up and running again soon!!! It's so sad that we can't trust our difficult children - They NEVER confess to anything... I hope that the rest of your day goes better...

Sharon, I'm glad you're going to get a :smile: in today. Way To Go!!!

TM, I hope you and Duckie have a nice day together.

Sharon, Have fun baking cupcakes with difficult child after school today. It sounds like you have a busy day planned. Make sure you squeeze in a bit of time for yourself.

Terry, When it rains, it pours... I'm so sorry to hear about your father in law. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers :angel:... I hope your friend who had the lumpectomy is doing well. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do... I'm sure difficult child will be ok - difficult children always seem to be at their worst when there is a crisis... I'm thinking of you and hoping things go as smoothly as can be expected...

Linda, I'm with you - I HATE physicals!!! I know I need to schedule one. I don't think I've had one in over two years... Enjoy your piano lesson. Get yourself an extra large coffee after your medical appointment!!!

Terry, You just can't seem to get a break today!!! Have some more :coffee:!!! Hopefully nothing else will happen that is out of your control. Thinking of you... :flower:

Marg, I hope you get the job!!! I'm glad the kids are getting paid today too. Keep us posted. I'm excited for you...

Hex, I had to find difficult child 1 clothing without strings, etc. for his hospital stay too. I was pressed for time and took some old clothing and just removed all ties, strings, etc... They had washing machines where difficult child 1 was. He had enough clean clothing for about three days and then had to use one of the machines... Don't spend alot of time and money trying to find suitable clothing... Hex, I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers today too :angel:...

Well, I haven't been around much lately because husband and I have had the flu. As you can imagine, difficult children 1 and 2 were at their absolute WORST!!! :grrr: easy child has been an :angel:!!! I was so sick that Sat. - Wed. I had a hard time staying awake. I had to set my alarm clock to get up when I needed to take care of difficult children. easy child helped by waking me if difficult children were in need of adult supervision. Today I have to go grocery shopping. I'm hoping difficult children can behave long enough for me to do what has to be done out of the house. difficult child 1 has already developed an attitude because it means he will loose his valuable computer time!!! :grrr:

Anyway, on a positive note, I'm feeling a bit better but am still really tired. Maybe I'll be able to sneak in a nap later... Well, I guess being sick must have helped my diet efforts... :rofl: Got to try to find something positive about everything or sometimes I think I'll just loose it!!!

I hope everyone takes the time to do at least one nice thing for themselves today... :flower: WFEN


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"I was so sick that Sat. - Wed. I had a hard time staying awake. I had to set my alarm clock to get up when I needed to take care of difficult children."

Wow, see, that's what doctors don't get. They tell you to go home and sleep when you're sick. Like you really CAN.

"Got to try to find something positive about everything or sometimes I think I'll just loose it!!!"

I know THAT feeling!

"I hope everyone takes the time to do at least one nice thing for themselves today... WFEN"

Thanks. I'm eating mini-Snickers. difficult child finally took his pill. I'm going out for lunch or something just to get out of the house... but maybe once the pill kicks in he'll go to school and I won't have to worry about it. This is like a ball and chain. Especially since he's not really sick.